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Cheese Fondues

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    Cheese Fondues

    I have been making this recipe since the 70's. We use to use Sauterne wine as it was really plentiful back then but, alas, it is very hard to find and to get anything decent it is more money than I want to spend. I use a Liebfraumilch wine but whatever your taste buds like.

    8 oz Swiss Cheese
    4 oz Gruyere cheese
    1.5 tsp corn starch
    1 cp White Wine

    Cheese cut and eyeball weighed. In the process of cleaning off the covering.

    Shred the cheese and the corn starch and mix well so the corn starch coats the cheese well.

    In your Fondue pot, if you have fresh garlic rub the inside of the pot. If not, I used some freeze dried garlic slices and just dropped them in the pot.

    Put your wine in your pot and turn the heat on low. When it starts to bubble hard just before it boils add a small handful of shredded cheese.

    Stir until dissolved

    Add more chesse and repeat until all cheese is added

    It should have a nice smooth consistency. If thick and lumpy it may need a little more wine added to thin it out a bit. Or if it is runny add some more cheese if you have it. If it has separated watery with lumps add a bit more cornstarch. If you have to add cornstarch mix with a little of the wine to get rid of any starch lumps before you add to the Fondue

    While you were doing this you needed to have the oven heated to warm the bread. Aftyer the bread is warmed cut into 1" cubes or less, turn down the fondue pot to a simmer, pour the rest of the wine and enjoy!!

    Awesome! Thanks for this.


    • Marauderer
      Marauderer commented
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      I know it wasn't "Q" but I don't eat "Q" all the time.

    • Huskee
      Huskee commented
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      Sssh, don't tell anyone but I don't either. I loves me some pizza and many many other things cheese, and fried foods.

    • Jon Solberg
      Jon Solberg commented
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      How much does an eyeball weight anywho?

      Speaking of eyeball. LOOKs good!

    Looks pretty dang awesome to me.



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