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Curry and Korean hot pepper paste

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    Curry and Korean hot pepper paste

    Played with some international flavours for last night's impromptu Q session.

    Our dinner party plans fell through when the hostess was invited to the Flames game last minute. Since this is Canada and the Flames could eliminate our arch rival and generally worst team ever the Vancouver Canucks (which we did, Flames for the cup!!!) the dinner party was cancelled and I had only a few hours to prep meat for the grill.

    Wings and country 'ribs' were on sale and since I wanted some thing thin for quick brining/marinating purposes, I thought those would be good choices.

    I did half the wings in a commercial Buffalo sauce I like, and half in a curry spice rub I put together using some of the spices you get in a cookbook called 'in a curry' (great resource for Indian cooking, my curries are now top notch). Pics attached of these gettin happy.

    The country 'ribs' which we all know are just pork chops were marinated in a mixture of brown rice vinegar, sriracha, diced raw garlic, ginger, honey, and Korean red pepper paste (salt provided by pepper paste).

    Grilled on the webber at about 350 till the chops hit 145 and the wings got nice and crispy. A pic of my dog Clive with the grill in the background, he likes when I Q cause I have a few beers and get loose with the meat samples for him.

    Overall, everything was great, the chops had great spicy, tangy flavour, I would highly recommend Korean red pepper paste as a base for a sauce or brinerade. The curried wings were awesome, nice crispy skin and great flavour, it's amazing what grinding up your own spices right before use will do for flavour, beats commercial rubs every time. The bold spices and smoke flavour were very good friends, I can't wait to make curried and Korean red pepper rubbed ribs LMR style, but that is for another day.

    No post cooking pics, too hungry, too into the game, and too many beers in to bother at that point. Forgot to mention they were smoked with a chunk of cherry wood.
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    Sounds like you had a great time and your team won. Being hockey I figured it would have been pea soup and beer??

    Anyway sounds like everyone enjoyed your impromptu Q.


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      There was certainly a lot of beer, too much beer, but no pea soup. I could use some soup for my hangover right now.


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