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Suggestion, not really pit related though...

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    Suggestion, not really pit related though...

    I had a thought after watching the TastyTrade interview that could possibly educate a lot of people and drive them to the site, something I would have loved to have. What about creating a page that is easily shareable come next grilling season about "Why everything you know about grilling is wrong". So many people could be helped with a one page image or web page that summarized the main myths busted here. So many people don't know about the importance of correct temperature; I came from more of a baking background where the most important concept was time, this is not important in BBQ, its done when the temp says its done. Don't boil ribs, don't soak wood chips, briskets and shoulders need 200 (I have been served brisket to medium doneness a few times this year alone!), don't expect greatness from a COS out of the box.

    I think this data alone would help people tremendously, and it would get people asking more and wanting to learn more. I had already given up before I came here, and just with dry brining principles and temperature control I created the best BBQ i'd ever done, and that is how I personally ended up here.

    Great idea!




        I just remembered another big one, the juice in steak is NOT BLOOD! My wife always ate medium well but didn't like how firm it was so rarely ate steak, once she saw it in writing here she agreed to try again and now we both have medium rare.


          John, are you suggesting a one page executive summary of Amazing Ribs?


            Originally posted by Jon Solberg View Post
            John, are you suggesting a one page executive summary of Amazing Ribs?

            I was thinking of something that when people ask me about getting started with BBQ I could send them and it would give them the insights that will make the most immediate impact. What would be in it? I could only say for me, maybe we should do some sort of survey of what we all think are the most impactful articles, and then do a quick synopsis of each. This place can be overwhelming if you are just browsing without a purpose, this would at least get them a starting off point.

            What are the top 3 things you learned here that had the biggest impact, group all of those together and there you go.


              I'm not sure I follow you entirely. I think the main home page with all the links showcasing the subject matter within the site does a pretty good job of what you're describing.


                It does for the most part cover the myths (though you have to scroll, only like 50% of people scroll a web page...) but something impactful with images and such. You get a few pics of some ribs and a reverse sear and people are ready to go. Similar sort of thing, but if you were gonna give somebody a one page printout that will change their life (cook wise) what would you give them?


                  I agree with Huskee. I think we need business card templates we can print from home. Then we can hand them out to folks and encourage them to check out the site and join. Each card would have a link to main AR page and a few teasers to get folks interested.


                  • Jon Solberg
                    Jon Solberg commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I actually printed some cards with the URL and keep them in my brief case. I gave away all my magnets except the big one from the pit. I was going to buy some more but went with the Avery print yourself card thing.
                    Last edited by Jon Solberg; December 11, 2014, 11:41 AM.

                  John, so you're essentially getting at a flashier front page, more succinct & less detailed. Larger visuals and less words? Dumbed down for the casual peruser (for lack of a better description?) Not a terrible idea.


                    When John first mentioned it, I was thinking Infographic ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infographic ) -- I have seen several of them and they are really useful... they are usually a pdf too... but that doesnt matter really.


                      Related, but there is a lot on this site, an overwhelming amount for someone new, where to begin? I would be interested in some site statistics, how many different pages people look at etc. because I would bet that most people just check out a couple of things. Imagine a person brand new to smoking, either hasn't done it before or has never had a lot of luck, how do you get this person cooking something great ASAP, because that success will keep them coming back.

                      Just thinking here, but what about a beginner page for each of the primary grill types, and then I pick what I want to cook, say ribs. There can be links throughout to in depth conversations and articles, but keep it really simple. You need salt, a rub, meat, fire and smoke. Start at the beginning,
                      • Get and prepare your meat, we recommend starting with baby back ribs (less trimming). Provide links on how to select cuts, what are the various types of ribs etc. as well as how to properly trim
                      • Make this rub. Give Memphis Dust instructions, link to the various rub types, spice articles
                      • Make a fire. Depending on grill type, show how to get a fire started. Link to fire pages such as setting up indirect zones and testing
                      • Get wood, we recommend Apple, you need chunks that are about this size. Image of wood. Link to articles about smoke and wood types, myth bust wet wood.
                      • Put rub on as soon as possible, up to 48 hours in advance. Link to dry brining articles.
                      • Cook low and slow, 225 - 250 if possible. Link to heat management articles, how to tell when ribs are done.
                      If they follow these instructions they are virtually guaranteed something that will keep them coming back.

                      Long story short, the site to me is more like a reference which is great when you want to read and learn. But if there were a way to link things together people could follow the links and read the most important articles for them. I did, and still do browse around to see what I can learn, but much of it is way too open ended or advanced for beginners and can be off putting. I would have loved to have seen a "Beginner, start here" link that provided beginner level links I could use right away. The way you keep them coming back is education and success, the more you can provide, and the faster the better. Once you're advanced, join the pit and talk to/learn from the best.

                      To add a little, my mom and dad got a smoker, they had grilled a lot but never smoked. She asked how do I make ribs. I sent her a few links, but those are mostly really long and detailed, a summary like i'm talking about would have had her making ribs in a couple hours. She still asks me almost every time she cooks, she gets lost when trying to search through all of the articles.


                        John, Like the quick start guide on the upper right of this page? http://amazingribs.com/table_of_contents.html

                        I know what you're looking for is an Alton Brown style list of facts followed by a recipe that'll make good food without a lot of fuss, but with everything that's on this site you should basically get credit for a college degree once you've learned it all. Learning everything on this site, like college, takes time and dedication.

                        That said, I can see this is something you feel strongly about. Perhaps you and a few members want to develop something?


                          Can certainly give it a shot, at least get some ideas going. That TOC is scary! That is at least 20 credits there!



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