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Not something you would normally think of for a ham glaze.

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    Not something you would normally think of for a ham glaze.

    I had a Christmas party to go to tonight, and I was asked to provide a smoked ham as one of the main dishes due to previous successes experienced by several attendees. Smoked hams has got to be the easiest holiday party dishes to provide for people like us here at Amazing Ribs.com, the trick is how to change it up to make it memorable. Besides the actual smoking of the precooked ham, you either be creative with the injection mix, the ham glaze, or both.

    I went with a standard maple syrup with brown sugar and butter injection, so nothing too fancy there. I bought a jar of pineapple preserve as the base of the glaze, but I wanted to do something different than just brushing it on the ham towards the end of the cook. So I hunted far and wide on the world wide web, googled a lot of different sites, and somewhere along the way I saw a recipe that may me sit up and go "huh, never would have thought of that combination."

    I had the necessary ingredients other than the purchased pineapple preserve, so I asked my wife her opinion of the recipe. She had the same exact thought I had about the ingredients would not be on the top of her mind to use for a glaze. Well, I decided to go for it and prepare the glaze. After I had combined the ingredients, I tasted it and it was amazing! I hollered from the kitchen for my wife to come and taste it, she did, and pronounced it amazing as well.

    So I glazed the ham at 120 degrees, and opened the Egg up again at 130 to mop the ham with the runoff from the bottom of the pan. Pulled the ham at 140, rested for 30 minutes, and carved it up for the party. I had a third of the glaze left to take to the party in case people wanted to spoon it over their ham.

    Well, the ham was a big hit, and I saw people spooning the glaze not only on their ham, but also on the side to use as a dip for whatever else they were eating such as the usual celery, carrots, and broccoli from a veggie platter, or on chicken wings brought by another party attendee.

    Ready for the glaze recipe? Here you go:

    18 oz jar of pineapple preserves
    1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard
    2 teaspoons of prepared horseradish
    Throw all in a bowl, stir until blended

    A lot of recipes I saw the Dijon mustard regularly paired with fruit preserves for a glaze, but I only saw the one that had included horseradish!

    Here are some pictures from the cook.
    Attached Files

    Boy that looks beautiful! I'll have to take your word for it on the glaze though, horseradish and me aren't friends. I'm not fond of Dijon mustard's attitude either.


    • DJ DeSpain
      DJ DeSpain commented
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      Surprisingly, it was all a good balance with the pineapple preserve taking out the sting of horseradish and Dijon mustard. My wife compared it to mixing the duck sauce and hot mustard packets you get with Chinese food to use on egg rolls.

    • Potkettleblack
      Potkettleblack commented
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      I'm with husky. But it's essentially the same profile as my Maple-Sherry Vin-Tabasco glaze. Sweet-acid-punch

    Horseradish is almost a staple for me, I am not surprised in the least. I use horseradish in twice-baked potatoes and my daughter will include it in deviled eggs. And of course one can always add it to beef stew. Horseradish is vastly under-rated.


      Super cool on the glaze. You right about ham being easy. I am doing two turkeys tomorrow morning and talked someone into doing the ham. One less thing for me to transport even though the turkeys are getting deboned here at the house.


        Agreed, boftx !

        When young, (like pre-school), usedta get popped on th' snoot, purty regular-like, when caught eatin' heapin' tablespoons from th' jars of prepared horsersadish that our neighbors grew.

        Man, that stuff had some FIRE to it; not been able t' find a commercial equivalent, in this lifetime, so far, at least....


          I use horseradish mustard on whole pork loins when smoking them....

          I don't normally like horseradish on its own but I will put it in glazes, sauces, and such with some success...

          Thank you for sharing... i'm going to have to bookmark or write this one down.


            Your glaze sounds great to me and the finished ham looks delicious!


              Posting a comment as I’m doing this yet again, but this time for an office potluck next week. A classic hit for me!


                I missed this 3 years ago DJ DeSpain . It sounds great to me. I 'm anxious to try it sometime over the Holidays. Thanks for resurrecting your original post.


                  ginger snap crust. AB has a video on it in his good eats series.



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