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Feb 23rd Brioche

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    Feb 23rd Brioche

    So, spent yesterday making Brioche. as promised, here are the pictures. One batch of plain Brioche became Rolls for dinner. another became a Boule for loaf bread. the third became third AND fourth because an experiment didn't work correctly. So, what do I do? I send in a second recipe as a rescue recipe and it turned out wonderfully. I'll be eating that bread for quite some time. fortunately, it is a personal favorite so, it won't be a hardship.

    I really really like bread, and that looks awesome!


      Those are some beautiful rolls! Are those white chocolate chips in one of the photos? Are those hot cross buns? Looks delicious, would be the perfect vessel for some delicious pulled pork or brisket sangers!


        No, they aren't Hot Cross, it is just always a good idea to score bread when baking to give it room to take on the Oven Spring. if you don't it can tear itself around the edges. No, the first pic is a single Boule of Brioche (I don't have any Brioche pans). the second is the same recipe but shaped into rolls. and I do make them for pulled pork sammiches. the third pic is the White Chocolate Cherry bread. almost the same recipe but with a couple of Vanilla beans split into the dough, more sugar than regular white bread and I was trying an experiment with this batch. Instead of using butter, I used Coconut Oil. they came out nicely. the only problem is, I'll EAT that White Chocolate Cherry bread. it is my FAVORITE!


        • bbqoaf
          bbqoaf commented
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          Looks so good, baking is something I need to put more time into.

        • Ray
          Ray commented
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          Does the bread have a coconut flavor as a result of using the oil? White chocolate cherry bread sounds amazing!

        • Karon Adams
          Karon Adams commented
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          No, the coconut oil is pretty much without taste. but, it IS the key to the best popcorn you ever tasted. it was traditionally used for popcorn in theatres. that is what gives you that mouthwatering fragrance when you walk through the lobby. back in the 90's the reactionary food police decided the science was settled and 'Tropical Oils' were sent to the US directly from the Devil and were going to kill everyone. they were actually very close to getting 'tropical oils' banned in the US. because of that, most theatres switched from coconut oil to canola oil for their popcorn. theatres have not been the same, since. today, of course, the science is settled, once again, and coconut oil is a wonder food. it will cure everything from cancer to the common cold and soften your skin, eliminating wrinkles along the way. sorry. I just hate the reactionary food police.

        Karon... Nice looking Brioche. Just curious what recipe you used? I've been looking around the web for the right brioche recipe because I want to make my own buns for the Steakburger's I make from Meatheads recipe. The brioche recipe at King Arthur flour's website is the one I'm leaning toward. I bake mostly Artisan sourdough bread and Ciabatta bread. I bake all of my bread in my Big Green Egg.


        • Karon Adams
          Karon Adams commented
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          Brioche is easy for all it has a reputation.

          1 pound 2 oz all purpose flour
          1/3 cup sugar
          1/2 oz yeast
          1/2 oz salt
          1 stick unsalted butter, softened (not melted)
          2 oz milk
          2 oz cream
          4 eggs (plus more for egg wash)

          Put dry ingredients in mixing bowl and mix on low for a few minutes. put liquids and eggs into bowl with the paddle running. as soon as the mixer starts laboring, stop, swap to the dough hook. knead with dough hook 2 minutes. scrape down, knead two more minutes.

          turn speed to med low, add half the butter, small amount at a time. stop, scrap down, add the rest of the butter, little at a time. knead on med 4 minutes. stop, scrape down, knead 4 more minutes.

          turn out onto VERY lightly floured surface. dough will be wet, DON'T add flour, it is supposed to be wet. knead by hand just twice around. put in clean dry bowl and cover to rise 1 hour. knead twice around, rise another hour. knead and shape, butter, heavily the pan you wish to bake. I use a small Stainless bowl when I make a boule. you can cut the dough with a bench scraper and weigh your dough into 12 pieces. shape into rolls. lay out parchment paper on baking sheet & butter the parchment paper.

          Bake at 350 15 minutes or so for rolls, 25 or so for a boule. bake until internal temp reaches 190. cool completely before cutting.

          rolls can be served slightly warm. they can also be reheated in a 325 oven for 10-15 minutes before meals. Enjoy!

        • Breadhead
          Breadhead commented
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          Thank you Karon... I'll give it a go. I don't like the burger buns I buy at the grocery store. I think brioche buns would be much better.

        I'm making two batches of bread today. Not a lot of 'cooking' cooking, today. just not up to it (and the fact that, having said that, I will be making two batches today goes to show how easy this bread really is to make) I'm making the White Chocolate Cherry bread adds 2 vanilla pod scrapings in the dough. then, it goes on to rise once for an hour. Punch it down, and this is where you start to differentiate the bread (except, of course for the Vanilla) At this knead, add another 1/3 cup sugar (more vanilla in the sugar if you are the vanilla fanatic I am and have access to beans), 1/2 cup of white chocolate chips, 3/4 cup of dried Cherries. this goes in little at a time as you work through this knead. Cover and let rest & rise another hour.

        Meanwhile, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and generously spread room temp butter on the parchment. then, using a scale, weigh out equal parts, shape into buns and cover to proof. I like to proof in the oven. before I start shaping my rolls, I put a pot of water on the stove to boil. by the time the rolls are shaped, the water should be boiling. place the pot of hot water on the floor of the oven. put you baking sheet on a rack & cover with bread towel. Proof for one hour.

        After proofing, take the baking sheet & water pot out of the oven. rearrange the racks, if needed, so that your baking sheet will go into the center of the oven. Make your egg wash (I use one egg, then use the egg shell to measure water. two eggshell halves worth of water, and a pinch of salt. put the lid on the jar and shake the living yolk out of it!

        Gently brush the rolls with your egg wash, then,using a razor blade, score the tops of the rolls. do this after the egg wash and it will be prettier. the original bun tops will be shiny and glossy, with the open steam slashes bready and pretty but not shiny.

        Bake off 12-15 minutes until the internal temp on one of the rolls in the middle of the pan reads 190

        For the second batch, today, I'm making rolls that will be eaten as dinner rolls. So, my add ins will be going in at a different time. If you want to use the same add ins throughout the batch, you can put them in during the first knead, after the first rise before the second. add in your bits and pieces. (and powdered flavorings or spices you want to use would be better added in the mixing bowl at the beginning.

        This one, once I finish the second rise, I'll weigh out the dough into 12 pieces. Today, I will be adding Cheddar & Monterey Jack cheese in 4, salsa in 4 and leaving the other 4 plain. the cheese & the salsa will go into each individual bun as I shape it. you could, also, break the batch into 3 parts and add in the whole third at a time, then portion those thirds into 4 rolls. Whichever way is best for you.

        again, baking sheet lined with parchment paper and generously buttered. Bake @350 12-15 minutes to 190 in center bun.

        Any other add ins you can think of, give them a try. Nearly everything is better when baked into bread!

        Happy Sunday!!



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