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I guess the Franklin off set is finally happening

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    I guess the Franklin off set is finally happening

    I think it was at least two years ago that this was supposed to happen. If memory serves...

    Wow, that's a lot of moola for smoker. I like that he has a user's manual and that you can buy a cover. I had to get a cover made for my offset.


      All I can say is I do hope its successful, that is a lotta money for a smoker.
      Better be quality along with the name attached.
      From the pics looks to be a solid well made unit, will wait for Max Good's reviews.


      • Max Good
        Max Good commented
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        We reached out to them. So far nada.

      I am assuming that is with shipping?... They have changed the web page for Franklin BBQ Pits since they sent me an e-mail back in late February that showed the price as $2750 + shipping/handling..


      • Histrix
        Histrix commented
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        Steel prices have soared dramatically in the past year. My guess is that price is just the price increase due to increased materials cost and does not include shipping.

      I would have hoped it would include shipping at that price. You can get a Jambo Backyard for $2500 or so and it looks to be a bit bigger than this one as well. Looks like he's either feeling the pressures of small-scale manufacturing or really banking on the name recognition/reputation.


      • TripleB
        TripleB commented
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        The Jambo backyard is bigger. FYI- Jaime has upgraded the grates from the diamond mesh to rod grates. I purchased them last week and waiting on delivery.

      Too much for a simple stick burner. Nicely built and the Franklin name, but sorry I pass. You can get a hell of a lot better deal from LSG.


      • Sweaty Paul
        Sweaty Paul commented
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      • Sweaty Paul
        Sweaty Paul commented
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        And I Looovvveee his BBQ. Had the opportunity to eat it once. Spectacular and it had cooled off. My wife stood in line while my son and I were at a golf lesson. I’ve a good wife.

      Mondo Kewl Cooker, in some ways, kudos!

      I wish Double A nuthin but continued success, an good fortune, but, based upon bang per buck, will not be placin me an order fer one, leastwise, not any time soonish, no matter how much cooler it might initially make a chronic dork like me appear, to th untrained eye...sry. ;o

      My hard earned money's goin on an LSG, Yoder, Lang, etc., et. al. or th likes...

      (Regular flow, btw; they workys jus fine, fer me...)


        'Spensive stuff. No thanks. Good looking tube, but not in my pricerange.


          For that money I would rather get the LSG offset, more options wrt cooking on the firebox.


          • Mr. Bones
            Mr. Bones commented
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            Options is Good.
            They's our Friend, in fact...

            Speshully when we'uns nosin bout that pricepoint...

          I will keep both lungs. Thanks but no thanks. I am sure there is a market for it though. Like others for that money it would have to be a Lonestar.


            Just spent about 10 minutes searching for the recent thread where someone posted their pics of this smoker as they bought it. No luck with the search...


            bmcleveland313 has one, looks like a great pit.


            I have also seen a couple others on other forums with them, the only complaint I’ve seen is cleaning out the firebox as the door doesn’t go all the way to the bottom.
            Last edited by glitchy; March 22, 2021, 08:48 PM.


            • IFindZeroBadCooks
              IFindZeroBadCooks commented
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              Thanks for finding it buddy.

            Glad to not have an offset when I gots no wood; then something happens (snow & ice storms) and I think how'd it be nice to have an offset. I hope I NEVER EVER use a gas chainsaw ever again.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210320_163442.jpg
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              I recall just a week or two ago someone here posted pictures of their Franklin offset, which had just arrived.

              Similar style pits (all steel, grate level smoke exit, giant smokestack, etc) can be found at WorkHorsePits.com that look every bit as good as these - or better - but for far less money.


                Lost me with the $29.99 for a tiny bottle of touch up paint.
                Last edited by BBQPhil; March 23, 2021, 06:04 PM. Reason: corrected from 29.95 to 29.99


                • jfmorris
                  jfmorris commented
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                  With a shelf life of 1 year to boot!


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