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LSG cabinet

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    LSG cabinet

    I’ve been doing some wishful thinking and drooling today. Mostly with the summer of 2023 in mind. I’m pretty much drooling over the idea of the large LSG on competition cart with handle and larger wheels. What am I not considering properly? Clean up is always a concern for my cooking, ashes and general over all clean up. I see the capacity is pretty large, with a * next to possible meat capacity, not actual capacity.

    • Brisket-16
    • Spare Ribs-30 (I think I would be satisfied with 20, but more is better)
    • Pork Butt-24
    • Whole Chicken-24
    • capacity is estimated and includes use of all available cooking space in the cooking chamber
    are those numbers even realistic? Also, I know it is a ways away, but, I need to save the money over a period of time, like selling my food to save for it. What is lead time for a build right now, or on average, and what is shipping like to get one of these to wisconsin? But, ease of cleaning and getting the ash out are important, and can this be a stick burner as well, or just charcoal with chunks?

    This seems pretty set up for cooking while sitting.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	996F3A03-D06F-4A47-B554-C786DCDDD006.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	280.0 KB ID:	1080923
    Click image for larger version  Name:	D93306AC-B594-4CAF-83E0-059D975C4F4F.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	424.7 KB ID:	1080924
    Click image for larger version  Name:	3F87145D-F725-45FB-AE87-75B3A65171E4.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	259.5 KB ID:	1080925
    Last edited by Richard Chrz; August 21, 2021, 06:06 PM.

    You can fit 2 full size pans on each shelf. I think the capacity is over stated some. I had the extra rails installed but did not get the extra shelves. With all the shelves installed in every rail the spacing is small. I question the size of butts that would fit. I suggest you talk to Chris regarding realism.
    I got the comp cart but not the off road wheels. Cleaning the charcoal out of the pan is a job for me. The charcoal assembly is heavy and low to the ground. (The off road wheels might help with that.) I sit on a stool with wheels and bend all the way over to work in the lower chamber. If I could knell on the ground it would be much less of a chore
    As far a holding temp and loading/unloading food it is great. I run it with a Fireboard controller and Pit Viper fan and have ran it for 20 hours with the charcoal only about 2/3 full. I am very happy with the flavor and smoke profile. It produces much more smoke than my Yoder.

    Anything else just let me know.


    • Richard Chrz
      Richard Chrz commented
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      Thank you, I do think I need to call and talk with him, just get get his feedback if it is a good cabinet for me.

    Well, I can’t help with your questions but I hope you sell so much food that you can get one in like 6 months!


      Damn. Your really looking to get down. That’s awesome Richard.
      I’m sure you know how passionate I am about LSG.
      That being said I have no experience with their cabinet smokers.
      Wish I could be of more help here.
      I know there are some here that have them. Hopefully they chime in.


      • Richard Chrz
        Richard Chrz commented
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        Youknow, the only thing to be envious of me for is the fact that I have an abnormally large group of friends that support what ever I take on. Thank you for being one of those. I am now getting to teach some grill classes on our patio and have been in a few magazines (regional small ones) for cooking. Was recently hired to smoke for 75 musicians at a 3 day outdoor amphitheater. But, to me, it is another way to build community, be mentored by others. Build a bigger table!
        Last edited by Richard Chrz; August 22, 2021, 12:46 PM.

      • Steve B
        Steve B commented
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        Awesome my friend. I wish I had your drive. I’m a lazy SOB. 😂 Well to some extent. 😁

      • Richard Chrz
        Richard Chrz commented
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        Steve B , so am I, seriously!

      I ordered the mini version on 3/4/21. Build was completed on 8/16. Waiting on it to ship and get to me now. I was quoted 18 week lead time when I ordered, so plan on approximately 6 months to get one. This seems to be in line with others that have posted here regardless of what they tell you when ordering. I’m in Minnesota so once it ships and arrives I can give you a timeline. If you are looking to have one in summer 2023 I’d plan on ordering in December/January.


      • Richard Chrz
        Richard Chrz commented
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        Steve B no, i hoping to learn the shipping costs. Lol. I’ve decided that any grill or smoker at this level, I need to talk to the builder. I want to upgrade in a few years, well, I would upgrade today if it was just that easy. I’m going to switch out my entire set up over the next few years (hopefully). And I would rather not do it again, so, what ever I buy, has to fit my needs, not just wants. I love the idea that I can wheel up, open a door to the side, and then wheel closer.

      • mrichie1229
        mrichie1229 commented
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        Hey, Flip43 we are practically neighbors!

      • Flip43
        Flip43 commented
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        So the shipping email went to my spam folder. Mine shipped on 8/18 and is currently in Romeoville, IL. I should have it next week, so plan on 1.5 to 2 weeks from ship to delivery.

      Richard Chrz expect the shipping costs to you will probably be around $600. Give or take.
      Knowing your needs Chris will absolutely be able to build what you want and need. They do a lot of custom builds.
      Obviously you will have several conversations with him when the time nears. And he is always there to help.


        $600 is probably in the ballpark. Was $475 for the mini to ship to me in Minnesota.


        • ofelles
          ofelles commented
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          It was $590 to California 1 1/2 years ago for the large with comp cart.

        If clean up is a concern, have you considered the gravity charcoal options?


        • Richard Chrz
          Richard Chrz commented
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          Examples, just so I am sure we are both thinking same, thank you in advance.

        Richard this is awesome. I cant speak to the cooker, but I know this will happen for you. Please keep us posted on this journey.


          Richard, it took 5-6 months for me to get my LSG Adjustable. Well worth waiting for IMO. PM if you wish but I won't try to talk you out of it.


            Heck I say just order it!! You can cook more food to sell so you will make more money!! Don't they offer financing??go big or go home!! I love spending money when I don't have to write the check😄😄😄on a serious note does it give the dimensions of the inside cooking area the one I have in the locker is a 500 lb capacity and I can verify that as I have done a load of 546 lbs of hams and bacons. I could measure mine and let ya know if that would help ya out??


              Originally posted by learning pellets View Post
              If clean up is a concern, have you considered the gravity charcoal options?
              Stumps, Assassin, Southern Q Smokers, Myron Mixon all make high quality gravity fed charcoal smokers. Minimal charcoal clean up, open door, scrape ash into tin can. Can lead charcoal in the chute for next cook or pull the grate to empty.


              Richard Chrz Take a look at Humphrey's smokers. I purchased one in March. I was skeptical at first but after I got familiar with the subtleties of cabinet smokers, I am very very happy to with it. Top notch quality. Its a "reverse flow" cabinet smoker, which in my experience provides very even heat smoke distribution. I live in Washington State, they are located in Maine. Cost me $500 for shipping.



                So, have spent some time looking at the gravity smokers. I still think the cabinet is better for me. That is if I understand what I am seeing. The gravity feed is likely to high for me to lift a bag of charcoal up, especially a full bag, I would never be able to get 20lbs up that high. The slide out drawer is likely a lot easier to load.


                • glitchy
                  glitchy commented
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                  I thought about suggesting those charcoal gravity too, but had the same concern for you. I also worry the LSG tray might be too low and heavy to be easy for you in the chair, but I’m sure you can determine that from talking to LSG. I know you love charcoal, but have you thought about anything else? My first thought for ease was man you’d probably love one of the Fast Eddy cabinet styles.


                I love getting to see these threads. I’ll never own one of these, but if I were to ever get an offset or something like what you are looking at, it would be LSG for the win!!!!

                ok. Carry on. Enjoy the search for what you are looking for!



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