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My experience with the E6 I ordered from Amazon 10 days ago

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    My experience with the E6 I ordered from Amazon 10 days ago

    I ordered the Summit E6 ~10 days ago on Amazon in the belief (hope) that they were shipping with the redesigned stand since Amazon indicated it was in stock several months after the "wobbly" issues came to light. Unfortunately, the grill that I received was the original E6 design with the wobbly support structure, despite their CSRs indicating that I had the revised version when I contacted them the first two times around. To make matters somewhat worse, the pre-installed rivet nut in the front leg spins and the supplied bolt would not go in properly, so I couldn't even assemble the grill to use in the meantime. Weber agreed to send me a replacement leg when I contacted them about it, but this part was back-ordered, which had me rather concerned given the design changes (seems unlikely they're going to be making new parts for the old design!).

    On the bright side, one of Weber's VPs reached out to me after a few electronic messages were exchanged with customer support. It looks like Weber is really stepping up! They are overnighting me the "Kamado Rework Kit", which should replace the entire lower support structure with the parts corresponding to the new design. I'll find out tomorrow for certain, but I'm fairly confident it'll be smooth sailing from here on out. They also offered to throw in a few goodies for the inconvenience, though that's just gravy.

    TL; DR-If you order the E6 around this time it is still quite possible you may receive a grill with the original "wobbly" stand design (they didn't officially recall the E6 and there are still some E6s with the original designs floating around retailers like Amazon). There may be some uneven communication with their customer support organization. Still, Weber has obviously substantially re-engineered this stand (the new stand assembly process is very different....it looks solid and straightforward instead of weird and hokey) and they clearly have enough inventory on hand to get this squared away pretty quickly. Despite some hiccups, I give Weber a lot of credit for coming through.

    I wouldn't be particularly concerned about ordering an E6 now if you're eager (obviously, it'd be easier to receive the revised version from day 1, but you won't be massively inconvenienced with a long backorder in the event that you end up with an older design). I'll let you know how it goes after I have a chance to assemble it this weekend.
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    Thanks and good cookin!


      Happy Grilling to you on your new grill,


        The "Kamado Rework Kit" package arrived as promised earlier today. I was able to get it assembled without any great difficulty and then wheel it around from my garage (post assembly), through my house, and onto my back patio without mishap (which required lifting it a few inches for the door frame and over a step or two). Although it might be a smidge more secure with the larger 4-legged cart, as in the S6, this new stand isn't wobbly in the least. It seems more up to the task of everyday use and the occasional wheeling around the patio. I definitely feel way more confident with this than I have with ceramic kamado carts with a similar footprint (not to mention that it's less top-heavy and less fragile).

        It feels very substantial overall (way more than a standard kettle grill). I don't think I'm going to regret not spending extra for the larger cart with the side table. I sort of prefer the smaller footprint because I already have two other grills on my patio and this is less cluttered looking to my eyes. I think I'm going to be very satisfied with this purchase overall.

        One thing I did notice is the top damper is looser and spins more readily than I expected it to be. I have no doubt it'll readily move when I open and close the lid if it stays this way. Is there any way to adjust the tension on the top damper or is there a good way to otherwise prevent it from moving so readily?
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          After a couple cooks, you’ll be trying to find a way to loosen the damper . That is one of my few complaints about the WSCG, that damper tends to gunk up a bit and get hard to turn. So glad to see they took care of you and quickly.


            Originally posted by glitchy View Post
            After a couple cooks, you’ll be trying to find a way to loosen the damper . That is one of my few complaints about the WSCG, that damper tends to gunk up a bit and get hard to turn.
            Haha. I fired up my grill this evening for the recommended burn-in and it seems you're right. I'm not sure if it was the small amount of ash from the burn in or the heat expansion of the various metal components, but it seems to have enough resistance to stay in place on its own now (already). I'd much rather some sticking than for it to move so easily that it moves on its own when I move the lid, I guess time will tell though.


              Good to know that the Weber VP reached out to you so quickly and that the issue is resolved. Let us know how your first cook goes. You're going to love using it.



                Thanks for this helpful info. I’ve been looking around my area for any store that has a Summit in stock that I could look at in person. Haven’t found one yet.


                  If you do find one in stock from a reputable seller, I'd definitely go for it. I'm very happy with this purchase so far. Just keep in mind that there's a non-zero chance you'll end up with the original stand design because Weber did not recall these officially and the SKU is (will remain) the same. I'd just trust that Weber will get you squared away pretty quickly, as they did for me if you reach out to them (presumably they're improving customer support training in this dimension so it doesn't take several calls to get this taken care of).

                  P.S., I received an automatic email from Weber.com indicating these grills are "available now" (I signed up for this before I bought mine on Amazon). When I clicked the link to their website it says it's out of stock, but I'd guess they'll be out soon.
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                    I got the same email earlier and they were available to purchase when I went to the website but looks like all gone now.
                    I bought mine from a VERY reputable electronic and appliance store near Chicago, ABT Electronics. I actually bought it yesterday after confirmation from Weber that the store had the updated version. They ship free and also offer 24 month no interest financing.


                      My Ace Hardware guy says it is waiting to ship; I should get it next week.


                        Was able to pick mine up today and set up, just finished getting the layout right on the patio and then the rain came. Will have to wait until tomorrow to use. Click image for larger version

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ID:	1009453 My Summit 670 was shifted on down to make room😀


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                          Nice setup!


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