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AdChoices banner keeps downloading to my machine

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    AdChoices banner keeps downloading to my machine

    The AdChoices banner keeps downloading to my machine. Cleared history, dumped cookies, restarted browser, restarted machine. I can deal with it but wanted to point it out I guess.

    OX X 10.9.5 Chrome

    File name thats downloading:


    Screen shot of download:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 7.00.46 PM.png
Views:	34
Size:	22.9 KB
ID:	72820

    I had similar experiences today. We're on it. Post again if still an issue Sunday. Thanks for reporting!


    • Jon Solberg
      Jon Solberg commented
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      Afirm copy that.

    AdChoices is usually a virus, download and run malwarebytes from here, best anti-virus I have used and free for personal use. You should have it either way.


    • Meathead
      Meathead commented
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      AcChoices is most definitely NOT a virus. From Wikipedia "AdChoices is an icon shown and associated program participated in by Internet advertisers on some advertisements to indicate that the ad is an instance is "interest-based advertising", i.e., the advertisement is based on information gathered about the user's interest via tracking of the user's browsing history, possibly across websites other than the current website.[1] The program is created and managed exclusively by the Digital Advertising Alliance as part of its Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising.[1][2][3] It is possible for users to opt out entirely from AdChoices. This will not stop them from seeing ads but rather will not use their online behavior in determining what ads they are shown.[1][4]"


    • _John_
      _John_ commented
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      Meathead I just meant that if it is asking him to download something. I got a virus the other day for another ad network that when I came to this site it started showing it's ads here as pop-ups and kept trying to get me to download things.

    AdChoices is the banner ad service on the top of this page right?


      I have a slight preference for spyhunter over malwarebytes. Had a lot of issues with malware lately.


        I run OS so I maintain a false sense of security... hehehehe


          I posted this on the off topic page, but it likely belongs here. When I get on I've suddenly started getting a pop-up from ReadySetEat. Anyone else? Only happens here on AR.


          • Meathead
            Meathead commented
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            Yes, and I am having a dickens of a time killing it.

          I've been seeing some pop ups today. Pretty rare for me. Didn't capture any. Not sure what they were. If I get another I'll grab it.


            Sorry to double post here. No downloads or pop up this morning. It cleared up last evening.

            Edit: Spoke too soon on the pop ups. Ready Set Eat pop up.
            Last edited by Jon Solberg; March 22, 2015, 06:02 AM.


              David Parrish Had three downloads in a row tonight when i came back to the page.
              File name thats downloading: 0R9Xy8LQeF_100367888 (1).html

              I noticed it downloads every time i refresh the page
              Last edited by Powersmoke_80; March 23, 2015, 05:10 PM. Reason: Added: I noticed it downloads every time i refresh the page


                That is what keeps downloading.....


                  Just downloaded again. 6:46 PM CST


                    Thanks for posting. We're looking into it.


                      I've had some pretty weird behavior with this site that started right about the time these ad banner reports started. I get page timeouts, pages loading without style sheets, problems typing into reply boxes until the page is refreshed, an anonymous "error!" box that pops up while typing, and so on. Only this site. I'm using Chrome with the AdBlockPro add-in, so the ad banner stuff isn't downloading, but I think that and my other protections are causing the site issues. I'd turn off ABP to experiment, but no way I want to try removing some of these new super-invasive web hijackers we've been seeing lately.


                        Bruce I have a similar setup and haven't noticed any issues (and I'm on here quite a bit). If you see more of these can you get screenshots and post them?


                        • BruceB
                          BruceB commented
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                          I was just heading here to say that the site seems fine this morning, but after posting a reply one of Kathryn's post, and going back to "Today's Posts', I got a quick generic Chrome "this page is not available" response that disappeared on it's own in a second. I suspect an external link isn't working, not the Pit site generating the error.

                          I just reloaded the site again, and got a visible hang while blocked external content was trying to load. My ABP usually has 12 blocked items on any of these pages, but it hung at 7 for maybe 5 seconds, then finished loading.

                          I also got a popup html error trying to edit this post.
                          Last edited by BruceB; March 24, 2015, 09:01 AM.


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