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Costco membership?

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    Costco membership?

    I’ve been considering getting a Costco membership mostly for the meat they offer. I can’t decide if it’d be worth it. They have prime cuts for what looks to be very reasonable prices but are the prime steaks, brisket, tri tip, ribs, etc. any good? Any info Would be appreciated! I know $60 isn’t a lot, but I’m cheap 😀.

    we only shop at Sams club a few times a year, I think we break even on membership with those very limited shops... unfortunately our place doesn't have as amazing meat as Costco seems to usually have. But our nearest Costco is well over an hour away. Also, these places don't just tend to have prime cuts at a good price AND often on sale, but they usually have lower grade cuts that often look as good as prime marbling wise. Get items like trash bags, paper towels, spices in bulk and it will pay for itself. Especially if you consider shipping costs from botique meat retailers. Sometimes the office supplies like printer ink are a good deal too.

    See if they have a trial membership, go check it out and decide if you would get more than meat.


      Yes, Costco meats are good. I joined for the meat selection, but go about once a month to stock up the other things.
      The downside to Costco is I did not find any PBR. A wide selection of beer, But no PBR.


      • Mr. Bones
        Mr. Bones commented
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        I can purty near garonshee that, at any given moment, there is at least one less bottle of Elijah Craig available to yerself, cause it's already a settin pon my bar, Brother!

        Sorry to be such an Ol Hawg, but I done seened it, first, lol

        Last edited by Mr. Bones; December 27, 2020, 09:46 PM. Reason: E, not W

      • Razor
        Razor commented
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        You’re lucky. Here in PA Costco can’t be “trusted” to sell beer wine or liquor.

      • tamidw
        tamidw commented
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        Razor not in Oregon either.

      We buy all of our gas at Costco and put it on the Costco credit card (which we then pay off in full every month). The savings from gas (normally at least 10 cents/gallon cheaper, if not more) and the % back on the card 3-4% on anything you buy at Costco, pays for our membership every year. I thought it was silly initially but after my wife talked me into it, I’ve never looked back!

      you can always do the trial and go from their, but the card works out as a net gain as long as you don’t rack up interest :P


      • HawkerXP
        HawkerXP commented
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      • FireMan
        FireMan commented
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        -1 = +2, so where does that put us?

      • Panhead John
        Panhead John commented
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        At Sam’s Club.

      I know its all about location and we live close to Sams and BJ's along with Costco. Not sure why we belong to all 3. In order of preference is Costco, Sams, then BJ's. Not just for meats but overall selection of the rest of the goods.
      For meats though sometimes it tough to beat Restaurant Depot.
      ***Forgot to mention if military active duty/retiree the Commissary at times is a good option. Once again around here I have 5 Commissary’s within 30 miles. (4 Navy, 1 AF) Pains me to say this but the Commissary at Langley AFB laps the 4 offerings the Navy has closer to me. At times the meat department there rivals Costco in quality. Pretty much 50/50 chance you will find Tri-tip or Picanha as an offering which are the holy grail around here.***
      Last edited by tiewunon; December 28, 2020, 03:08 AM.


      • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
        ItsAllGoneToTheDogs commented
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        yep, only place I can get tri-tip is the base here. Though when it comes to prime meats or large cuts, Sams usually wins... base is the only place I can get decent pork belly too.

      • Mosca
        Mosca commented
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        Restaurant Depot meat quality is very location specific. My local RD's meat is average at best, and the prices are no great deal. I can get better quality at lower cost at almost any local grocery or butcher.

        In our area, Sam's meat is pretty decent. Nearest Costco is over 100 miles away.

      My Costco is just 1.5 miles away. I’m there 2-3 times per month. Meats are excellent, paper products cheap, coffee, a great deal. I get my disposable aluminum cooking pans there too. Also, their gas prices are great. At least 5 cents per gal less than anywhere else. So lots of ways to justify the membership. AND if you get the Costco Visa card, the annual rebate more than pays for many things. My rebate for 2019 was nearly $600. Well worth joining IF you use the membership actively.


        Well, if you are cheap, that $60 is going to be a drop in the bucket when you go shopping. I've rarely left Costco without dropping $100, and often more. Especially now that I live 100 miles from the nearest store, so I tend to make it worth my while when I go. However, like others, my membership is returned in spades as the rebates are not only for Costco purchases, but outside of Costco as well. Perhaps meat is your motivation, but you'll find it worthwhile for other items as well.


          We go a couple times a month and the annual rewards check usually covers the membership fee. We have several staple items we always buy there. The price we pay and the quality we get in those items makes it worth it for us.


            Costco may have cuts of meat you would have difficulty finding otherwise. For instance, I can get select briskets at Walmart and occasionally they have choice, but our Costco sells prime briskets around the same price as Walmart selects.
            Be careful with fresh stuff like strawberries. They have great prices, but unless you eat a lot , some will spoil.


              Thx all, that helps a lot! Think I’m going to give it a shot as I can always get a refund if I don’t find it useful.


              • Dewesq55
                Dewesq55 commented
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                And when you become a broken down old fart like me, they have really good hearing aids at a very good price.
                Last edited by Dewesq55; December 28, 2020, 10:40 AM.

              • Mr. Bones
                Mr. Bones commented
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                An Hearin Aids ain't nowhere even close to Cheap, Brother...

                (Gots me @75 db. loss @~8000~ish , LH ear, RH is close to what is considered median avg, fer my age...)

                (Means Not Quite (Yet) Deef As A Post) (Yet) LOL
                Last edited by Mr. Bones; December 28, 2020, 10:56 AM.

              • TheQuietOne
                TheQuietOne commented
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                It's just about hearing aid time for me too. Costco is looking hard to beat. I may have to get a membership just for that.

              We have had memberships but have let them lapse.
              I have three Costco's with in 15 mins of me but they are over crowded animal shows at the best of times.
              No parking, line ups in and longer line ups out.
              The meat is excellent but we have found two grocery stores that have comparable meats without the hassle of going to a Costco.
              Agree Costco has cuts of meat not available at other grocery stores but they are getting better at stocking cuts that Costco stocks.
              Another thing is you really have to know your prices, Costco isn't necessarily the cheapest.


              • HawkerXP
                HawkerXP commented
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                Stay away from them on weekends. Early morning or just before they close are good times.

              • ComfortablyNumb
                ComfortablyNumb commented
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                HawkerXP Oddly, I've found Friday evenings to be lightly trafficked as well. At least at the ones I've shopped at.

              • Craigar
                Craigar commented
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                ComfortablyNumb We go on Fridays after work, which is usually around 5:30 by the time we get there. That's the only time we will shop at Costco. Weekends? Uh, yeah...no thanks. I don't know why people go mad at this place, I'm sure they don't normally act like idiots in other places. Then again, who am I foolin'? Just follow them out of the parking lot to the main street out of there.

              Prime brisket is $3 to $4 a pound versus $10 a pound elsewhere for choice which alone covers my membership fee.

              Sometimes really good deals on whiskey too.


              • ecowper
                ecowper commented
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                I buy the liter Kirkland 7 year bourbon. Good whiskey, great price

              • smokin fool
                smokin fool commented
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                No alcohol sales at Costco's in draconian Ontario.

              I think some of the membership levels you get your cost of member ship back in a check based on your spend amount and if you don’t get enough to pay for the next year, I think they give it to you. Something like that if i remember correctly.


              • jumbo7676
                jumbo7676 commented
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                I signed up for the Executive Membership last year. It's an extra $60, but you get a check for 2% spent during the year (not a real check, but store credit). I got $72 back. I may cancel it this year, as I'm no longer needing diapers/pull-ups for my son or formula for my daughter. Those were big $$ items that contributed a lot towards that $72.

              We definitely get 99% of our meats from Costco. Quality and prices are the best. They have a lot of prime grades of various cuts. I personally will take their prime ribeyes over SRF.


                I go to Costco 5+ times a week 😎😉

                The membership can be refunded if you are unhappy or do not feel that the cost is worth what you can get.

                Personally, I'd pay the $60 just for the meat, wine (no in warehouse liquor sales in Oregon or Texas), tires and gas. If you live in a state that sells liquor...well that's one more reason - KS brand liquors are crazy underpriced for what you get.

                If you spend on average $200 a month at Costco, then the executive membership is worth the extra charge, as you'll earn 2% back on purchases which will cover the cost of the upgrade. Exec memberships also get a slew of other cool stuff (car rentals are great) and home services.

                Check it out, give it a whirl and if you aren't satisfied you can get your money back, but I bet you'll like it


                • barelfly
                  barelfly commented
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                  Yes, that’s what it is - the kick back that pays for the cost! Makes it worth it!

                • Panhead John
                  Panhead John commented
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                  The Costcos here in Texas have their liquor store attached to the warehouse. Technically it’s not in the warehouse, but usually right next to the main entrance.

                • Loren
                  Loren commented
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                  When I moved to Texas I was super excited for that, then I found out they don't carry Kirkland Signature liquor since the liquor store is run by a separate company (I'm not sure how it works but the employees aren't Costco employees).


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