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Shrimp Boil?'s

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    Shrimp Boil?'s

    Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Just need some info about shrimp boil cook times. The boss is going to do a shrimp boil for about 20 guests. I believe she already has a cooker for doing fried turkey.

    So any help on the timings noted below is greatly appreciated. I've only done boils for # 1 and myself.

    1. How long does it usually take to bring several gallons of water to a boil? Not sure of the capacity of her kettle.

    2. I think the potatoes should start to be tender within 20 minutes. What do you think?

    3. Corn on cob should be done in around 7 minutes - 30 minutes. Should the corn be added 1st then the potatoes?

    4. Not sure how long the crab legs need to cook. (They may be frozen)

    5. I believe the shrimp is frozen. I usually cook it off heat for about 11 minutes.

    6. I know there will be sausage, but I mentioned that I do mine in a skillet and add it at the end.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Also, I owe AR a report of my 18.5 lb brisket that I did 7/4. Did it Hot and Fast... came out great! ABC has a video, too!


    For timimg, this is similar to what I do: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/44...-country-boil/


      Unfortunately, the answer is, it depends. If you are using small potatoes, say the size of a golf ball, they should be cooked in around 15-20 min. Corn does not need more than a few minutes, 30 min seems like way overkill - especially if its boiled. Same thing with the crab legs, they are pre-cooked and just need to thaw/warm up.

      I did a lobster/clam boil earlier this summer. Think from potatoes going in to everything cooked was maybe 20-25 minutes. Used about 3 cups of liquid in the pot, so everything except the potatoes and sausage steamed.
      I used small new potatoes, kielbasa cut into large chunks, pearl onions, clams, shrimp and corn cut into thirds. Here is how I did it (estimating times as I don't recall exactly)

      - Bring liquid to a boil and add potatoes - cook for 15 min
      - Add sausage and onions - cook for 5 min
      - Add clams and corn for a few min
      - Add shrimp and cook for 1 min and then turn off heat and let sit covered for another few minutes

      Times may be a bit off as I'm doing this from memory but should be directionally close. I cooked the lobsters separately as I didn't have a big enough pot.


        Ditto on the short shrimp cook. Dad will cook shrimp and once it starts to boil turn it off, they done.


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          Yup, and the smaller the shrimp the cook time is even shorter. If I'm working from frozen I defrost them in a pan of running water in the sink. That only takes a few minutes here because my tap water runs warm.

        Thanks All!


          I always defrost the seafood in a deepsink of water first.

          I've done defrosted crab legs twice in the last week, on a Weber kettle after removing the turf. Grate temp was ~ 230F, and I pulled them off the indirect side after 12 minutes both times. I pushed the temp up to hot by setting them on the sear for 30 seconds.


            Be sure to throw some whole mushrooms in there.
            Those little flavor sponges are deeeeee-licios



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