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Jerod Broussard, here

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    Jerod Broussard, here

    Jerod Broussard comments moderator checking in....

    ~~I am from southwest Louisiana. Grew up near the Duck Capital of America, Gueydan, La. Stuttgart, Arkansas is the Duck Capital of the World, if anyone needs that clarification. The dot on the map I grew up on is Riceville, La., and I just happened to grow up on a rice farm, in Riceville, La. Go figure. My dad barbequed just about everything; sheep, deer, beef, chicken, pork, etc….

    I loved feeding and messing with my grandfather’s animals (especially the cattle) so much, I went on to get a degree in Animal Science from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, La. I waited on tables for 4 years and 8 months in two different restaurants to get through college, and a little beyond.
    I’ve been in east Texas since 2001, the town of Center since 2003. I’ve been employed by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service since 2002.

    Luckily I found amazingribs.com before my cheap offset cooled off from the first cook. I was cooking with mesquite chunks soaked in water, immediately before being thrown into the firebox. Looking back I can’t tell if I was trying to start a fire or put one out. My poor heat indicator on the lid kept getting pegged back and forth. I think it just settled in the middle and quit. Unsurprisingly the meatloaf had the best bark I have ever seen. 500 degree temperatures will do that. Sad thing is, I figured I might not being doing things right based on the cost of the wood chunks for this one cook. I figured there had to a better way than spending $30+ on fuel for just one cook. My cheap offset has been modified to a reverse flow and gas. My main go to cooker is the Pit Barrel Cooker.

    I enjoy hunting, most the time. I’ve been bowhunting since 1993. I grew up hunting ducks, however, once I started hunting deer in high school, I forgot about the ducks. Between the wild hogs and the deer here in east Texas, I have all the hunting opportunities I need. I just recently built a homemade paper tuner out of 3/4" PVC pipe, and tuned up my new rest on my bow. You shoot through paper, and let the tear in the paper made by the arrow tell you which way the arrow rest needs to be adjusted, if any. Took two shots to get the perfect hole. I worked in an archery shop for 6 years, been working on my own bows and arrows for about 10 years.
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    cleaning up a bit....
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      I like your story. How much wild hog/boar do you cook? I'm not a hunter (love to fish), but I guess we have our fair share of wild boar in certain parts of the province and I could probably get my hands on some. My brother-in-law and some of my friends like to hunt, so once in a while we get some deer, elk or moose. I cooked up an elk roast (forget the cut) and used the big bad beef rub. just used the oven in the house though. It was still tasty, but I want another chance so I can use my smoker. If you ever want to come hunting up here, let me know.


        Been a year or so since I got one to eat. I shot two last year but they were both 200-210 and stunk the high heaven.

        If I can get one under 150 or a sow that is not in heat, we are good to go.

        I BBQ'd some a couple years ago. Just cut some pieces off the hindquarters. Marinated in BBQ sauce and Italian dressing. Wife still talks about that stuff.

        I should go this Saturday morning since I know I will be working next Saturday. I really want to try hanging a hindquarter in the Pit Barrel.

        If you ever want to come hunting up here, let me know.
        Chrud, where were you 4 years ago???!!!

        When I was still single.....

        Thanks for the invite.

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          Thank you for your expertise and wit. I appreciate all the comments, suggestions and information you have given me this past month, even the stupid questions. Thank You.


          • Jerod Broussard
            Jerod Broussard commented
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            I've yet to see one stupid question. Must be my glasses.

            Glad to help....funnest part of the gig.

          Ditto that, for me as well. I've been picking Jerod's brain here (started before The Pit came into being) for 16 months! What an inspiration you are, Jerod Broussard , especially when I smoke briskets. I still remember the burned-out PBC footprint in the grass in the yard at your former house. That photo still makes me grin, because I wondered how you justified that yard boo-boo to your wife.



          • fzxdoc
            fzxdoc commented
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            Good to know Jerod! I'd hated to think that the PBC had landed you in the doghouse. After all you've got a lot of briskets to cook!

            Jerod Broussard

          • Jerod Broussard
            Jerod Broussard commented
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          • mackdaddy
            mackdaddy commented
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            Rats, I thought that of Jerod's was going to be a bobo that was bigger than mine. First time I used a charcoal starter I sat it on the floor of my wood deck and wondered why the deck was smoking. The round burnt spot is still there. Where's the pic? Would love to see it.
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