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Smoked aubergine mousse and bacon wrapped dates

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    Smoked aubergine mousse and bacon wrapped dates

    Hi all,

    while doing my christmas ham (the first one of two) I thought I might as well utilize the fire to cook some nice sides. I did two, just for fun.

    I bought some fresh dates, and wrapped them with bacon. They were grilled using direct heat when the ham was done. The taste is just fantastic, as the sweet dates match the salty bacon perfectly! Can highly recommend this. PRO TIP: remove the pits before wrapping in bacon.

    The dates, before wrapping

    Click image for larger version

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    The bacon wrapped dates, kissed by fire

    Click image for larger version

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    The second side dish I did with an aubergine. I wanted to utilize the smoke flavor even though I was doing vegetables, so I figured I could smoke the aubergine (eggplant). I placed it on indirect heat for 45 minutes (was running 225° F), until it had gone soft and a bit wrinkled. Then I gave it a good char, then brought it in to the kitchen, where I chopped it with a knife and then placed it in my mixer.

    Smoked aubergine Mousse - Ingredients (serves 2-3)
    1 aubergine
    1 tsp coriander (dried, but if you have fresh coriander it will be so much better)
    1 tsp salt
    1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper
    2 tbsp olive oil

    I mixed the ingredients above until it was pretty smooth (but not too smooth). Then I made a youghurt dip, consisting of:

    Yoghurt dip - Ingredients
    0.5 cups greek yoghurt
    2 tbsp honey
    1 tbsp olive oil
    0.5 tsp salt

    You want to use an unsweetened thick yoghurt.

    Serve the smoked aubergine mousse in a bowl, with the yoghurt dip in another, and a stack of pita breads. This combo works really well, as you get the proper smoke flavor from the aubergine, together with the sweetness from the cold yoghurt dip. This is a really good starter dish, and eating with your hands is always fun :-)

    Smoked aubergine mousse with yoghurt dip

    Click image for larger version

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    That looks amazing as usual Henrik! My wife likes eggplant (aubergine) but I don't know what to do with it. I'll have to try this out soon as it would be a nice appetizer for Xmas! Who would have thought dates and bacon. What am I saying .. anything is good with bacon Awesome photo's BTW!!


      OH MY... I am still trying to assimilate this!


        I had some bacon wrapped dates in some sort of balsamic glaze this past summer. They were soooo goooooood! If you were any closer Henrik I would be knocking at your door!



          Thanks, friends! The eggplant was fun to make, I'll see if I can't do something similar with other veggies. BBQ smoke for everyone!


            I just had a date for the first time a few weeks ago. An older Vietnamese gent I work with shared a piece of date and walnut tart.

            It was as thick as a slice of cheesecake and had a sweet, almost carmel-y binder.

            I was kinda hesitant, but it was pretty good. I imagine a good bacon taste added to them would be outta-sight.


              Late summer I had a treat that I never tasted before... fresh dates! I can't ever remember being exposed to them before, but if you like dates, try a fresh ripe one someday - they are outasite! I am sure there could be some novel ways to incorporate them into your Q (maybe make a glaze with them)


                I love doing dates (and prunes) this way, pitted and stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese and wrapped with bacon. Salty and sweet.


                  I love doing dates too but the wife won't let me 😄


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                    lol, you beat me to the joke. I was going to say something about how expensive my wife can be when I do dates.


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