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Kronos Uncooked Halal Beef and Lamb Gyro Cone cooking ideas

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    Kronos Uncooked Halal Beef and Lamb Gyro Cone cooking ideas

    Good day,
    I came into possession of this 20 pound cone of meat, the type you see in Gyro restaurants.
    I am probably going to put in the vertical cabinet smoker and cook to 165f.
    I don't have a rotisserie.or the vertical broiler.
    Anybody have any past experience?

    Make authentic gyro sandwiches in minutes with the Kronos Uncooked Halal Beef and Lamb Gyro Cone. These beef and lamb cones are seasoned with zesty Mediterranean spices and are un-cooked. It can be slow-cooked on flame boilers, shredded in fine pieces and served on pita breads as shawarma rolls or shawarma plates. This halal Kronos gyro cone bulk pack contains 2 delicious 20 pound un-cooked gyro cones.


      Following. I have no experience to share, I'm afraid.


        May cut into smaller pieces and vac seal.
        Son got this from church food box.


          No experience with it but I would do it in my PBC somehow. Or even as you said, cut in half and the do it on my kettle with the Weber charcoal baskets and get 2 sides at the same time and rotate every 15 minutes or so. It should taste great.


            I agree with JimLinebarger , cut it in half & flip it so often. I have NO experience except eatin a ton of it over my lifetime. My thoughts, there is a reason they "spin it" & not just throw it on a grill or oven. I’m going to guess at the even cooking achieved & the absorption of juices. Think of it as rotisserie of a chicken where the juices are kept in the bird.


              Now that’s a lot of meat to cook,,,,,
              those are meant to be cooked on a Vertical rotisserie and shaved as the meat is cooked
              I think I would quarter it length wise and cut it in half crosswise and cook it on a horizontal rotisserie.
              the thinner portions may work on a horizontal roti and cook to a safe temp. In a reasonable amount of time.
              or just slice it thin and give it a quick fry on a flat top.
              vac seal and freeze the balance of what you don’t cook.
              Just a thought,,,,


              • Dewesq55
                Dewesq55 commented
                Editing a comment
                I've been to more than a few diners/greasy spoons where that is exactly how they cook and serve "gyros" (pronounced "GHEE-ro" - like hero but with a slight breathy "g" sound at the beginning.)

              Saw some pics of "meatloaf" cooked in oven Click image for larger version

Name:	images.jpg
Views:	342
Size:	9.6 KB
ID:	993936 Slice a hunk off and flatten then cook maybe.




                  Packaged up.
                  Put a couple slices on cast iron and browned up.
                  Its seasoned already was not to bad tasting.
                  May indirect cook then sear.
                  Or may throw on the grill gates flat side.
                  Son's family definitely getting majority. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0496.jpg
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Size:	96.5 KB
ID:	994316Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0497.jpg
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Size:	95.9 KB
ID:	994317
                  All I know for sure is there is plenty. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0494.jpg
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ID:	994315



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