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Sous vide que in the bag it came in?!

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    Sous vide que in the bag it came in?!

    Hi Pit,

    I’m away from all my grills. I brought my Joule sous vide with me, and I have access to a small gasser and a small electric smoker and some hickory and apple chips.

    The other day I found a brisket vacuum packed In the store. I came back to this rural home to realize the only plastic bags in the house were sandwich size. So I took a deep breath... and sous vided the brisket overnight in the vacuum pack it came in. Then I salted and chilled it and then I seasoned it and smoked it back to 125.

    It wasn’t AS good as dry brining and seasoning first, but it was still darn good.

    Thoughts? Brilliant? Stupid? Dangerous (wrong plastic)?

    Now I’m staring at an 8lb pork butt in this farm house freezer and thinking...

    This time I do have time to go to town and get some 1 or 2.5 gal freezer bags.

    I’d love some feedback.



    Why not as good? Less smoke flavor, lack of crust, something else?


      I'm certainly no expert on Sous Vide, but if the bag doesn't leak, and is temperature safe, then why not.


      • UWSTony
        UWSTony commented
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        I've done it for a while, especially with steak. You can always season a steak after.

      I would not recommend this. Some bags are made for refrigeration, but can leach nasty chemicals into your food when heated. Others are made with adhesives that can degrade when heated, causing the seal to be compromised, making your food and the circulator nasty.

      I would try to get bags that are intended to be heated, preferably rated up to boiling.


        Don’t Sous vide in the original bag. Not rated for temperature. Seams will deteriorate... bad mojo.


        • texastweeter
          texastweeter commented
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          Don't forget purge in the bag

        • Potkettleblack
          Potkettleblack commented
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          Yeah, keep the purge in the bag, not all over the inside of your circulator.

        The brisket was darn tasty. Wasn’t quite as seasoned (function of not seasoning before sous vide) and wasn’t quite as smoky and barky (function of ALL sous vide que vs. 12 hrs over smoke). But I would’ve served it to this crowd without embarrassment (assuming the plastic was safe...)

        the seams on these vacuum packs are designed to withstand LOTS of transport. Obviously not temperature. Did I get away with it? Is the plastic BPA free? A buddy told me that virtually ALL plastic is BPA free nowadays. Would love to hear from Blonder on this one.

        I love this forum. Please keep commenting. Gotta decide on the pork butt - Hormel vacuum sealed and frozen - by this weekend.


          I got the Joule and turned on to Chef Steps because of Amazing Ribs. Here’s what they say:

          so how do you know if the plastic is BPA free??



          • rickgregory
            rickgregory commented
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            You don't. Which is why I wouldn't do it unless I had no other food and no other way to cook it. Most packaging isn't meant for cooking and while it will work fine and not be harmful in some cases... why take the chance?

          The folks at Hormel "need to check with the packaging department" to see if the vacuum pack is BPA free. They do have a line that says "not RATED for sous vide" - probably due to the temperature concerns you guys listed above. So, yeah, the smart money says why chance it?

          The only thing I hate about sous vide is the plastic waste. On a much larger scale than my ziplocs, on a societal level we were really making some progress until COVID-19 hit, and now we are really wrecking the planet again. Scientists have actually defined the Anthropocene (latin for "humans f-ing up Planet Earth) by the layer of plastic in earth's strata that will be a marker for aeons to come.


          I love BBQ like nobody's business and the health and safety of my guests is of paramount importance to me. At the same time, as a society and a species we need to take care of momma.

          Thanks guys!





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