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I'm Huskee

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    I'm Huskee

    Moderator 2013 - present
    Pitmaster Club Manager, February 2017 - present

    Welcome to the Pit! I'm Aaron, I go by Huskee around these parts.

    Location where I BBQ
    I grew up in central Michigan in a small town, and I will be a MI resident until the end. We have glorious summers here and a zillion miles of beaches on the coasts of both peninsulas. We also get some killer winters but I don't let that stop me. It just changes the amount of clothing I wear while standing at the smoker.

    BBQ Here at AmazingRibs.com
    I've been a team member here at AR since spring of 2013 when Meathead asked if I'd join the team. I'm obviously a BBQ enthusiast much like the rest of you. I love cooking outside, done it since I was a kid, and my desire to cook inside has waned some since Smoke > No Smoke in my opinion, at least with many things.

    Recently in February of 2017 I was asked to take over as Manager of our Pitmaster Club when Dave Parrish stepped down to focus his energies on his BBQ business (see next paragraph). My day to day duties are to keep many of the behind the scenes gears well-oiled and turning, but thankfully our IT dept does all the really hard stuff so a shout out to them! I help with membership snafus & account-related changes, our monthly drawing, and general oversight of the structure and organization of The Pit, as well as oversee our wonderful team of talented moderators.

    I've also been privileged to be a part of Adrenaline Barbecue Company (www.ABCbarbecue.com) since the Slow 'N Sear was simply an idea in a couple guys' heads. Currently I am focusing my energies and time at AmazingRibs.com and here in The Pit.

    BBQ upbringing and early days
    My dad grilled everything when I was a kid. I still remember helping him put together that old Sears Kenmore gas grill with the lava rocks, I'm guessing it was 1988-ish. I can't tell you how many burners he's put in that thing over the decades, or when he switched the many loads of lava rock finally to ceramic rocks. But he's taken great care of it and it's nearly 30yrs old! Eleventy-million or so burgers and chicken legs later here I am with a zeal for cooking with some sort of fire. After a break of a couple years, when pizza, Taco Bell and spaghetti was my "bachelor cuisine" of choice, I got a renewed interest in grilling.

    I've been an avid smoker/pitmaster-wannabe since about 2006 when I had a disaster with a rack of ribs and searched Google for the right time & temp cook them. You know- read directions later, that whole mentality. Guess what result popped up? AmazingRibs.com, in what turned out to be its infant year. I worked on developing my own rub loosely based off some high points from other online "Googled" recipes I found that year, tailoring it to what I liked best of each. The next year I did the same with my own BBQ sauce recipe. Both are really easy to do, inexpensive and use pretty regular stuff, they're in the corresponding channels here in The Pit if you're interested. These also were created before I discovered Meathead's Memphis Dust and his KC BBQ Sauce recipe. Way different flavors too. Thank goodness, since surely no one woulda believed me if they were close to the same!

    BBQ Nowadays
    I'm a Kansas City Barbecue Society Certified Barbecue Judge (CBJ). I run an EOS and I prefer all log cooks for the romance of it all. Heck I'd distill my own whiskey if the law man would let me! (But he doesn't so I doesn't, promise).

    I operate a Yoder loaded Wichita offset smoker. I also run a Weber 22" kettle and a 26" kettle, both the Original Premium as they're now called. The 22" contains a Slow 'N Sear, an original prototype model. The 26" kettle contains the newer Slow 'N Sear XL. Both are seriously the best thing to happen to a kettle grill since charcoal itself. I also have an 18" Weber Jumbo Joe and the 14" Smokey Joe. The gas grill recently got given away and the old Brinkmann cabinet style charcoal smoker has been re-purposed to be my log pre-burner for long all-log cooks.

    Other things that help support BBQ in my house
    My "day" job is working full time in a hospital as a licensed, certified and registered respiratory therapist (RRT), on night shift. I am certified in BLS, ACLS, and NRP. Some nights I have time to spend here in The Pit, some nights I don't. I'm the guy that does your EKG, pokes your wrist for blood (ABG), gives you your nebulizer, puts that big bulky mask on you (and corrects you to say CPAP instead of C-pack), and when all else fails helps intubate you and runs your ventilator. I love my job, but it has its challenges and bad days as literally any job would (except the Samuel Adams beer taster guy/girl).

    Have fun here and be nice, we're all friends!
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    You can follow me on Instagram now, if that's your thing. User: huskeesbarbecue


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      Wow Jerod. You need to catch up man!! Guest
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    • Jerod Broussard
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      I never Myspaced, Tweeted, or Facebooked, so I figured this was something that I wasn't missing anyway. Spinaker

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      hahaha, you're the man. I like your style Dude. Jerod Broussard

    Jon Solberg Here is my instagram name. Jrbowlsby. Look me up!! Its private but just request and I will add you.
    Huskee ​
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      Added you

    Originally posted by Jon Solberg
    I cant find ya.
    Weird. I'm there. Maybe it takes some time for it to come up in search? I dunno.


      Nice, I just followed both of you, I'm j.d._lewis on IG.


        Originally posted by bbqoaf View Post
        Nice, I just followed both of you, I'm j.d._lewis on IG.
        You're going to kill me with all your amazing pictures on my IG!



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