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Gravy Problem on a Primo XL

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    Gravy Problem on a Primo XL

    I did a 'test' turkey last week and the turkey was absolutely fantastic.

    The gravy however, not so much.

    It was extremely watery, very little flavor.

    My best guess is that with the Primo XL, the pan sitting on the deflector plate lays fairly close under the bird.. I'm thinking perhaps this kept the pan from getting hot enough to boil and reduce properly. I was able to partially resolve the problem by cooking it down on the stove after the fact, but it was still fairly weak.

    I guess the easiest question is this - how much gravy does the recipe typically make? I ended up with a ton of liquid left over, thus my theory above.

    I'm going to try and find a wider flatter pan to help with the air gap issue, and considering using less liquid?



    Welcome to The Pit Kyle! Glad to have you aboard.

    As I was reading I was going to suggest reducing on the stove, but sounds like you put the pieces together there. I do know the komados have a unique humid environment inside which may be a certain hinderance toward reducing the gravy while it's on the cooker. This is where my guesswork will stop since I neither have made the gravy nor do I own a Primo XL...but as many here know it's on my wish list.

    Regardless I wanted to welcome you to The Pit and encourage you to visit the Introduce Yourself channel when you have a minute, maybe give us a bio- as much or as little as you'd like to share.

    Some more homework for you:
    Check out Pit Boss' Welcome & Announcements channel, as well as the tips posts in that channel. These will help you learn your way around The Pit, as well as set up your signature (tip #1) with your equipment.

    There's also a post that explains the best way to post nice big pics here... we like to see bragging pictures of your equipment and your cooks.

    We look forward to hearing more from you! Enjoy!


      I cooked the bird last year on my kamado, but I removed the heat deflector. The bird and the gravy turned out great. I had to put some foil on the bird where the gravy pan didn't block the heat. This was a precaution only, I don't know if it really needed to be done.


        Hi Kyle,

        I have a Primo XL myself so I might be able to help.... my first question is what were the temps you were running at during the cook?



          Try it without the deflector plate.


            Kyle, I found the exact same thing with my Large BGE just last weekend. I don't think it's a Primo XL problem but a kamado cooker problem. Temps were spot on 325 with my BBQ Guru and I took the IT in the breast up to 166F (spatchcocked by the way). I think I lost only 1/3 of the liquid in the gravy pan over the 2.5 hrs but it was still not very flavourful. My wife commented that it sure is smoking lots but I informed her that was steam coming out the top. The turkey skin was almost dry but not quite. It was still a bit chewy but that might have been my fault as I didn't leave the turkey uncovered in the fridge after dry brining. The meat however was fantastic. Beautiful color on the bird though after the cook. Next time I think I might just forgo the gravy or use half the water.



              Originally posted by cdnichol View Post
              Hi Kyle, I have a Primo XL myself so I might be able to help.... my first question is what were the temps you were running at during the cook? Cam
              ran at 325 the whole time.. it was about a 12.5lb turkey so it only took 2.5 hours or so. I'm wondering if part of the problem is that I didn't have coals under the heat plate directly, I put the divider in and only lit coals on the direct heat side.. It was a small bird so I didn't want to use that much charcoal. Can anybody attest to the amount of gravy usually made from the 'ultimate smoked turkey' recipe? That would give me a better idea of how much liquid I need to burn off.



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