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Update on the Brioche hamburger bun video...

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    Update on the Brioche hamburger bun video...

    Since Chef Jacob published our Brioche hamburger bun recipe he has had many people say they don't have a Stand mixer, can this recipe be done by hand? He made a follow up video to demonstrate how to do it by hand.

    For those here on AR that might want to try it but don't have a mixer here's a video of how to do it.

    Breadhead That is outstanding. I was hoping to get that mixer for Chistmas and now I don't have to wait

    Thanks and great job on the recipe!


    • Breadhead
      Breadhead commented
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      Have fun with it. I think you will like the buns. You can use that same dough for hot dog buns, hoagie rolls, dinner rolls and donuts. You can even make a loaf of bread with it.

      Take pictures.

    I am going to do Steakhouse burgers with those buns. Pics will be taken for sure!


    • Breadhead
      Breadhead commented
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      I think that's what most of us on AR are going to use it for. I started working on this recipe with that hamburger patty in mind.

      Make the 4.5" buns for that big patty. The recipe as listed only makes 6 buns that size but Chef Jacob made the recipe scalable and has a recipe calculator on that page. You tell the calculator how many buns you want to make and it changes the recipe for you.

      Making the tin foil rings is an important step and easy to do. That forces the bun to rise up, not out.

      Have fun with it... I have.

    I know most of you AR members will use this Brioche recipe to make hamburger buns for Meathead's Steakhouse Steakburger.

    I want you to know it make's a nice loaf of bread too. It's great for sandwiches or for your morning toast with butter and jam too.


      As I said, i've been having a bad run of luck in my baking game, but I have these at the room temp rest phase, we will see how I did tomorrow!


      • Breadhead
        Breadhead commented
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        Baking bread is all science, timing (waiting) and technique. Mostly technique. Just follow Chef Jacob's instruction and you should have some great buns.

        Take pictures.

      Wart Do you ever BBQ?


      • _John_
        _John_ commented
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        Breadhead 45 years! Was your first car the Mayflower? Just kidding, I really know the reason my bread doesn't turn out great, I have a 6 and a 2 year old who love to help me cook, since they can't handle meat they handle baking duties. Eating dense over-cooked bread is worth it to me

      • Breadhead
        Breadhead commented
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        _John_ I have a 4 year old grandson who likes to help me make bread. I let him pour in the liquids and scoop in the flour but when it gets technical I turn on a cartoon. It works everytime.

      • DWCowles
        DWCowles commented
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        next question Jon Solberg 😂😂😂

      So I made some of the buns, I measured everything exactly down to the gram, followed every instruction as exactly as possible. My good pastry brushes were in the washer so I had to use an older one that glops more than brushes so there was some extra egg at the collar and bottom, the tops didn't get nearly as dark as the video, but I pulled them at 18 minutes with an internal of 201.
      As far as a hardy bun goes, which is what this was designed for, it was the best I've had, I think you guys nailed it. If I get the yard work done and don't die I will whip up some burgers and test them this evening.

      Excellent job, and thanks for sharing, the video was awesome. By the way I did the 100 gram, 4" buns.

      Rolled out, about to be flattened.Click image for larger version

Name:	20150620_093212.jpg
Views:	98
Size:	149.7 KB
ID:	91358

      In the rings, ready to sit for 1.5 hours. The rings are easier to make than I expected, as long as you have a stapler.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	20150620_095318.jpg
Views:	131
Size:	102.7 KB
ID:	91357

      Just out of the oven, you can see where the egg pooled on the bottom, and top of the center ones. Click image for larger version

Name:	20150620_124921.jpg
Views:	100
Size:	119.4 KB
ID:	91359

      Here they are all done, they rose nice and tall, they pushed and bounced back just like in the video. Really excellent buns.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	20150620_125421.jpg
Views:	90
Size:	169.5 KB
ID:	91360

      If i'm gonna spend the effort to put out good meat, I might as well take the time to have great buns to go with it, and these will go excellent with pulled pork and slaw. The recipe has many steps, but each is short and there is very little work for the baker overall. The only time I got nervous was portioning the dough and rolling them up, the dough felt really weird, totally unlike any dough I have messed with before.


        _John_ "If i'm gonna spend the effort to put out good meat, I might as well take the time to have great buns to go with it," That was EXACTLY my thought when I decided to come up with a suitable bun to put Meathead's Steakhouse Steakburger patty between. I had never baked Brioche bread before starting this project. Having studied hamburger buns prior to launching this project I noticed most high end restaurants bragged about their Brioche hamburger buns. That told me this bun had to be done with a true Brioche dough that had a 30% butter content based on the weight of the flour. It must be visually attractive. It must taste uniquely different than what you can buy in your local grocery store and it must hold together with a juicy 8oz patty and all of the fixin's. And... We had to design method's and techniques the average home cook could execute. You have no idea how pleased I am that you pulled this off! It shows the month of work Chef Jacob and I put into this project was well worth the time and effort. When you grill your patties to put between your beautiful hamburger buns... Take pictures. I made some for pulled beef (smoked chuck roast) sandwiches for Mbow's (a new Pit member) block party today. They were a big hit with those that hadn't had them before. They got more attention than the smoked meat did. Congrats on your successful first try on these buns! Tipping my hat to you Sir.
        Last edited by Breadhead; June 20, 2015, 05:21 PM.


          Any idea why mine didn't get that dark? Not that it is a big deal, just wondering. My family likes thinner burgers, so my pictures won't look anything like what you guys put on em, but when I do my next pork shoulder I will make a dozen of these as well.



            If... You separated the egg and used just the yolk with a tiny bit of water as your egg wash and you got a light finish, either the temperature of your oven was to low or you pulled them to early. However you say the IT was 201°. Personally... I cook to color. They do brown late in the baking process. Just out of curiosity I always check the IT after baking each batch of buns. Lots of times I've got up to 205°/206° IT. It doesn't seem to effect them very much.

            Next time you bake them try turning your oven up by 25° and check the IT at 16 minutes. Or, cook to color and have a little higher IT. Make sure to use the yolk only as your egg wash if you want the darker shinier finish. If you want a lighter finish use just the egg whites or just milk.

            I think the sesame seeds add to the visual appearance of the buns too. I use half light and half dark seeds to add depth to it appearance.

            If you use a thinner patty I'd suggest using 80 grams of dough in the 4" ring. That will give you a bun that isn't as tall. It will balance your meat to bun ratio.
            Last edited by Breadhead; June 20, 2015, 06:14 PM.


              Other interesting things you can do with our Brioche Hamburger bun dough.

              Brioche bites...

              Brioche loaf bread and Brioche donuts...

              All with the same exact dough.
              Last edited by Breadhead; August 9, 2015, 09:20 PM.


                I showed this to the wife, got the thumbs down due to the fat content...sadly...
                If I had not told, might have gotten away with it.


                • Breadhead
                  Breadhead commented
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                  LOL... You make these items when she's visiting her parents.

                • chudzikb
                  chudzikb commented
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                  Oh, I might have to try it as it would be just for myself and the kids...


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