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Pork Steaks for Dinner

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    Pork Steaks for Dinner

    Wow. Sous Vide is absolutely, completely changing my life. Now I need to more study of plating.

    Darnit, posted the pics wrong. here ya go:

    Click image for larger version

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      Nice... I've been thinking about taking up sous vide every since I got the 6 book set of Modernist Cuisine a few years ago. No since in rushing into I say.😊

      Nice cook. What did you sear it in?


        You sure aren't helping Christmas get here any sooner.....

        Sous Vide rocks Tri-Tip big time.


        • Dr ROK
          Dr ROK commented
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          Jerod Broussard how do you sous vide trip-tips? I did one the other day and it had that great trip tip flavor, but was still way to chewy. I'm thinking I didn't leave it in the hot tub long enough.

        • Jerod Broussard
          Jerod Broussard commented
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          I did eight ounce tri-tip steak for at least 2 hours at 130 degrees. If still too chewey definitely didn't leave it long enough, because the pieces I had were half inch thick and were easily, I mean easily chewed, and I'm very sensitive to texture and chewey-ness.

          Dr ROK I just checked, I went almost 3 hours total.
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        This is not a Christmas Gift, Jerod. This is a necessary item for any well equipped kitchen. go ahead. get it and start using it so that you can use it to pull off the best Holiday meal anyone has ever tasted!!!


          Gots too much stuff to take care of right now.


            That is some seriously pretty pig, what's in your sauce? Looks like there might be berries? I need to buy some pork chops now, those look fantastic!


              If you really wanted to be fancy, you could put a sprig of parsley on the plate and charge twice as much!

              But it looks perfect to me as it is.....


              • Karon Adams
                Karon Adams commented
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                Parsley was still in process of hardening into the compound butter ;-)

              Karon Adams you need to try my Char Siu Vide recipe: http://blog.sousvidesupreme.com/2012...siu-sous-vide/


                Nice job KA. Looks great!


                  These are steaks sliced from a pork loin. HWMO has become quite the fan, as have I. The bag has a few tablespoons of the Lemon Confit Brine, one tablespoon of butter, half a teaspoon of smoke caramel and a tablespoon of apricot preserves. Let it swimm at 130 for about an hour.

                  Pull out the meat and dry. bring the skillet to 400 degrees. put the bag juices into a cup with a tablespoon or so reserved in a jar, dissolve about 1/4 tsp corn starch in the reserved bag juice. Shake well in the jar.

                  Tablespoon of butter in the 400 degree skillet. when the butter begins to color, toss in the pork. sear side one, flip and move the meat 90 degrees around the skillet. work the meat all around, standing the meat on edges, against one another to render the fat on the sides, giving you some NICE crispy crunchy!

                  when the sear is done, toss in the bag juices and cook to brown, takes a few seconds. add 1/4 cup vinegar (I prefer apple cider, but use what you like for flavor) once deglazed and the sauce begins to cook close to caramel, toss in the reserved juice & starch if the sauce hasn't cooked thick enough (I don't often have to do that.)

                  plate with the sides and bread and enjoy.

                  No berries in the sauce. the bits you see are bits of the fat from the steaks that broke from the meat during the sear. can't lose that yummy bite of crunchy.

                  I'm glad you guys like it. the meat tastes like butter. it is SO smooth. the texture, it is almost creamy! think of your favorite baked custard. now, think about shifting that flavor from sweet to meat. that is very much what we have here. I'll say this, I sliced too thin. it cooled an dried a touch more than I wanted. I'll slice thicker, next time. but, in honesty, I only slice for photos. I prefer to eat it sliced bite by bite to hold the heat.

                  I AM looking forward to the new plates. going to have to decide the best method for heating the plates.


                    I gots to know--HWMO?


                    • gcdmd
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                      He Who Must Obey, frequently found consorting with She Who Must Be Obeyed.


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