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Sliced Smoked Meat Po-Boy Ideas?

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    Sliced Smoked Meat Po-Boy Ideas?

    Since starting our Restaurant, Paul's Rib Shack Barbecue, I've never worked harder. Construction was hard, learning the operations when we opened was hard, switching to the stupid COVID world 6 months later was hard, getting wallopped with 4 Natural Disasters (2 hurricanes, a freeze and a flood) were hard.

    All that to say that since starting construction on the restaurant in 2019, I've actually cooked less than at any time since I started the barbecue adventure. We've started hosting a college-age and 20's Bible Study on Sunday Nights at the restaurant, and me and another leader buddy from church cook something for the 10-30 people who come every Sunday afternoon. Sometimes it's barbecue leftovers, other times we've adapted leftovers from the restaurant to be repurposed (like smoked burgers for Shepard's Pie or Chili). Lately, I've been doing Louisiana Traditional Dishes (Etouffee, Gumbo, Sauce Picant). I want to smoke a Red Sauce soon (we started this experiment, but didn't finish it).

    This week, I was thinking of finally starting my Testing for a Great Louisiana Po-Boy, using barbecue leftovers: Smoked Turkey, Smoked Brisket and Smoked Ham!
    • The Bread for a Po-Boy is essential, in my book. Light but with a crunchy crust. I have some New-Orleans style buns in the freezer for just such a time.
    • It's the day after Thanksgiving, and we have some extra's of each of the 3 meats mentioned, Turkey, Brisket and Ham, in the cooler.
    • Next, the cheese. I love cheesy flavor, but so want a softer and creamier cheese. My current fav in this category is Havarti. What are your favorite cheeses for such an application?
    • Now the Sauce? Our most popular local Po-Boy is from Darrell's, and seems to me to be a traditional French Dip style, pretty thin and a beefy flavor.
    • Mayo with a bite: Jalapeno Mayo. Of course, we're all chefy, so we'll call it an Aioli.
    • Something leefy and crunchy, lettuce.
    I'll post a pic here of the best po-boy in town. It's a mess to eat. I'll plan on making some Sunday and will take pics and let you guys see what we come up with!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	darrells.jpg Views:	0 Size:	462.3 KB ID:	1132961
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    Lookin forward to your tests.

    Maybe a po-boy club using all three meats?


      I like the way you are thinking on the rest of the elements of this sandwich. For cheese though, I am a pretty big fan of cheese on meat sandwiches such as burgers, Italian beef (Chicago style), and grilled cheese sandwiches/melts.

      The standard American , cheddar and provolone are well, tasty but not knock your socks off good. I appreciate a good pepperjack that actually adds heat versus being boringly mild. I rarely find good pepper jacks at restaurants.

      Here, I must recommend butterkase as a different option that is amazing, will grab your customers’ attention as special, and will go great on this type of sandwich. It is wonderful and creamy and so flavorful.

      Butterkase is a semi-soft cheese with a golden natural rind, very popular in Germany and Austria for its creamy texture, buttery like the taste. Its name, when literally translated means "butter cheese," but the cheese is butter free. However, the appealing flavour and appearance make it a great hit on a cheeseboard. Produced in Landhaus with original cultures and traditional German production methods, it is aged for a very brief period resulting in a mild taste and flavour. This cheese ripens in one month and has a fat content of 50 per cent. Since Butterkase can be sliced, spread or melted it is a perfect table cheese. It is very good with a glass of beer.
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        You might consider using Gruyère cheese. It’s melty, flavorful, and just uncommon enough to add a little signature novelty to your version of the classic po boy.
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          If you have the bread and dress it it will be good! The variations can be endless.


            Glad to hear your restaurant is going well.

            I do like muenster for a good melty not overly strong cheese. Now many times I will mix pieces of muenster with other cheeses to get a different profile.


              For cheese, I'm a fan of provolone with this mix of meats.

              Instead of jalapeno mayo, I'd build a chipotle crema. I make those a lot with yogurt thinned with milk, chipotle and adobo, lime juice + zest, some salt and maybe a hint of honey.

              Love the crunch of a little lettuce in there,

              And if you want to get to that messy, juicy level, why not add a slice of fresh tomato?


              • PaulstheRibList
                PaulstheRibList commented
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                I'm getting hungry just thinking abou this!

              Round 1 was a success!

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6186.jpeg
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ID:	1139872

              The slicer my friend gave me, well, needs work. Had to control the depth of the cut by hand. And since we were cooking for our Sunday Night young-adult Bible study, we didn't have a lot of extra time. No worries, it worked good enough. They tray is above,

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6188.jpeg
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              Here's my sandwice, Bite marks and all!

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6189.jpeg
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              I made an afterparty sandwich...and forgot it in the warmer!

              I ordered a new meat slicer, and will post updates later!


              • IFindZeroBadCooks
                IFindZeroBadCooks commented
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                So what did you go with in terms of toppings?

              Yum! I'd maybe add a coarse ground mustard and olive salad as an option. Always have a jar of Boscoli around.


                This makes me hungry! Maybe add smoked cheese? Fun Thread.


                  Like CandySueQ I was going to suggest the olive salad too ala a muffuletta.

                  Glad to see you surviving in Lake Charles Paul 👍


                    It might not be traditional but i love pickled red onions on a cheesy sammie. Adds some bite that helps cut through the richness of the cheese.


                      All great suggestions!

                      I've ordered a new meat slicer, and will keep you informed!



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