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Dome Thermometer

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    Dome Thermometer

    I have an 05 performer with the "dual purpose" thermometer. It is removable from the dome and then can be inserted in the meat, or at least that is what I would assume is meant by this. The only problem is I actually got this used and it was missing the thermometer, and when I was cleaning it up I broke off the metal bracket that holds it. Now I have a small slot under the handle that I currently have plugged with foil. Without the foil I can't get the grill to fully shut down after a cook.

    Two things I wondering.

    1. Any suggestions for plugging the hole that is better than the foil?
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    2. I completely understand the issue with the dome thermometer, and I don't rely on it when cooking. I have an old iGrill (before Weber bought iGrill) two probe with a display (they display is dim and does not stay on) and a Weber iGrill (single probe no display) that I have to connect to my phone to get a temp, and I also use a Thermoworks Thermapen classic that I use for every cook indoors and out. All that said, the dome Thermometer is still useful to me from afar since neither of my digital thermometers have an always on display. I generally compare the dome thermometer to the digital and use that as a reference to ballpark the temp to at least know if I have an issue, like the fire went out or the temp rose drastically. With that in mind what thermometer would you advise?

    For the hole, try some HVAC foil tape. I use it on my WSM to seal the crappy door and works like a charm.
    Recently purchased a Maverick XR-50 thermometer that I really like. I'm sure others will chime in with some solid advice as well.


      I think would plug the hole using a wide flat Asher with a small hole and a appropriate size nut and bolt - preferably stainless steel to prevent rust. Tel-Tru is the only non digital thermometer that amazingribs.com recommends. I have them on my BGEs.


      • Attjack
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        This is what I would do as well. Use a SS washer, bolt, and nut.

      +1 on the XR50. Or you can spring for a fireboard setup. And the high temp HVAC tape - I use it to seal the bottom vents on my wsm so I can use a fan, and it works well.


        Assuming 2 probes are enough, Thermoworks Smoke. U can monitor grill temp and what your cook. I'm a fan of their products. Go to their website to see other options.
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          I'm actuality thinking about the best option for dial. I do want to upgrade my digital at some point, but I I do like some sort of built in that doesn't require batteries, wifi or even setting up. I'll check out the teltru review on the main site. Like I said in the post it serves as a nice visual check from afar after calibrating with my digital that I already have.


            A glob of JB Weld. Then you can grind it and paint it to match.


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              That was my first thought...
              Put a piece of tape underneath, so one isn’t fighting the JB falling through.
              Goop it up & let it dry.
              Then grind, sand and repaint.

            That looks like my Performer, and I use the dome thermometer any time I am not smoking, just to give me a rough idea of grill temperature. Personally I would have used JB weld or something to reattach the par that goes under the handle, which holds the thermometer and covers that hole.

            I just went and pulled the cover off my green Performer, and the metal piece that you are missing just clips in place. Not sure how you could break it off - it looks like it just pops in there and is wedged between the two handle support legs, and it is a little loose - I can wiggle mine around.

            Here is a new one:


            And the thermometer:


            A blown up diagram:

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              Just to show how the bracket above goes on....

              You MAY need to remove a single screw to get the plastic handle out of your way. Then, it appears that you simply work the replacement thermometer cover into place, and a metal clip pops into a hole to hold it in place. Then slide in the thermometer.

              Click image for larger version

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                I think it is the metal tab that broke off of mine. I still have the part. I'll check it out but I seem to recall that tab breaking. Either way I don't have the thermometer. So I'll need to order one. Does the thermometer fully close the hole enough to fully extinguish the coals?


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                  Yes, I’ve never has issues with the coals going out if I close the top and bottom vent. I frequently reuse charcoal from one cook to the next.
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                The tab is what broke off. Click image for larger version

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                  Well, the links I gave you above should get you the new part and a new thermometer for under $20 total. It would be worth it to me, as I do tend to rely on the dome thermometer during startup, or when doing direct grilling.

                Yes, I'll probably go that route. I think I am going to see if I can get the ignition working and if not order that part and add the shield and thermometer to hopefully save by combining the shipping. Thanks



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