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Considering WSCG

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    Considering WSCG

    Hi All - I'm new to the forum. I'm considering a kamado style grill. Obviously looking at usual suspects like BGE and KJ, but I've become really intrigued by the WSCG. Certainly reading most posts on the forums and various You Tube videos, it seems as though most folks love them. Am curious as to whether any of you have/had both a WSCG and a ceramic kamado and what you view to be the strengths/weaknesses of each. Also, a concern I do have about the WSCG is whether Weber will continue to support the grill in the future given its relative niche position. A quick look on the internet for replacement parts doesn't come up with much - unlike the other more common Weber products (kettles, gas grills and WSM). If I'm spending this much money, I would hate to buy something that 5-10 years down the road, I won't be able to buy a part for if I needed to. Would appreciate any insight any of you may have!

    Welcome to the pit from Iowa. My thought is parts are not on open market because there’s no demand since all Summits are still under warranty aren’t they? Other models have been around over a decade. I’ve never had a Ceramic, but the reason I went WSCG was the risk of cracking on ceramic. I know it’s not super common, but I know a few people that have had it happen and I tend to have bad luck and live where we get both extremes for weather. The WSCG will adjust to temp changes more quickly and i believe is much easier to clean. That’s about all I can offer not having hands on with ceramic. Good luck with your decision, I would say you’ll probably like either.

    If you do decide ceramic look at the Slow n Sear Kamado.
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      Welcome from Chico, CA. Where do you live? People with both may give a different answer if you live in a really cold climate.


      • ckoshkarian
        ckoshkarian commented
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        I’m in Chicago - so, yes, very cold!

      Not many will have both because they pretty much duplicate each other.

      I have a BGE. If I didn’t, I would get a WSCG in a heartbeat....

      But also, I would get a Primo, or I would get a Kamado Joe, or a Komodo Kamado, or a S&S Kamado, or a BGE, or, or, or.

      They are all excellent examples of the type. You can’t go wrong.

      Now, all that being said: I have a BGE and a Weber Performer. About 90% of my outdoor cooking is grilling, and I do all the grilling on the Weber. Not that the BGE can’t grill, but it’s easier with the Weber. There are fewer compromises. Without any reason for thinking so other than it’s Weber, I would guess that the WSCG probably grills like the Performer and holds temp like the BGE. So, it would be more versatile.

      If I were buying tomorrow, and could justify the cost, I’d get a Komodo Kamado and never look back. Second choice would probably be the WSCG, the one with the table.


        I’ve had both and love my WSCG the most. You can bring the temp down fairly quickly it’s built and designed extremely well and holds desired temps like a champ. I purchased the elevated grill and use it all the time along with the slow and sear.


          Folks on here who have a WSCG will speak glowingly of it, and as you've seen others around the net do too. I don't have one, but appreciate it's virtues as someone who's fascinated by the wide array of cookers folks embrace. I do have a KJ (over 8 years), and will just add that if you end up going ceramic the lifetime warrantee is a big plus. They replaced my firebox this past year needing only pictures to verify.

          As for the apparent lack of parts and add-on goodies it's pretty much a matter of market demand/niche. The "regular" Weber kettle is comparatively budget priced, and has basic features that owners have sought, over the decades of it's existence, to improve/broaden. If there's one repetitive "complaint" I've seen about the WSCG it's that it is over priced, this from people who both admire it and own it. It takes a higher level of affluence to buy one of these so market appeal is fairly highly limited by that since it's roughly 5 times as expensive as the Performer in similar appearance, though not the same in performance/capability. Another outcome, or display, of the difference in market demand/support is what a WSCG sells for in the used market where it will show up occasionally. A member here recently got a WSCGC for $1k, from a neighbor who had it for a couple years but never used it. A heck of a deal. However, aside from the unused condition, that's not an altogether unusual price for used. There's one near Dallas that's been for sale for a couple months, started at $1500, dropped to $1300, and just sits there for sale. Probably a number closer to 1k is market. At that pricing you're not into folks who are casual outdoor cookers, those folks go for the kettle. But, for all that we here are more avid devotees, we're a small slice of the public.


            Welcome to The Pit. I have neither, so no help... BUT I'd get the WSCG for the versatility if I was buyin'.
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              Personally I just have this fear/concern of breaking a ceramic cooker, by knocking it over while rolling it around the yard or patio. I think the Summit has the advantage of being able to operate like a true Kamado, full indirect with a heat deflector, or in a 2 zone setup. It is unfortunate that SnSGrills quite selling the low profile Slow 'N Sear for the Summit, but you can still do 2 zone without it just fine. If I were smoking on the Summit, I imagine I would just use the deflector in order to have the capacity of the full grate.

              If you want a Kamado that can do 2 zone cooking like a kettle, and full indirect as well, I would look at the SnSGrills Kamado, and at the Primo, which is oblong rather than round like most Kamados. Otherwise, I would go for the Summit if your budget can handle it. Mine can't, and I am extremely pleased with my Weber Performer Deluxe (2007 model, still going strong!). I don't think you will have any issues with the Summit with getting parts - I am sure it has at least a 10 year warranty, and parts will be available after that, either from Weber or 3rd party sellers. I'm still using a 2002 Weber Genesis gas grill. Weber doesn't have all parts for it any more, but I have found them on the Internet when I needed them.


                I’ve never had a ceramic but one of the things that swayed me to the Weber is it’s relative portability. I tend to not stay planted for years on end, so wanted something that I could move with me. Or indeed move around the patio if I decide to rearrange things.

                That said, I love it. It works excellent as a grill and setting up two zones is a breeze. It’s basically a 24” kettle.
                And in komado mode, it’s a beast. Temps are easy to adjust up AND down as needed...which is something that most kamados struggle with doing. It’s not as attractive as many komado grills, but it’s fully capable...which is the ultimate goal. I got the “Grilling Center” version because I wanted the table space. Glad I did because I’m forever wanting more table space. It easily fits my sheet pans and thermometers, yada yada yada.

                Welcome and good luck in your search.
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                • jfmorris
                  jfmorris commented
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                  I've got the Performer Deluxe, and the side table, propane ignition, and charcoal storage have made it my favorite grill. It's a poor man's version of the WSCGC you have, and I hope to get one of those "some day".

                • surfdog
                  surfdog commented
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                  jfmorris That is a solid grill...and I wish I got a royalty for every one I’ve convinced people to purchase instead of some flimsy craptastic “bargain” they think they’ve found. LOL

                • Razor
                  Razor commented
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                  I also have the Performer Deluxe, want the WSCGC, could probably justify it to the wife with how much we use it, but getting one means moving the Performer to a new home because of space. I don’t think I could do that. It would be like giving away a family member because you have too many aunts or uncles. 😢

                So I've never grilled on a ceramic grill, but I was dead set on getting a Kamado Joe. I was saving up money to buy one, and about 2 months from the time I had enough money saved up, I found out about the Weber Summit charcoal grill, so I began comparing the two. After some intense research, traveling to different BBQ suppliers throughout the county, and a severe case of paralysis by analysis, I asked my wife for her opinion...

                Why did I do this? I sort of felt there were pros and cons to both cookers, and it wasn't easy for me to sort of find ways to compromise the cons of each, and I knew that I would be happy with each of them. The Kamado Joe is really pretty and has some great add ons, while the Summit also has a sleek look but sort of doesn't have that "centerpiece of the patio" vibe (when you're getting ready to throw down this much cash, may as well try to look at every possible angle, right?). I really liked that the Summit had a stainless steel table to go with it, but I was super into all of the accessories of the Kamado Joe. I could go on and on about comparing the two but I'm sure everyone reading this understands...

                Back to my wife...she knew I was hunting for a grill that would do pretty much everything we wanted to do in terms of cooking. She even had some suggestions while I was researching, but she couldn't have cared any less what I got. I showed her the two grills - the Summit and the KJ - side by side (in pictures) and asked which one. No specs, no pros and cons, I just asked her. She picked the black one because she thought the red was a little to bright and flashy. That was pretty much my decision.

                It turns out that a dealer near my house offered me a really great deal on a brand new Summit because I was paying in cash, so it actually ended up being cheaper than a KJ Big Joe (I was going to get a Big Joe ii). I decided that all of the accessories the KJ had to offer wouldn't necessarily make me a better grillmaster...they're just fun to use. And perhaps there will be more accessories coming for the Summit later on...or maybe not.

                I'm really glad that I (or maybe I should say my wife) decided on the Summit for a few simple reasons;
                1. I like that I can raise or lower the grill grate so I can cook like it's a kettle or a kamado.
                2. I like the portability - the air insulated steel is much lighter than ceramic. I have two (soon to be three!) Young kids, and I was wary of an accident happening with the ceramic.
                3. I like the table that comes with the grill center model...I use it all the time. And I feel like I saved some money in the long run because I don't need to buy another table to set it in (that was my plan with the Big Joe).
                4. I've never cooked on a ceramic grill, but the Summit seems to be more forgiving with overshooting temps. But living in PA I love that it can hold steady temps in all seasons.
                5. The ash removal setup on the Summit is the best out of all of the kamados that I have looked at.

                There are some things that I'm not crazy about, but for the sake of the length of this post, I'll conclude here. I can definitely lay out some of the cons if you're interested.

                Overall, purchasing the Summit has made me a better backyard pitmaster for sure! I'm glad I got one (and so is my wife because I'm no longer sneaking out to do some hands on grilling research!) and I really think that, at that price point, whatever you decide on will be a good investment as long as you're making an informed decision. Hope this helps!


                  To answer your question, in addition to the great posts here, watch this video from BabyBack Maniac, who has BBQ creds that many of us only aspire to.


                  FWIW, I really love my WSCGC. Some of the best BBQ toy money I ever spent.



                  • GroceryBoy
                    GroceryBoy commented
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                    I also did a ton of research. I trusted the ACTUAL OWNERS of the Summit for their reviews. If you watch Justin’s video he will tell you it is the best grill he owns (and he owns a lot of cookers!). I just bought my second one (I am a snow bird so reside north in summers & south in winter) and it is the best GRILLS I own!

                  • RAGBBQ
                    RAGBBQ commented
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                    I second Kathryn’s comments. I watched the Baby Back Maniac videos on the WSCGC. They were very helpful in helping me decide to buy one. No regrets! Such an efficient and versatile grill!

                  If you go ceramic consider the Primo XL as it actually is capable of 2 zone cooking in the way the other kamado makers you mentioned are not. Kamado Kamodo is also capable of this.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	f4sHBYyWh5a8-N-oO0I4e6qEARglUj3HyZB1EkElz-TgLbKj0WANHwcvqSqRDfCvUqXt2Oa0vMfI5qa-EFLm4LLVb0TQnWwNyp_NOHwuRlhtovwOjUNautOT2Y2vQfbasbGVULUBAW9WzNPnNsDxYO2kb4nZ3WOVKIXI7jhq7LM2G42R9P7nhZcwM7p9KlPGHtRTrAkgGRI8dYTspRqWAA03KgFGMbx_XxLjKrufP9xaH5walFRC4esAOGQfRgs
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                  • painter
                    painter commented
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                  Thanks all! I really appreciate the great commentary. All of the kamado style cookers seem to cook with similar results. Reinforcing what was said by several in the earlier comments, what is appealing to me about the WSC is the ability to adjust the temp quickly if you overshoot, and, the fact that it doesn't weigh a ton. My one concern is the one I alluded to in my first post, what happens if I need a new diffuser plate, or a new gasket, in 5 years - will Weber still be making the parts for this grill? Because if I go to links for Weber grill parts, I can find a ton of replacement parts for the kettles and gas grills, but hardly any for the WSC.


                  • glitchy
                    glitchy commented
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                    Weber has stated several times they are committed to the Summit Charcoal and still making it. However, that's really a gamble with any company as to whether they'll still be in business and/or making parts for a particular model. Look at Kuma pellet grills and Holland gas grills. Heck look at Pontiac, Saturn and Hummer. A lot of the parts that are only under warranty for 5 years can be replaced with parts from other grills. There are other grates, etc, that fit.
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                  • Razor
                    Razor commented
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                    I trust Weber to be around for many years over some of these other manufacturers. I don’t think you’ll ever have issues getting replacement parts for them over the next 20 years at minimum.

                  • jfmorris
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                    I am with Razor on this, and don't think you will have issue getting parts - you might have to call Weber, versus looking at their website - not everything is on there, especially on newer in-warranty grills. There's also not a lot that can wear out, with the grates all being stainless they should last for many years. If weber doesn't have gaskets or diffusers, I imagine you can find 3rd party gasket material and a diffuser plate that will work, but I doubt it would ever come to that.

                  I have a WSCG and a BGE XL and I have cooked on both. I have more experience with the BGE. I am still figuring out the WSCG

                  BGE Pros:
                  More mass with the ceramics. They take longer to heat up but stay hotter longer and may be slightly more stable.
                  Great Low and Slow
                  Can get really hot for good searing
                  More like an oven I do feel you get more heat radiating out of the thick ceramic walls.
                  I would choose the BGE for Pizzas
                  I have a Woo Ring and the Ceramic Grill Store plate setter so I can pull out the grill grate and plate setter to add charcoal.

                  BGE Cons:
                  Takes longer to heat up ceramic mass
                  More mass means that it is harder to bring temps down if you overshoot target.
                  Heavy and fragile.
                  Not as good at two zone or direct grilling.
                  Need rig to lower grill grate to get closer to fire
                  Have to pull everything out to add chunks and charcoal
                  Need to pull everything to clean ash

                  WSCG Pros:
                  Good at Low and Slow
                  Insulated to hold heat and remain stable yet less mass means you can correct temps if you overshoot.
                  Great at direct and two zone cooking
                  Sears very well
                  Fire grate has two levels.
                  Easier to switch out heat deflectors
                  Easier to add wood chunks and more charcoal because of hinged grate and deflector
                  Lighter not fragile
                  Gas Assist lighting
                  Easier to clean ash

                  WSCG Cons:
                  Less mass means less stability and less oven like cooking
                  BGE better at pizza (I assume)
                  Longevity not proven

                  These are just my initial thoughts


                  • surfdog
                    surfdog commented
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                    Agreed...but the only thing about the WSCG longevity is the simplicity. As you know, it’s essentially a kettle on steroids...which DO have a known track record of being around for decades. Other than being double walled, they share a whole lot of DNA. That was a selling point for me.

                  I dont have a lot to add to what others have said.....my purchase decision was between a BGE and the WSCG and the potential fragility of the former is what pushed me to the (also lighter) Weber.

                  I adore the WSCG....it works so well - even in the worst of winter.

                  As a relatively early adopter the only issue I've faced is that the springs that hold the lid open kinda wore out and wouldn't hold the lid open any more. I contacted Weber and even though I only needed the springs they sent a whole hinge assembly. That new hinge assembly must have held my lid at just enough of a new position that I had a bad seal at the back of the lid, Weber sent a new gasket that fixed that right up.


                  • fzxdoc
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                    You've got to love Weber customer service. I sure do. They've been johnny-on-the-spot each time I needed help, and sent some parts for free.



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