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Hello from a displaced Texan in Washington

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    Welcome to the Pit! From the birth place of American BBQ, the great state of Virginia!


      Welcome aboard Bluesrhino1! Eat good & have fun!


        Huntington Beach welcomes you and your ribs!

        My neighbor behind me does nothing but complain, no matter how much food and warning he received. I just gave up on him and did not let it get to me.

        Welcome sir.


        • ComfortablyNumb
          ComfortablyNumb commented
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          Don't give up on him. Give him something to complain about. Smoke on!

        • HouseHomey
          HouseHomey commented
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          ComfortablyNumb I killed him this year! He wouldn't even take my food anymore early in the year. Truth, the beach breeze blows any smoke right into his back door. I'm a light smoker though.

        Welcome to the pit Bluesrhino1 !


          BBQ Bill, Franklin brisket is my ideal, too. I remember
          getting a brisket plate from he and his wife when
          they had their trailer parked on I35. I was an
          instant fan. I've never eaten at his restaurant. I called
          crews for the KATY in Taylor, Texas for a few years
          so I was fortunate enough to enjoy Mueller's great
          My wife is telling me I'm turning into "chatty Kathy" so
          I'll say adios everyone . Very happy to find this site.


          • BBQ_Bill
            BBQ_Bill commented
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            No worries, we LUV chatting about BBQ here, so you fit right in
            Sad to see Aaron Franklin's restaurant burn this last weekend.
            He had a large load of ribs in the smokers and I am sure they were all ruined.

          Welcome to the Pit from Baltimore, MD! Glad you joined us.


            Welcome from your neighbor in Seattle! We've been here for about 7 years - the funniest thing I've ever heard of is that most people here put away their grills during the winter because it's out of "grilling season".... couldn't even imagine! So you just grill on 'til your heart's content!
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            • dave_trimble
              dave_trimble commented
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              lol, I'm about an hour North of you in Arlington, and when people say something about "grilling season" to me, I imagine the look on my face is something like that of a dog trying to figure out an algebra problem.

            Welcome to The Pit! Thank you for the support.

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              Welcome to our little corner of the world.


                Welcome from Colorado!!



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