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Apple smoked cinnamon/lemon chicken

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    Apple smoked cinnamon/lemon chicken

    Time to do a proper chicken! I have bought a cheap but good chicken stand from Amazon, so it was time to give it a test run. I really like the concept of cooking the chicken ”standing up”, i.e. beer can style, but without the silly beer can.

    I really like the combination of cinnamon and lemon with my chicken, so here’s what I did.

    The Baste/Injection
    Mix the juice from one lemon with homemade syrup. The syrup is made by mixing one tablespoon brown sugar with one tablespoon boiling water. Mix the water and sugar until it is completely dissolved, then pour it into the lemon juice.

    The lemon and syrup. Pure lemon to the left. Brown sugar/hot water mixture to the right.
    Click image for larger version

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    Brush or baste the chicken with the lemon/sugar mixture. Also inject the legs and chicken breasts with the fluid.

    The raw chicken, injected, basted and dusted:
    Click image for larger version

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    Dust the chicken liberally with some paprika, a bit of salt and lots of cinnamon. See picture above.

    I fired up my kamado, and got it running at 220 deg F. It took me twice as long to get it running today, the outside temperature is 40 deg F, a bit chilly. Got the chicken in place, and smoked it with apple wood. I do like to run my grill at around 225 deg F for chickens also. I know many forum members prefer 325 deg F, but I like the lower temp.

    About an hour and a half later the chicken was done. The smell is just incredible! Gotta love it.

    The chicken on my grill. Looking good!
    Click image for larger version

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    I did some broccoli in the oven (couldn’t fit it on my grill), and also made some Thai macaroni. I know, the combination of macaroni and thai flavors sound odd, but once in a blue moon I get some weird craving, so I did my macaroni with coconut milk and red curry paste. Turned out great.

    Overall, the combination of apple wood and chicken is amazing. I think this chicken was the best one I’ve done to date. The smoke flavors from the apple wood and the lemon/cinnamon is a killer.

    Nice bird!
    Click image for larger version

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    I really can recommend this combo. Let me know if you try it.
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    That looks great Henrik! Lemon is always a great thing to add to chicken... and the syrup idea is new to me, I might have to try that... thanks!


      Dude, the color of that bird alone is worth the price of admission! Nice work!


        Great idea Henrik...(forgive me if this is common to you too in Sweden...) but sugar & water makes what we call simple syrup, but I've never thought of 'brown simple syrup'...and cinnamon? I think boftx if he reads this will applaud you I believe he is a cinnamon fan.

        I will admit this doesn't sound appetizing but I have been proven wrong many times by what my eyes & ears think will be tasty or not. I just may have to do this!


          Do you dry brine it first or just the "bit of salt" you add with the cinnamon & paprika?

          (BTW I completely agree on apple wood & chicken...just did one 2 nights ago)


            Thanks guys!

            Yes, Huskee, simple syrup is exactly what it is. Dead simple to make, I usually mix it up beforehand to use in drinks. Always with the 1/1 ratio of water and sugar.

            This time I did it with brown sugar, mostly because I really like brown sugar when doing bbq. It really came out great. I added syrup to the lemon juice because I thought using just lemon would be too sour. The ratio I used above (the lemon/syrup ratio that is) turned out be just right. Not too sweet. Lemon should still be the dominant flavor. Also the exact amount you need for one chicken.

            I decided to use injection this time also, not because I was afraid the bird would be dry, but to get maximum flavor in the meat also. It made a noticeable difference, so I recommend it.

            Regarding the salt: yes, I dry brined it before, forgot to mention that. After joining this great forum and learning the tricks, dry brining is part of my standard repertoire now.


              I don't have an injector, but whether I get my hands on one or not I will try this recipe next week! Chicken is about the only meat that is still relatively dirt cheap in my area of the states. Thank you for sharing!


                I am definitely trying Thai macaroni this weekend, great idea, thanks!


                • Henrik
                  Henrik commented
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                  Cool! Just a little heads up: I boiled the macaroni (4 dl) in plain water a couple of minutes first, until they were almost al dente. That was just to avoid the coconut milk sticking to the bottom of my pan (didn't have a non-stick pan around). Then I poured the water out, added half a tin of coconut milk, the red curry paste and two tablespoons of chicken stock, and let it simmer for another couple of minutes.
                  Last edited by Henrik; October 24, 2014, 12:47 PM.

                NICE Henrik! WTG man.

                I'm all about giving this a go as well. I like Huskee am in the land of cheap chicken.

                And am all over the macaroni as well. THANK YOU!
                Last edited by Jon Solberg; October 24, 2014, 10:19 AM.



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