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What electric kitchen appliances bring you joy?

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    What electric kitchen appliances bring you joy?

    Here's a long post from me.

    The author Marie Kondo has published book(s) about decluttering your life. I thought about it with respect to the extra electric kitchen appliances we have in our life (not major things like refrigerators, freezers, or stoves/ovens.)
    This is how I would apply it to my (I mean, 'our') kitchen appliances if they broke. Warning: we've been married for ... a few years.

    Crock pot:
    I'd replace it. A simple replacement is OK, but if the price was right, I'd buy an instapot-thingie.

    Stand mixer (simple):
    I wouldn't replace it. But if I did, I'd want a model with a meat grinder attachment (see below).

    I'm not sure -- but they're ubiquitous, right? I typically eat breakfast eggs with corn tortillas, which I toss on the gas stovetop for a 30 seconds or so. If I start making bread, toasters may become more important to me.

    Coffee bean grinder
    I've been grinding coffer beans forever. If another kitchen appliance could do a similar job, I'd use it. Maybe I'd buy a burr grinder, which can be used for grinding coffee AND spices. Or maybe I should embrace grinding coffee beans at the store, and storing ground coffee in the freez ... no, no, freezers are for meat!

    Coffee pot
    I'd be willing to use a French press (those glass jars.) My doctor would be happier to know I'm drinking less coffee. But having an entire pot of caffeine ... I mean, coffee ... is so tempting.

    Meat slicer
    Inherited from my parents. It gets little use, until I have leftover tri-tip or sirloin to slice for sandwiches. When that happens, being able to slice meat consistently thin for sandwiches is heavenly. I'd replace it the first time I missed it.

    Jar opener
    My wife bought it. No replacing. That's what husbands are for, right?

    Can opener
    See above.

    Food processor
    My wife wanted it, but never used it. I may use it in future culinary dishes.

    A food processor with a small bowl (4" diameter x 3" tall). It does wonders mincing garlic cloves, chili peppers, or pureeing sauces like chimichurri. Easy to clean. Replace = Yes.

    Popcorn maker
    The kids are grown, I don't care about popcorn, and my wife rarely uses it. No replacement -- that's why they invented jiffy pop, right?

    Breakfast Juicer/Cup Combo
    Probably good for those who frequently drink shakes of some kind. Not us. Waiting for it to fail ...

    Meat grinder
    A gift. Never thought about having one, but grinding meat is interesting. Not interested in making sausage (yet.) If it died, I would toss the stand mixer, and get a mixer that allowed a simple meat grinder attachment. Two appliances -> one.
    Shoutout for ground chicken thigh hamburgers! I'd drop beef hamburger for them.

    Knife sharpener
    Being able to sharpen any knife quickly, regardless of how dull the knife is (or I am) is a guilty pleasure. If it died, I would probably force myself to learn how to use sharpening stones.

    Sous vide stick
    A new cooking tool. I haven't determined how much I need it. Time will tell.

    Vacuum sealer
    Another new toy. Since the family has shrunk down to the two of us, saving on large quantities of food doesn't work for me. But supporting sous vide cooks, reducing food freezer burn, and being able to see inside the plastic wrap are good goals.

    What electric appliances bring you joy? Which ones would you not replace?


    Edit: Rice cooker
    Its nice to know I can get a good pot of rice with no effort. But if it died, I would force myself to learn how to cook rice on the stove. Or learn how to cook more stuff in the replacement rice cooker. Any suggestions?
    Last edited by SmokingPat; February 12, 2021, 12:03 AM.


    Use this all the time! Awesome IMO!


      Fun topic, I’ve never gone overboard at anything so our kitchen is almost bare...NOT

      Would not give up:
      Ninja Air fryer/toaster oven
      Crock Pot
      Vacuum Sealer (Anova)
      Induction burner, until we get an induction range, this thing gets used 3-5 times a week.
      Sous Vide
      Kitchen Aid Mixer

      On the fence:
      Insta Pot: I learned the hard way that chili and pressure cookers are not the best of friends, need to try more with it that doesn’t have so many tomato products
      Single cup Kureig or however you spell it, I drink zero coffee and a few cappuccinos a year, wife drinks hot cocoa though
      Food Processor, nice the couple times I’ve used it, but don’t often do enough to justify clean up, but the closest thing we have to a blender
      Mini Chopper - use this more than above
      Foreman grill - handy the 4 times a year we use it
      Popcorn maker - we don’t eat microware popcorn, but don’t eat a lot of popcorn anyway

      Haven’t used in ages:
      Toaster - Hasn’t been on counter since air fryer arrived
      Electric knife - hasn’t been used since I got a good slicing knife

      Don’t even have:
      Electric can opener
      Coffee grinder

      Last edited by glitchy; February 11, 2021, 10:26 PM.


      • glitchy
        glitchy commented
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        Tomato rich products can get scorched. I use diced tomatoes, tomato paste, and tomato juice in my chili.

      • shify
        shify commented
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        Interesting comment on the chili. I’m the complete opposite end of the spectrum and think the Instant Pot is a godsend for chili. I typically make Texas chile and use cubed chuck and the texture is just amazing in the instant pot.

      • JakeT
        JakeT commented
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        I’ve never made chili in my instant pot and really only ever use it to make beef or chicken bone broth. Definitely a game changer I wouldn’t ever get rid of. Makes homemade stocks 100x more doable.

      Crock pot:
      Personally, I never use the thing. My wife, however thinks it's just ginchy ... and therefore I'd replace it because she'd make me.

      Instant Pot:
      I hate to admit it but I'd replace it. We've got an even better stovetop pressure cooker (a Fissler that will never go away) gathering dust in the pantry because the IP is just too convenient to use and then to clean.

      Stand mixer (simple):
      Much like the crock pot, I never use the thing myself (even for making bread) ... but I'd replace it because she'd make me.

      I'd replace it. It's not used often but not having a toaster is like not having a toothbrush ... just wrong.

      Coffee bean grinder
      I've got a great Rancillio Rocky burr grinder that will never break because it's never used anymore ... so it's a moot point.

      Coffee maker (not a pot in my case):
      That nasty little Nespresso "espresso" maker that displaced my beloved Rancillio Silvia and Rocky would definitely be replaced ... preferably by bringing the Rancillio gear back up from basement storage. If that weren't to happen exactly as I hope it would, I'd have to buy a new Nespresso ... because she'd make me (beginning to see a pattern here).

      Meat slicer
      Don't have one; probably never will ... so not an issue.

      Jar opener
      That is indeed what husbands are for ... at least around here (or so I've been told).

      Can opener
      No replacement when the last one died ... and none planned for future purchase (see "Jar opener").

      Food processor
      I'd replace it. That thing gets used a LOT ... and it would be a race to see whether she or I could be the first to get logged into Amazon.com.

      I think there is one in a box in the back of the pantry. No replacement.

      Popcorn maker
      Used to have one. It died. It wasn't replaced.

      Breakfast Juicer/Cup Combo
      What is this "breakfast" of which you speak?

      Meat grinder
      We've got the attachment for the KA stand mixer. It works well but hasn't been used in years (decades, really) because the food processor does such a good job of turning chuck-eye steaks into really good hamburger. Sounds like no replacement to me.

      Knife sharpener
      I'd replace it. It's indispensable.

      Sous vide stick
      I'd replace it. It's proven itself over and over and is now commonly used.

      Vacuum sealer
      I'd replace it ... for sure. In addition to supporting SV cooking, we've found that it's often hard to buy small enough amounts for just the two of us ... which means there's a whole lot of vacuum-sealing and freezing of surplus food going on around here.

      Air Fryer
      I'd replace it. What started out as a case of pandemic-induced idle curiosity about the latest gadget has become an often-used favorite countertop appliance ... especially when it's too hot outside (not a problem lately, I'll admit) to make firing up the big indoor double ovens seem like a good idea.

      Rice Cooker
      I'd replace it ... probably with an even bigger, better, and more expensive one ... with full support from SWMBO. Who am I to argue with One So Wise?

      I'd replace it.

      Stick blender
      I'd replace it, too.
      Last edited by MBMorgan; February 11, 2021, 10:43 PM.


      • JCBBQ
        JCBBQ commented
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        Why did you switch from the Silvia?? Mine’s a beast. 12 years a still going strong. Most used small appliance in the house.

      • MBMorgan
        MBMorgan commented
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        JCBBQ - In marriage as in life, you choose your battles. In this case, I temporarily lost the battle (but not the war) for kitchen counter space. Silvia, Rocky, and all the accessories are merely on TDY to a wet bar countertop downstairs until such time that there's deemed to be enough room to move it all back up to the kitchen. Meanwhile, I refuse to use the aforementioned nasty little Nespresso, preferring instead to play around with a new AeroPress in order to make my morning "Americano".

      I Love lots of electric appliances The most favorite of mine is embroidery machines. if you want this then I will suggest the best affiliate site.
      Last edited by marymiller; February 16, 2021, 11:58 PM.


      • RichieB
        RichieB commented
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        Hope you enjoyed your time here Mary.

      • holehogg
        holehogg commented
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        Don't let them needle you Mary

      • CandySueQ
        CandySueQ commented
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        I have been a sewist since the age of 8. I was highly unsuccessful on a Brother -- gave it away to my cousin's daughter. I look with envy on these machines!

      My must replace ASAP list would be;
      coffee maker
      coffee grinder
      knife sharpener
      sous vide
      vacuum sealer
      kitchen scale

      The "need a new one when they are on sale" list is;
      stand mixer
      food processor
      toaster oven
      meat slicer
      air fryer

      The good riddance list is;
      waffle maker
      stick blender
      mini chopper
      crock pot
      Nesco roaster
      My first sous vide controller. This was bought before there were Anova's and what not available.

      The don't own list is;
      rice cooker. I'm not against getting one, but not sure where I'd store it.
      can opener. The crank one still works fine for me
      Instapot. I have 2 stovetop pressure cookers.
      meat grinder


      • ssandy_561
        ssandy_561 commented
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        You just need to find other uses for the Waffle Maker.
        Put Brownie Batter in it
        Put shredded potatoes and butter/oil in for incredible hash browns
        Make Stuffing Waffles with them for Holidays (Lots of crunchy bits)
        Make a ham a cheese sandwich in it.

      • shify
        shify commented
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        ssandy_561 - I would keep my waffle iron even if I only used it for stuffing waffles. That is how much I love them.

      I'm always a little out there but I love my Sous vide devices (yes Plural gotta have one for the protein and one for the veg,@ different temps) My Chamber vac! look in my fridge and 1/3rd is sealed my freezer is 2/3rds sealed. I have not 1 but 2 steam assist ovens. The counter top one has a reheat function that puts out food you would swear just came off the Grill, smoker ect. I have a Fresh savor (it seals special zip top bags, I use it for Butter and cheese ect things I get into a lot. Last but not least I have a Air Fryer! its a large one that has a Rotisserie. (chickens have to be 3 pounds or less) yeah I like it for the capacity *has 3 layers) but hate when things dont get used so tried a small bird! wow came out wonderful!


      • GadjetGriller
        GadjetGriller commented
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        Oh yeah glitchy Corn on the cob is the best!! I don't have any trouble with floating bags I suck out the air for 70 sec!!

      • GadjetGriller
        GadjetGriller commented
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        Thanks! Huskee & FireMan didn't think anybody would remember me lol.

      • FireMan
        FireMan commented
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        That mug? Who could ferget!

      Would replace

      Coffee Maker/Grinder
      Kitchen Aid Mixer
      Vacuum Sealer
      Crock Pot
      Immersion Blender
      Food Processor

      Would probably not replace
      Air Fryer
      Insta Pot


        Crock pot and air fryer are on the big go to here.
        Insta Pot purchase is rapidly climbing the to buy list.
        Rest of things are MEH....could take em, mostly leavem.


          I’ve recently, within the past year, fell in love with our Kitchen Aid mixer. Two reasons, homemade pizza dough and I got a grinder attachment. So, my pizza game and burger game have improved tremendously.

          I would not replace my coffee maker, stick blender, digital scale and toaster.

          I wouldn’t cry if the crockpot, instapot, or any of the other pampered chef gadgets were tossed.

          I’ve been eyeballing a air fryer and my electric percolator needs replaced.......
          Last edited by au4stree; February 18, 2021, 04:28 PM.


          • Attjack
            Attjack commented
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            Don't forget to use your mixer to pull pork.

          Hmm let's see I have a decent amout of toys

          Used constantly - couldn't live without
          Breville Smart Oven Air - used more than my regular oven
          Kitchen Aid Stand mixer
          Vitamix blender
          Coffee maker
          kitchen scale
          various digital thermometers

          Used a lot - would miss
          Food processor
          vacuum sealer

          Used somewhat
          Breville electric pressure cooker
          spice grinder - been using mortar and pestle for small amounts

          Who am I kidding I love all this stuff and would probably immediately replace any of it


            I submit that the words joy and appliances are somewhat of an oxymoron. I mean I just can’t picture Panhead John joyfully interjecting his Oscar Meyer wieners into his Instapot while clasping his hands in glee....


              I resisted owning a food processor until a very good friend of mine gave me one quite some years ago. Renae's excuse was so she'd have a food processor to use when she cooks at my house. Hmm. Anyways, I was on the fence for some time after that, but have since learned there are some things a food processor does so well, it's become a must-have for my kitchen.

              I was also on the fence about hubby's Instant Pot for some months after he got it. Hubs likes to make "all in one pot" kind of recipes using the IP. These dishes often turn out a little mushy and overcooked, but hey he's making supper, not me, so I keep my mouth shut and make appreciative "mmm" noises.

              I think the IP is the most useful and beneficial for making foods that otherwise take a long time to cook -- meat stock, brown rice, and dried beans as examples. I want to thank Attjack for sage advice about how to make rich meat stock in the IP -- 45 minutes at high pressure. This one method changed my opinion about the IP from being a bulky boat anchor to useful appliance.

              If you've ever tried to use a stand blender to puree hot soup, you'll appreciate a stick blender. I don't use a stick blender often, but when I do, it's been a huge help.


              • Attjack
                Attjack commented
                Editing a comment
                Recently I made Pork Chile Verde in the instant pot with the help of a stick blender. Those 2 are a powerful soup making duo.

              Well, I have one I really like, and that's my Bosch hand blender. It is superb for making sauces that are based on an oil/egg emulsion. No more whisking by hand!

              And the other thing was a gift, but one we use A LOT: a rice cooker. Just dump rice and water in it, and press play. Easy peasy, and it frees up time fiddling with other stuff in the kitchen.


              This is an easy list for me:

              None. Zero. Zilch.

              I have several that I like and find somewhat essential (toaster, coffeemaker etc) and a few that I like (blender, stand mixer, SV circulator) but none of them 'spark joy' in Kondo-speak. I'd replace the essential ones but joy? Nah.

              The things in the kitchen that make me smile when I use them are my Japanese knives. A Wakui gyuto, a Teruyasu Fujiwara nakiri, Tadefusa and Munetoshi pettys.
              Last edited by rickgregory; February 12, 2021, 12:37 PM.



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