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Should I Take the Plunge?

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    Should I Take the Plunge?

    My MCS is rearing its ugly head this weekend. I have never jumped into the pool of sous vide, but I'm starting to think I'm ready to try it.

    It appears that Anova has a good deal right now on the Nano:

    Click image for larger version

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    It still comes up as full price at $129 on Amazon, so I like this option.

    Also, I'm considering their 16 L container at $79, since I like the idea of a lid with a good seal so that we're not adding to the Florida humidity in our house. Is this a good idea, too, or does a big pot work fine without adding heat/humidity to speak of?

    I'll stick with my cheap Geryon vacuum sealer for now if I get these things, but if I get enthusiastic, I may need to go a a sealer that will deal with a wider bag opening.

    I have the original Anova and now the Anova Pro. The main separation between the units is the wattage used: 900 for nano, 1000 for Anova, and 1200 for the Pro. I have a 12 L Rubbermade tub with plastic lid, the Anova 16L with lid. I regularly use various size pots in lieu of the tubs depending on size of the food being heated.

    I love the Anova line-up. Simple to use, has both Bluetooth and Wifi although all operate manually if desired. They clip to just about any container you want to use.

    I think you will be well served to get the 12L tub - it is well designed, has bottom lips to lift and create an air gap for the bottom off whatever surface its placed. Rounded ends helps water flow, which is a good thing, and its size will take large cuts like brisket, ribs, whole chickens, etc.

    Once you get the hang of using sous vide, I believe it will become a regular tool in your arsenal.


    • CaptainMike
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      Wut he sed

    • klflowers
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      Wut he sed 2 times

    Jump in for a swim! And I have a 12L container with lid that works great. No worries over evaporation over long cooks. Also, the 16L would be nice. With all the talk of SV brisket here, I would need a bigger container than I have to do it.


    • ssandy_561
      ssandy_561 commented
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      Check out the Coleman 24-Can Party Stacker cooler. Large footprint and not too tall. I have not done a brisket in mine but one would easily fit. I'v done three chuck roasts at one time in mine and 12 jelly jar egg bites. I cut a hole in the lid to fit the sous vide and I get very little evaporation.

    I was skeptical at first, especially regarding whether I'd use it or not. I use mine often, have a couple of Lipavi tubs w/lids, and when the weather is hot I set it outside and wrap with a couple of towels. The QVQ brisket I did last week was one of the best I've ever done, it gave me very predictable timing and results. I think you would enjoy it.
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      Go for it Jim! I've had an Anova for a few years and like it a lot. Mine is the plain manual version. Great for Boneless Pork Chops, Chicken Breasts, Etc. Doing Tri Tip today!


        One more “GO FOR IT!” vote here. 😊👍 Although I’m the SV equivalent of a newborn baby (I’ve only owned mine less than two weeks, for a total of five cooks), I love mine. I picked up the Anova kit that Costco is currently selling, and it came out to about the same cash you’ll be spending for what you’re looking at… best $200 I’ve spent in a while!

        A couple other purchases I’d suggest to add to the list - a Bernzomatic handheld propane torch and a Searzall type attachment to go with it. 😃 While there are a number of different ways to finish many of the meats you’ll cook (steaks, chicken, chops, etc), this way is by far the most fun and satisfying. 💪


        • Santamarina
          Santamarina commented
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          I’ve had that $200 kit from Costco in my cart more times than I can count. Hoping to actually buy it one of these days soon!

        My best recommend is go on ahead, give it a whirl, Jimbo...

        I ain't there yet, but might be, some day...

        Another tool in th toolbox, an havin options is a good thing!


          I find my Joule is amazing for steaks so go for it.


            Okay, folks. Thanks for the support. I'm going in!


            • CaptainMike
              CaptainMike commented
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              You will never overcook a pork chop or B/S chicken boob again!

            And they're sold out of the 16L container so I went with the 12.


            • gdsim1
              gdsim1 commented
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              Might be better off with the 12L… that way it’s not taking up an ENTIRE kitchen counter. 👍

            Family gave me a nano for Father’s Day, wasn’t expecting it. I’ve only reheated vacuum sealed pork, it ‘twas like I just pulled it day off the cook. Doing some prime top sirloin steaks tonight. Will report back.

            I can speak to the ease of use, interface is super easy, I have cooked it in a large SS pot and food grade plastic container, seems like a large clip, will attach to many containers.


              You will enjoy it! It’s versatile, much more SVing than just meat. Carrots are probably the best done In a bath, in my opinion. Then take the juice and make a glaze with it!

              my buddy says SV bacon is the best of both worlds. You get that chew but can also give some outer crisp from a pan fry.

              Enjoy that hot tub cooking you will have fun with it, especially the longer cooks!


                I use mine less than once a year. I like it when I use it, but all the other ways are so much easier.


                • bbqLuv
                  bbqLuv commented
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                  I like your perspective.
                  I have sous vide setting on our Insta-pot and have not used that setting yet.

                I wish I hadn't read this post.

                Does anyone have the number for MCS Anonymous so they can send someone over to drink with me until the urge to also take the plunge goes away.


                • Jim White
                  Jim White commented
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                  Come on in! I've heard the water's fine.

                • au4stree
                  au4stree commented
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                  Actually the water can be whatever temperature you want. 😉

                • bbqLuv
                  bbqLuv commented
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                  The water is only Knee deep, Knee deep. says the frog 🐸

                The only way I do chuckies these days is QVQ. I have an Anova I got a few years ago during Amazon days for 30 bucks, before they became so popular.



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