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Summit or Offset?

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    Summit or Offset?

    I’m ready to buy a new smoker mostly to replace my offset OKJ HIGHLAND(box store smoker). I was all ready to buy an offset from Peoria Smokers and it occurred to me that I could possibly get a Summit and sell off a performer and one of my WSMS.

    Is the Summit an effective replacement for an offset? Flavor?

    ive never quite felt like the smoke flavor from a WSM is as good as the offset(more charcoal flavor than what I get from OKJ H). Is the Summit possibly going to cause me to get rid of my offset? Or will I wish I had bought otherwise. Thanks for the help!

    I have never cooked on an offset before, but I do own a Summit. I would say that the summit is probably more versatile in terms of what you're able to cook on it. Heck I made creme brulee on my summit a couple weeks ago!

    But the summit is a charcoal grill, so if the main thing you want is wood fire flavor, you should probably consider an offset. I use wood chunks in my summit and get some great smoke flavors, but I imagine burning logs would be a whole different flavor profile.

    The summit is probably more efficient on fuel too. I cooked a brisket last weekend for 15 hours and didn't need to refuel...and I had to adjust the vents only 3 or 4 times. It's quite a treat to use, but it seems to me like it's simply very different from an offset smoker.

    Good luck in your grill choosing adventures!


    • CaptainMike
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      I can't add more to this. The WSCG is the most versatile cooker I have.

    • fzxdoc
      fzxdoc commented
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      Ditto for me as well. I heart my WSCGC. Rock solid, fuel efficient, nice real estate on the 24 inch grate, and turns out delicious food. The storage capability with the WSCGC as opposed to the WSCG is especially nice. But a kettle/SnS or a kamado experience and smoke profile are not the same as with an offset, so you have to go into this with eyes wide open, allengrg . Have fun with your quest.

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    • Swug
      Swug commented
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      Something to consider with WSCGC: I purchased a 24" Arteflame insert for the Summit which allows me to have a griddle perimeter and searing center grate, expanding the Summit's capabilities. Again I'll say, I used to have an offset and I had fantastic results, perfectly balanced smoke flavoring. Had to learn that though. Good vs bad smoke would be a great conversation for newbies into the grilling / smoking scene. There's an real skill with offsets, managing consistent temps over long cook.

    The Summit is basically a metal kamado, with a 24" grate. Think of it as your Performer on steroids. You can do 2 zone smoking (although they discontinued the SNS for it sadly), or indirect using a plate setter like any kamado. Charcoal can be at 2 different levels I believe.

    If you don't think the WSM is as good as your offset, I doubt the Summit will be any better. If anything, it will be more efficient, have less airflow than the WSM, and be less smokey, at least I would think.


      I agree with jfmorris you are really talking about an entirely different cooking experience. The fuel and the way smoke is generated in an offset, at least to me, is superior to using charcoal in whatever cooker you choose. It's the same as comparing those fuels to propane or pellets, again totally different. That said, a BTU is a BTU, what you have to decide is what type of smoke profile you prefer. Offsets provide what I'd consider the cleanest and best smoking experience.

      But what do I know, I only opine here


        Wood in WSM by Harry soo


        • surfdog
          surfdog commented
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          Love the Wood Shed...they have a great selection of wood available.

        • Jared49
          Jared49 commented
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          I watched the video above and I’m curious if anyone with a WSM has tried this? Any thoughts if it would work with the 18.5” WSM??

        I don't own a Summit, but I do own an offset. Not a Peoria, but a Jambo backyard smoker. Having owned an Oky Joe, you are knowledgeable in managing a fire. That is a big issue that people who want to own an offset cannot quite grasp. I think you'd be a kid in a candy shop operating the Peoria and be rather disappointed with the Summit. Besides, you already own a WSM and a Performer.

        I watched the video on the Peoria website and was quite impressed. There are a lot of options in upgrading the backyard model. You can use your WSM for small cooks and the Peoria for larger cooks like smoking a whole pig.

        I love all my charcoal grills and smokers, but nothing like managing a fire when you're BBQing.


          allengrg I think the replacement of the old stick burner and possible addition of the Summit are two completely separate decisions to be made. You were all set to buy that Peoria offset, so that's probably your best move for replacing the old stick burner. And it sounds like you have a few Performers and WSM's. Maybe there's still an opportunity to sell off some of those and get the Summit, if that fits your budget.


            Nothing tastes like an offset but an offset.


              I love my Summit charcoal...it’s a beast and there’s probably nothing that I can’t do with that thing.
              Now, that said...it also, obviously, is not an offset. Certainly one can add wood to the fire, but it’s still going to be different. Whether that’s good or bad depends on one’s taste.

              I like that I can ramp up the smoke with more wood...but it will never be the same as all wood. And while I like that it’s not unduly difficult to add to the fire, should that be necessary (it rarely is for normal cooks), it would be a pain if trying to maintain an all wood fire like an offset.

              The biggest reason for me not having an offset is the trouble with keeping that thing fed. Wood around here simply isn’t cost effective. If I had ready access to inexpensive wood, I would be more inclined to consider one. As it stands, one is not even in the running.

              I love the versatility of the Summit, but if I was leaning heavily to an offset...I would have to go with that. If you don’t care for the WSM, I think you might struggle with the Summit. I think a lot of us are really pleased with ours, but seeing as taste is subjective...YMMV.


              • TripleB
                TripleB commented
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                "Is the trouble with keeping that thing fed".....amen brother. I tell people an offset is like taking the prettiest girl to the prom......you gotta stay with her every minute

              Thanks for the input. I decided to go with an offset. However each time I deal with Peoria, they give a strong recommendation to add another option(insulated fire box, grill top on fire box, pneumatic tires, fourth leg,etc) at the time I was close to ordering, the $1700 smoker was now pushing close to $4k so I decided to look around more. I found Sling ‘n’ Steel smokers and I’m going to order one of theirs. Pretty impressed.


                I just took the offset plunge in November, but it took me probably 18 months to make a decision! I too was impressed with the Peoria until I found out they were mainly for charcoal and not wood. That was a dealbreaker for me. Nothing wrong with it of course, I was just interested in cooking with logs. You're right about add-ons adding up quick! It is definitely harder than cooking on my Akorn kamado, but I love it and don't regret getting one at all! Best of luck to you, sir!


                  Yup, I bought a Sling n Steel. I’m really impressed. I’ve done a brisket 12lb, 18 pork steaks(at once!), and today I smoked bbq meatloaf. Great drafting, easy to maintain temps with good clean smoke. I’m lovin this smoker. Now I need to find a source for pecan, cherry and hickory woods!
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                    I run an offset stickburner, and can’t imagine switching to a kamodo style cooker for smoking. They seem awesome for a lot of food, but when I’m smoking there’s nothing like a wood fire (see my profile pic)!


                      I had a offset smoker for approx 10 years which I used charcoal and wood chunks. Would have to re-fuel 3-4 times over a long cook. Temperature fluctuation was frustrating at times. I recently sold that and bought a WSCGC. I agree with others that it is much more versatile. I think the biggest features are being able to do long cooks without re-fueling, holding temperature very well and not having to adjust vents much at all once you're to temp. I've found that it is better to let the grill come up to temp more slowly rather than quickly, because it tends to go past your desired cook temp otherwise. Since its double wall lid and bowl it is very well insulated. If I'm shooting for 230 degrees I'll go to approx 180 with the top very all the way open and the bottom full open. Then Ill close down the bottom to the smoke position and then the top to approx 1/4 open. As i see it climb closer to 230 I'll close down the top vent as necessary (1/8 to 1/4 open). Once you hit that you're pretty much good to go. Grab some brewskys and Bloody Marys and have a great day. I bought a Thermoworks Signals and Billows which makes it easier yet plus I can monitor the temp remotely. Hope this helps.



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