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Any good tips to level a griddle?

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    Any good tips to level a griddle?

    This may be a dumb question, but i am looking for tips on how to properly level a 24 in 2 burner blackstone griddle. Should i set it up to be neutral, lean towards the back or front? Its not a big deal until you try scrambled eggs and they run right for the grease trap in the back! Currently sitting on a stainless steel table.

    Personally I'd shoot for neutral. Use your spatula or scraper to direct items/grease where you want it, not gravity. That said, my Blackstone leans slightly towards the rear where it is currently sitting. So when I put oil on the griddle I have to get it with the spatula and spread it about a bit to keep it from running for the grease trap, which I can live with. Leaning forward would be worse, everything would be pooling at the front edge.
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    I am musing it over whether it’s a dumb question or not. I’ll get back to you, maybe, maybe not. 🕶


      Well. I guess it’s probably good that it’s leaning to the left. 🤔😳
      Blame That response on FireMan 😂

      Seriously though. Keep as level/neutral as possible. It makes for a much more enjoyable cooking experience. You won’t have to keep pushing or pulling things into the middle.
      But than who am I to give any real sound advice. 🤷🏼


        If its anything like my new dishwasher, sorry, I'm no help at all!!!!


          I don't have a griddle on my deck, only on the stove. IMHO set it so you can move the food, sauce, grease, where you want it - not where the laws of gravity dictate. My experience dictates that a new stove is in my future.


            Definitely go for level in all directions.


            • FireMan
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              All directions? Whew, you make it tough.

            100% agree with level. If you need to skew based upon your setup try to get the grease to run to the trap. But +10 to level all the way.


              Yep 100% level. You want to push the grease to the trap, not let it flow. Otherwise it will be tough to keep your oils in the right spot for sautéing.


                Dishwashers in....thank goodness for brothers that know about this stuff.
                Want his number????


                  Neutral for sure...so you’re not chasing food & cooking oil/grease. That way YOU control what goes into the trap.

                  I level mine with these... https://wobblewedges.com/


                  • surfdog
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                    ComfortablyNumb I really like them because they have little ridges in them so they pretty much lock together, especially when there’s a bit of weight on them. Two of those on a leg or two and it’s fairly simple to level things out. If I recall, I purchased them directly from Wobble Wedges.

                  • JimLinebarger
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                    Are they made by Webble?

                  • surfdog
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                    JimLinebarger Webble Wobble Wedges...say that three times fast. LOL


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