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Mashed potato omelet poll

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    Mashed potato omelet poll

    I make a lot of omelets. I’m good at it (thanks, Jacques).

    I have leftover mashed potatoes, and some onions and red peppers. Sometimes I sauté the onions and peppers and mix them into the eggs, then make the omelet; sometimes I sauté them and then use them to fill the omelet. Both ways are valid, both are delicious.

    I was thinking about using those leftover mashed potatoes, because that will be really good. I’ve already decided what I’m going to do, but I’m curious what everyone else would do. What I’m going to do is, sauté the onions and peppers, then mix the potatoes in and get a nice bit of browning, then fill the omelet with that, and also cheese. But mixing the potatoes and eggs together first, well, that would also be great and I’ll probably do that sometime in the future as well.

    Mix the eggs and potatoes and fill with cheese etc
    Fill the eggs with potatoes and cheese etc

    What, no bacon?


      I thinks me, either, aither, or; yer gonna have a Great Omelette, Brother!!! Let's Roll!!!


        Interesting. I've never tried the mashed potatoes in the egg.
        I also make a lot of omelets, not the French style, and I'll use the typical onion, peppers, mushroom's, cheese as a filling. I now also add a sprinkle of S&G and fresh spinach leaves.
        Depending what we have I'll also add bacon, Canadian bacon, sausage or any leftover meats, ham, steak, pork butt, brisket,.......... What I have done with success is mix leftover salmon with leftover mashed potatoes and make a potato pancake, fried with a little butter in the pan.


          If you mix eggs with your potatoes, you essentially have a potato pancake type mix. This opens a big and wonderful can of worms, as you can use this mix in so many different ways. You can add any cooked meat or veg you like to the mix,plus egg, then patty them up, dust in flour and brown well on both sides. Top with eggs any style, then finish with whatever sauce or gravy you like. My grand kids love this. You can also use this mix as a "crust" for a quiche. You can also mix in eggs and a bit of flour to make potato crepes, which you can fill to your liking. Endless possibilities.


          • smokin fool
            smokin fool commented
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            Agreed, no wrong answer here mix in any order/way you want.
            Sautéd onions and peppers are a must and the bacon suggestion is spot on.

          • Mr. Bones
            Mr. Bones commented
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            Tummy Rumblin

          • crazytown3
            crazytown3 commented
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            Ya, mine too. I think I'm making omelets for dinner tonight.

          I too enjoy omelettes. If I ever have any shredded cabbage on hand I like to stir fry until not quite soft (little crunchy) before adding the egg. The combinations of fillings is one of the main reasons we have them every weekend and sometimes for weeknight supper.


            Fake poll. You obviously should do both and report back. With pictures.


            • FireMan
              FireMan commented
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              That’s why I hate polls, they’re all fake!

            Mosca, yes, thanks Jacque!


              Man omelets are SO adaptable and delicious no matter what you do. I actually made a chicken soup omelet and it was outstanding. My wife made a very thick homemade chicken soup and I spooned it into an omelet (using Meathead's French omelet recipe except I used a bigger pan to thin it some) and I can't describe how delicious it was.

              Love the idea of browned mashed taters inside an omelet!


              • crazytown3
                crazytown3 commented
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                That combination never would have occurred to me EVER. I'm trying that next time I make soup.


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