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Crazy thoughts

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    Crazy thoughts

    One of my neighbors is selling a new, treagar burn assembly with controller......

    Basically if I cut a hole in the side of a grill to attach this, that's basically a pellet grill?

    Or am missing something..... Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20200701-205701_Nextdoor.jpg
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    This basically just needs a box that will hold smoke and meat.....

    BFlynn My Tailgater is essentially nothing more than a 35 gal barrel... but smaller...

    I dont see why you couldn't cut a hole in the side of a 55 Gal barrel, mount it, and start cooking!

    What does he want for it?

    ***Correction and 2nd thoughts***

    You'll need a heat shield for over the fire pot ($40)

    And you'll need a drip tray for the inside. Bet you can make a cookie sheet work.
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    • BFlynn
      BFlynn commented
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      He wants $250. But he got it for free. You can get a generic version for $125 online.

      I might be interested for $50 or $75.....100 tops.

      Figure I can buy a used char broil cheap, gut it and add this think.
      Or weld some legs on a barrel......... If only. I knew someone good at welding....

    • Duckman_OK
      Duckman_OK commented
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      I think 250 is a little steep.

      Also, do you remember "mom's" grill. I've still got that and a welder.... just need you to come to Tulsa

    This is my idea for a schematic. I think the a drum makes sense to go vertical, and if I put fewer holes in it, it should be less leaky.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Rough Schematic for Ugly Pellet Drum.jpg
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    Interested to hear of anything else I'm missing, or added features you like on your drum smokers.



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