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Who's spices are great and a good buy?

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    Who's spices are great and a good buy?

    I have been using Penzeys spices for while now. I read a post a while back that Meathead used Penzeys as well but it was an old post.

    To Meathead and the rest: What spice distributors do you use now for ingredients for your rubs and cookery?
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    I use lotsa Penzey's Spices, I jus shop their sales, mostly, an stock up some. Great stuff, fresh, an vibrant.

    I also use spices from Savory Spice, same results.


    • bbqLuv
      bbqLuv commented
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      Yes sir Mr. Bones. Right on the Money.

    • jgreen
      jgreen commented
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      That would probably be the two i pick as well.

    I agree with Penzey's as mentioned as well as what Mr. Bones mentioned with Savory Spice.
    Additionally I will add one of my own the Great American Spice Company. Lately I have been using them more than I expected.


      Thanks fer sharin Great American, Brother!
      It appears like they have a whole lotta of Goodie goin on!

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        Thanks for asking this question and for the responses.
        I'm new to low n slow and will check out each of the companies you're talking about!!


          I use Penzey’s mostly because there is a store near me and pre-Rona you could go in and smell the spices! Aromatherapy! But Penzey’s doesn’t have everything and the other sites have different variations of spice origins which is fun to explore.

          Anything is better than grocery store spices.


            For the simple spices I head right on down to Sams Club or Costco. Can't beat the prices, and enough turnover that the spices are always fresh.
            When I need more exotic I head on down or online order from these folks and have never been disappointed.

            Penzeys? They are as banned as the NBA, NFL, etc, etc in my house.


            • ofelles
              ofelles commented
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            I have a Penzey's retail store five minutes from my house so I use many of theirs. But mostly I use spices from my local butcher shop that are "private" labeled for them. I say "private" because they are available at various other smaller shops all over the area with only the name of the shop changed on the otherwise generic label. They are fresh and tasty, and available in a very wide range of flavor blends. And best of all, the are inexpensive. 12oz for $5.99.


              I used to be a big fan of Savory Spice but lately they have really disappointed me. Some of their spices are inferior to what they used to sell.


                Thanks for this thread. Since leaving the Phoenix metro it's been difficult for me to find decent herbs and spices. Like "can't even find McCormick reliably" difficult. I just replaced my entire spice drawer with Penzey's.


                  I used to be a big Penney's fan, but I don’t need politics in my pantry. After they went bonkers following the last election, I switched to https://www.thespicehouse.com. I believe it’s run by a Penzey’s sibling that actually split from the family business because they disagreed with them getting political.


                  • JOE E
                    JOE E commented
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                  • willxfmr
                    willxfmr commented
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                    I'm also a Spice House fan. You can't beat the free shipping on flat packs.

                  • barelfly
                    barelfly commented
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                    This is exactly what I was searching for! Couldn’t remember the name of the spin off! Thank you!

                  Since the closest Penzey's store and Coistco stores are 75 miles away, I have mail ordered spices from Spics Inc. the last few years. I find their spices fresh, reasonably priced and prompt delivery. Free shipping with a minimum order. They usually include a sample of some of their other exotic spices which I have no clue how to use them.


                    https://spiceology.com/ is my favorite. They are a local company and ship everywhere. The bread and butter if their business is supplying restaurants but they have been growing the consumer side of things too. Great spices and some great blends and rubs as well.


                    • JimLinebarger
                      JimLinebarger commented
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                      We also use https://www.spokanespice.com/ .

                    • glitchy
                      glitchy commented
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                      Seeing their labels after following your link, they supplied the American BBQ Showdown on Netflix.

                    • Baer556
                      Baer556 commented
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                      Another Spice House fan here. Flat packs are awesome. If you think you'll repackage the flat packs, you can ask nice and they'll send bottle labels with your order too.

                    I've been throwing my spice business to two smaller sources, well represented in specialty food markets throughout the US.

                    They're not as big as the very political Penzy's. I prefer my spices with a heavy dash of No Politics, please. So I haven't ordered from Penzy's in a long time.

                    The spices from these two smaller souces are super fresh and there are interesting blends of spices as well, featuring cuisines from all over the world.

                    Spicewalla has some delicious offerings, not just of Indian spices, although their Indian spice collection is superb.

                    World Spice in Seattle has some wonderful offerings and a really good cookbook as well. Their rose harissa gets my vote as one of the best I've used.



                    • Cheef
                      Cheef commented
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                      And it is such a shame. We were very dedicated to our local Penzey's store for YEARS. Nice people running it through what I assume is a franchise. REALLY enjoyed walking in and getting hit with the exotic smells. Tried REALLY hard to ignore the owners political rants but their email ads got to featuring his political views and rants more and more with every email he would send. THEN it got to the point he was naming spices for political cause and we decided enough.

                    • fkrall
                      fkrall commented
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                      Cheef, I had no idea Penzey's had gone that far downhill. Sounds like a death wish to me

                    Thanks for all the replies so far. I think I have placed my last order to Penzeys. I believe I made the order a week ago and I have not received a shipping notification yet.



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