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Looking for ideas a storage shed for storing grilling tools, accessories, charcoal, etc.

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    Looking for ideas a storage shed for storing grilling tools, accessories, charcoal, etc.

    Anyone have some good ideas on a shed (custom or otherwise) used for storing the million and one items we all use for grilling and smoking? I've got some ideas but would love to see pics of the interiors of your shed/storage area. Looking for good ideas on managing all the cable probes, DigiQs, Smokes along with the grill baskets, rib racks, charcoal, wood chunks, folding chairs, etc. My shed is a mess and I hate to deal with all the probe cables, etc.

    Here's mine:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	shack.jpg Views:	0 Size:	69.5 KB ID:	816931

    I do seem to have a problem with stuff getting wet though - not sure why...

    One small "trick" for storing probes with cables is to get a long tube like a paper towel tube, but heavier. You can punch holes for the probes and the connector pin and just wrap around the tube.
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      Steve R. - even better...

    • rwhfly
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      Your shed has more character than mine. I've got a slowly melting Rubbermaid leftover from before I built my wife a garden shed which she promptly filled up leaving me no room for the important things like grilling accessories!

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      Home Sweet Home
      There is no place like home.

    I use old S style meat hooks for hanging cables and tools in my home shed.


      I have transformed my old barn into a place where I keep all my instruments, and equipment I need for making barbecues. I wanted to demote it, but I thought that it can become very good storage. The most important things that I keep there are my tree pruning tools. I like to work with them, and they are personalized for me because I can' even work with other instruments. Also, I keep there my brazier and the desk and chairs for a picnic. We usually take them when we go with the family to the forest to make a picnic and cook some meat on fire.
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      • RonB
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        Welcome to The Pit.

      If feasible...

      Click image for larger version

Name:	_mSH8u21q3BgZoSNZ5y7Fya_s7uCCPG5p11HvJdXGkzcDSAqEmuSyJNxF6HKd9EOCPzRzh8v2lwaXKjGH4Q_1PhGmWmcoquj0zofDN6xP2DQcznw7zIPFNMEMnaA6PDG4m5VRvFWynDC0xXOys1J13ZtNkP3QXt5KEfwroEmxujhlHG7uR_7TUoWK2XUmsOzS6FE0zl0nrUxPQ-_Q9LN2ebHyU1FYjk_GRbBjoWjX4d14yas_bKS8aE1ykKRPDW
Views:	113
Size:	159.5 KB
ID:	1017905

      Click image for larger version

Name:	hOIvvMFBWwUoGmkv1OB2pmef-i31-U1EBvuejhsu-uy-xUMfACl9klvQy9k8gB5rNZYgL3oCMNHuzxYbxuNVL-LSAMxzyxvmbMul-KzFpQklshjzz86CoFy-BW6pWg6uOE6DAV0t2HQJya9TaxkEU9Qow9WXNRtzbclOPgVYWTVGa6KPQQXfD4wXCadnkMJkyqtsdFkLScB-u3OaiIq-lhFzqoPnpdqNTQnMVSqdU5mhLzQAUbfqaYHdpQ5PDyq
Views:	112
Size:	157.0 KB
ID:	1017902

      Click image for larger version

Name:	PGVoxuraZ-F7W9gvc7QRCRFHtKf-19_K0nYp1u7OePvQ7rcJM3pK3FHF2kw8KWtu3BvmuhIo5vbJStIcyWWcM3M2sRm8XVaZF4q14PG3pTTWm9K7ie6uppegzq8UaXIMgoVkoWSkrKua60GNIpYVNLK-0j_23smpsoTzljkiXSra30S3hcTOrLyMnzKusN7sLhJiPrbCHyoC39a6NmcjTZfYhkB2bp0Vl77o-BkvRXE06h7mQI61lxmLM001oze
Views:	109
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ID:	1017903

      Click image for larger version

Name:	dFKvWiwDRIOZdnt2i-r4WB6I50mRjkYml6tZrvwp1gwRREWy55rbSh6g73P0WBjt7BLHwy3KgzwRzZamroIbH2_KnfJP7Yucb7-vahOhI3B1eXiS-DtBoS8ayYdmY32ksmQdJ4041HZMhjckjTWZLKKl92IviTMIyZA9wVTWUDQa9Eobcj2mL5DCzfoDCai6YaT41mhUHrgFtL2b3FU6HGFP6LTPHTimvatWMuWmisfNpp36vaeP6KNBkke5bLp
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        I love your kitchen, if I could I would marry it


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