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Smoke then Sous vide then sear?

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    Smoke then Sous vide then sear?

    Have been a member for a year, 1st time posing a question.
    I just received a joule, have not used it yet. Am doing a ribeye roast for Christmas, my thought is to put it on the smoker at 220 until internal temp of 100 deg, seal it up and put in the bath until it reaches 120-125, let it rest while I crank the fire then sear it.
    any comments?

    I would think a reverse sear would accomplish what u r trying to do. Smoke to 120 or so and then sear. Not sure if sous vide is necessary, unless u were planning to hold it for a certain length of time. Good luck


      You don't need to smoke it up to any particular temp. Smoke it low for 2-3 hours, then seal it up and SV it for a day. I did this and it was incredible. Mine was on a pellet grill, so not a ton of smoke, hence I did it for 2-3h. If you use a stickburner, probably an hour, depending on your smoke flavor desire.

      BTW, I seared mine on the grill with a flamethrower.

      The Sear:

      The Slice:



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        90% of th bruises are gone, now, of course...

        An th vast majority of th broken bones healed up semi-straight, with nary a trip to see th Doctor...
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        I bet your son loved handling that flamethrower!


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        flamethrower, I like it, Burn Baby Burn.
        Them slices are amazing!

      Thanks for your responses, I like the advice to smoke by time then sv to hold until I get the rest of the menu together, sear it, slice it, eat!
      thanks again


        Not to complicate matters, but you could sous vide the roast first, then smoke it. You can do it ahead of time, pop it in an ice bath to stop the cooking process, then put it on the smoker to warm it up and add the smoke an hour or 2 before your want to server it. I have done this with steaks when I have a bunch cook.


          QVQ (smoke, bath, sear) is what I call it, and it works very well. I have tried SVQ (bath, smoke, sear), but I don't get the depth of smoke flavor that I like when trying to smoke an already cooked piece of meat. No matter what you do, I'd love to see some pics of your process, and the results.


          • DogFaced PonySoldier
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            I agree, if I want smoke flavor, I smoke it first, then sous vide, then sear. Smoking after the sous vide portion doesn't seem to come out the same for me.

          For this application, I would probably sous vide shock it down to fridge temp, then smoke... but I think it’s a good candidate for QVQ as well.

          The problem with prime rib is that the absolute best part is on the outside, and doing QVQ seems like it would almost certainly overcook the rib-eye cap. It can take some overcooking, but it’s so remarkably delicious when cooked to the right temp.

          on the upside, it’s very forgiving, tender even overcooked, so enjoy.


            Thanks to all for your input. I ended up putting it on charcoal with a small chunk (half the size of a deck of cards) for an hour , SV 6 hours to 130 degrees, rolled it on a hot charcoal grill for 15 mins ( wish I had a flamethrower). It was perfect
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              Yea buddy !!!

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