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    I am considering purchasing a WSCG and noticed that they no longer offer the SnS for it - is that a dealbreaker? Looks like it isn’t coming back according to their website.

    I’m interested in everyone’s answers as I’ve pondered this same thing. Having no experience with any type of Kamado-ish cooker and my love of Weber I think I’d actually lean towards the SnS Kamado given the price point. And I’d imagine that it’s easier to install a temp controller. It’s hard for me to make the decision though without putting my hands on one.


      WSCG does have a fan port. Just pop out a plug and put in the Viper fan adapter. As far as SnS, it is nice, but not completely necessary on WSCG. They sell the SnS charcoal basket that works in the WSCG as a possible alternative.


      • Andrrr
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        Didn’t realize that about the fan port. Thanks

      In my opinion, you don't need it and it is not a deal breaker at all. The WSCG is designed without it in mind and will run great without it.

      To me, it seems like a fix for a problem you don't have with a kamado. For the kettle, sure I guess it makes sense, but not really for the WSCG.


      • Attjack
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        Completely agree.

      I wouldn’t think of that as a deal breaker. It is designed to cook using direct and indirect heat (via the diffuser). CaptainMike is better suited than I am to answer your question.
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        I have a WSCG. It works great without the SnS. I would love one but it’s not necessary. I would use it for two zone cooking but right now I use the SnS charcoal basket or just bank the coals on one side.

        I also have a Vortex and a reduction ring. With those accessories and the included diffuser I can pretty much do it all.


        • fzxdoc
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          What do you use the reducing ring for? I haven't seen the need for one. I just use less charcoal for shorter kamado cooks. Am I missing something?

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        • Old Glory
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          fzxdoc I use it for searing. It fits under the grate and allows me to use a smaller amount of charcoal. I could just place the coals on the fire grate but this keeps them evenly distributed and in a tight circle. Not needed but useful.

        While I do have the SnS for Spartacus I only use it for oven style fried chicken, and I probably don't even need it for that (it's just how I do it). As mentioned above it should not be a deal breaker. If you already have an SnS you can use it just fine if you want. As glitchy mentioned I'm going to acquire the Pit Viper, but even that's not necessary once you dial in your temp control. This is a great, versatile cooker and I highly recommend it if you're inclined.


          Thank you for the responses/ assurances - now I just have to find the best deal!


            Don't hesitate to purchase a WSCGC or WSCG if you're considering it, Miscad . I was an early buyer when it first came out and I absolutely love the rock-solid cooks that my WSCGC provides. Here are things I like about it:

            1. The easy access fan port
            2. The 24 inch grate, which bumps you up in real estate pretty significantly above a 22" kettle and as good as or better than many kamados
            3. The solid, solid solid construction.
            4. The hinged lid
            5. The center opening on the grate which makes Vortex cooking perfect besides allowing for a wok, etc.
            6. The Snapjet ignition. I never use a chimney when in kamado mode.
            7. For the WSCGC like I have, the great storage area provided, including a place under the lower shelf where the diffuser plate slips in when not in use, and hooks for hanging the grates not in use.

            For kettle mode, I have the Low-Profile SnS which I use often. I use it for smaller cooks using less charcoal, or for overflow cooking if I'm using my PBC for something else. I use it when setting up the WSCGC for reverse searing steaks or searing burgers or sous vide meats. And it's great to have for providing the full kettle experience, since if you have a WSCGC you may not need another kettle real-estatewise. I also enjoy using the DnG that you can order with the large charcoal basket that many use now that the Low Profile SnS is no longer being offered. Not only does the DnG help even out heat flow and catch drips, it's fun to cook on too. You don't need the spinning grate because the WSCGC grate spins just fine.

            All of this said about the SnS, it shouldn't be a deal breaker in getting a WSCG or WSCGC. If you're waffling at all, watch this Baby Back Maniac video and you'll want one even more.


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            • CaptainMike
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              And don't forget Max's review. His and your recommendations sealed the deal for me. https://amazingribs.com/grill-smoker...l-grill-review

            • RAGBBQ
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              I agree with Kathryn. I have had the WSCGC for almost three years, and I use it more than my other grills combined. I have the low profile SnS and the DnG pan. I line the DnG with foil, so it keeps most of the grease from going to the bottom of the grill.

              This grill is well made and so versatile. If I could only own one grill, this would be the one!

            Absolutely go ahead with the WSCGC. Interesting to note that the inspiration for the SnS Kamado was the WSCGC! Once SnS saw how well the Weber unit performed with the SnS Low Profile, they saw that their Low Profile would actually help the Weber compete with the SnS Kamado. Thats' why they stopped making the Low Profile. (I confirmed that with Mr. Parrish). Why compete against yourself?

            That said, the lack of availability of the Low Profile SnS for the Weber is far from a show-stopper. There are many workarounds and you can also simply use the included charcoal baskets.

            I did come under the wire and got a Low Profile to use with my Weber.....but it is far from essential.

            I WOULD recommend adding a fan and the Fireboard temperature controller though......it makes this excellent grill a perfect one and soooo easy to control and monitor long cooks from your iPad, iPhone or android device.

            Good luck!



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