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Thinning Sweet KC style BBQ Sauce

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    Thinning Sweet KC style BBQ Sauce

    Hello all,

    I currently make my own BBQ sauce. It is a very sweet ketchup based BBQ sauce. I would compare it to Blues Hog original in regards to the profiles, although my is not to that level yet. I'm trying to find a way to thin it out to make a thinner glaze for chicken. I know a lot of the comp guys blend 50/50 Blues Hog original with the Tennessee Red to help get a thinner product and a little different profile, but my family is not the biggest fan of the Blues Hog products.

    Any ideas of what else I could use to thin the sauce? Would straight cider vinegar do the trick and give me the same effect the Tennessee Red would do for a comp guy?

    I use cider vinegar to thin my wife's homemade sweet bbq sauce. Works well and the vinegar gives it a better taste profile.



      I use store bought 365 BBQ sauce, from Whole foods.
      I thin it with honey, 50/50 mix and makes a good glaze.
      I also warm it up before applying, and the heat also helps.

      My home made BBQ sauce is simple
      Butter melt about 1/2 stick is a small pot
      Brown sugar 1-2 Tbs. add to butter stir until dissolved
      Lemmon Juice 1-2 Tbs. mix in
      Worcestershire sauce 1-2 Tbs. mix in
      Ketchup stir in until nice rad brick color.

      I have not tried to thin BBQ sauce with PBR, perhaps next time.

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      • latenight71
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        I was gonna say PBR would probably make a good thinner. Probably add a nice taste profile, as well.

      I’ve used soy sauce to thin sweet KC style. It adds an interesting element to the flavor without introducing more sweetness.


        I add cider vinegar. I added A1 once and it was pretty good.


          In your shoes I'd experiment.

          Take several samples, each maybe 1/8c and thin with:

          1) water
          2) cider vinegar
          3) soy, worcestershire etc
          4) a sauce you think might work

          Taste. any you love? Maybe combine 2 (1 and 2, perhaps?).

          Most of this will be personal preference but to me, if you like the current sauce flavor, using cider vinegar will change that a lot. Water won't alter the balance, just the intensity. Soy/Worcestershire, etc adds salt and other things... Hell, man, you might come up with the next great flavor.


          • Willy
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            Hell man? Mayo?

          If you wanna add more of a glaze look to it, add some corn syrup to the mix. It might be a little thicker when it is cold, but once it heats up it will be thin.


            maybe white grape juice? it likely wouldn't add too much more sweet.



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