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Feedback on April 1 vBulletin upgrade

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    Feedback on April 1 vBulletin upgrade

    Most of it seems like good stuff. However, I'm not a fan of the dizzying Content Slider on the top-level page for the Pit.

    It also focused my attention on the breadcrumbs at the top. The breadcrumb for "Home>The Pit" changes depending on how you got to the home page. If you are further down in forum, and click on "The Pit", the link is pitmaster.amazingribs.com/forum and you end up at the top page of the Pit, but without the slider. If you end up on the home page of the Pit by either directly logging in or navigating from the main amazingribs.com site using the link at the very top right, you end on on the same Pit front page, but with the slider, and the breadcrumb is pointing to pitmaster.amazingribs.com (without the /forum) although it appears to be the same page.

    and yes! The "Waiting" icon is gone !

    But the working icon is not on mine. Sorry it is now thanks.
    Last edited by Guy; April 1, 2015, 10:18 AM.


      I also vote for changing the featured content thingy to something less... obtrusive.


        BruceB we're working on the issue you noted with the new modules not displaying on the home page (actually it should be fixed) and I agree with you guys the content slider, which shows featured topics, needs some tweaking. Personally, I don't think it's an obtrusiveness issue as much as it is a photo issue. We're looking into getting a few stock photos so we can get rid of the boring background image.


        • BruceB
          BruceB commented
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          I think my issue with the content slider, once I got past seeing it first thing this morning pre-coffee, is that it sequences a bit too fast, seems to be about a 3 second delay between views. I don't spend a lot of time on that page anyway, so it's probably OK.

          What does it say when I'm reading The Pit before my first cup of coffee is ready each day?

        • David Parrish
          David Parrish commented
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          Priorities are right?

        I think the improvements are fantastic. Forward progress is a great thing.

        Hats off to the team on the successful upgrade. Your efforts are much appreciated.

        Click image for larger version

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          The upgrades are a...


            Last edited by Breadhead; April 1, 2015, 05:53 PM.


              Glad you guys like!


                My comments - (from 35 Years in enterprise software engineering and management) - I know how difficult getting new features in can be - so kudos to you guys there. Anyhow, For what it's worth, the user experience radically changes once you leave "The Pit". In other words, pitmaster.amazingribs.com and amazingribs.com have two different style sheets. The amazing ribs.com one is a bit dizzying with the mouseover curtains. Take it for what it's worth, and thanks for all your hard work.

                Don't mean to be picky, I ran a team of about 100 QA engineers for a very large Financials Organization.

                PS - The titles on the AmazingRibs.com area are inconsistent. (AmazingRib should be AmazingRibs)

                <title>AmazingRib.com – Tested Recipes</title>
                <title>AmazingRib.com – Barbecue Tips and Techniques</title>
                <title>Reviews, Ratings, And Buying Guides To Hundreds Of Grills, Smokers, Thermometers, Accessories, Tools, Meats, Sauces, And Other Products | Amazing Ribs</title>
                <title>AmazingRib.com – Barbecue History and Culture</title>
                <title>About Meathead and The Amazingribs.com Team</title>
                <title>AmazingRib.com – Pitmaster Club</title>

                Thanks again!


                  scorched_porch THANKS! I will fix that!


                    I love it. Bravo


                      A separate question - is it intended that the only way to the www.amazingribs.com home page once you're in the Pit domain is to use the "Home" breadcrumb? I thought the large image at the top of the page previously took a user back to the www.amazingribs.com home page. None of the buttons on the menu bar take a user to that top page.

                      I hadn't poked around on the main site this morning, I see what scorched_porch was referring to about the mouse-over curtains, that's a bit of a startling change - it didn't so that before did it?


                        Some glitche's are getting smoothed out. Give it a day or two and the curtains should be addressed.

                        I agree it'd be nice if the AR logo at top took you back to the home page.


                          You guys did a great job with the upgrades! I'm in the same line of work as scorched_porch, but on a smaller scale, and I know how things can be at upgrade time. You need all the good kudos to offset the whining, so I hope I'm not coming across as nit-picking, just a professional habit of pointing out things that need attention

                          It seems like vBulletin has gotten a LOT more stable in the last few years, earlier versions were terrible to deal with.


                            Originally posted by Pit Boss View Post
                            I agree it'd be nice if the AR logo at top took you back to the home page.
                            It does now.



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