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Cinnamon chicken with sweet potato cognac mash

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    Cinnamon chicken with sweet potato cognac mash

    Hi all,

    was so inspired by Ernest's awesome looking chicken I just had to fire up my grill. Here's my twist on chicken, this turned out extremely well, so I really recommend you trying it out. I'd be happy doing it again tomorrow, that's how good it was. The cinnamon on the chicken is a perfect match for the cognac spiced sweet potato mash.

    The rub
    3 teaspoons cinnamon
    1.5 teaspoon cumin
    1.5 teaspoon ground (dried) coriander

    Mix the spices, and apply all of it on one chicken, inside and out.

    The glaze
    2 table spoons Lemon curd
    2 table spoons Hot water

    The mash
    2-3 sweet potatoes

    Anyway, to the details. I got a whole corn fed chicken. Did the dry brining for 5 hours, then applied the rub for another 5 hours. Put it on the grill (standing up), using hardwood charcoal (a mix of oak and hickory). I skipped the smoke wood this time, didn't want to overpower my rub. I got my Maverick ET-733 yesterday, an awesome gadget, so this was the first time trying it out. I ran my big green egg at 330 deg F for an hour approx. After 30-40 minutes, I applied the glaze. The glaze is what I believe is a great british product: Lemon Curd. It is a very smooth lemon jam (marmalade), that I believe is perfect as a glaze both for chicken and pork (pork goes really well with citrus flavors). I mixed it 50/50 with hot water, to make it easier to apply.

    Well, to match the cinnamon chicken I wanted to to classic sweet potato mash, but the "adult" version. So, I boiled some taters, then pressed them to a smooth mash, added lots of cream, a big hunk of butter, and two table spoons of good cognac. Believe me, this mash is first date / meet the parents material. You won't taste the alcohol one bit, but the flavor that the cognac brings is just plain awesome.

    I served that up with some fried tomatoes and broccoli. See the pictures for details. Again, thanks Ernest for the inspiration!

    Last edited by Henrik; August 23, 2014, 01:00 AM. Reason: Corrected spice proportions in the rub.

    I love anything sweet potato, adding some 'nyac sounds inspired. Everything looks amazing, I'll be trying that soon!



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