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Well, that was stupid of me (broke Kettle's One-Touch Cleaning System)

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    Well, that was stupid of me (broke Kettle's One-Touch Cleaning System)

    Sigh. This was dumb of me.

    So, I've been experimenting with lump charcoal in the Weber Kettle (Royal Oak only thus far). (The capability to leave it in there and relight it for some quick fish the next day is actually what has delayed my purchase of a pellet grill.)

    The problem is that those small chunks will fall through the charcoal grate and eventually start clogging up the vent holes. Well, late, in the dark, I decided to run the One-Touch cleaning things back and forth. What happened is that some of the small chunks got under the blades and I did not realize that. Over a week's time, my blades are bent upwards now and won't go flush against the bottom of the kettle.

    This is not catastrophic as I primarily now use the kettle for direct grilling or smoke-roasting with the vent holes either completely uncovered of half-covered. Still it irks me I did that.

    Weber sells replacement parts, of course, but when I was looking closely at the one-touch system, it has already started to rust significantly after two years of use. I'm thinking this is one of those situations in which I will make things worse by trying to fix it. If I used my Kettle for smoking, absolutely, without question I would try to fix it, but with my current use case, it's not really "broken," as it were. (And the replacement parts cost 15% the cost of a new kettle anyway lol.)

    Still.....I feel really stupid for doing that.

    Replacement blades system with a new handle is about 15 bucks, Been there done that!


      they only die when you let em! Fix it!


        Of course you should fix it. AND get the Grilla!


          I inherited a Weber One-Touch. Lots of grease build-up. Ţook it all apart, cleaned it, bent the blades flatter, and reassembled it. Worked fine.
          Am I missing something in your post?


            Jus replace em, an move forward.
            Re: lump charcoal fallin through th fire grate: When ya order yer new ash sweepers, order another cookin grate, or git ya one at Ace...install it with yer original, at a 90° angle...

            It'll help.


              They really are easy to fix or replace. Mine was really rusty and bent from a stone in some cheap crappy lump charcoal I was using. I replaced it but could just as easily bent the blades back into shape. In fact I kept the old one to replace the new one if it goes.


                Junk it & get a new cooker! 🕶


                • smokenoob
                  smokenoob commented
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                  someone needs a fixer-upper……jus sayin’

                Testify BBQ Brothern, Testify. And the Truth shall set to free to BBQ another day.

                Happy grilling to you.


                  Thanks for this post. Have only used lump one time on my kettle. Never thought about the rocks and crap in it. Guess I lucked out. So that will be my last lump fire.


                    I may try taking it apart this week and see if I can indeed bend them back They are just bent up, not crumbled on the sides. I did try some B&B lump last night and far, far less little pieces than the Royal Oak I've experienced.

                    I think the Royal Oak starts off with larger pieces, but shipping breaks them down. The pieces are like lumber. The B&B felt significantly denser and many of the pieces were clearly limbs of trees and cylindrical so they handle the shipping better.


                    • HawkerXP
                      HawkerXP commented
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                      B&B, B&B, B&B!

                    Obviously, it's time to buy the pellet burner. We had a garage sale yesterday, and while the rest of the family worked the sale I put burgers on the OG. I could have sold burgers, and I had long conversations with two guys who had never seen a Grilla before (what a surprise). You can always fix up the Weber so it can sit there and collect dust once you get the OG.


                      Just take it apart, clean it up with a wire brush, flatten the blades and reassemble it. Should take no more than 10 minutes and will only cost you a little elbow grease.


                        I replaced a one touch today. I’ve been keeping the dampers tight on my other kettles by using a $1 two inch plastic scraper to clean the bowl instead. I like the idea of using lump to get a second cook out of it.
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                          I'll probably do this once the weather gets a bit cooler....that 105 F heat index was a bit much today. Several people have suggested buying a second charcoal grate and orienting it 90 degrees to the existing one. This actually may turn out to be a very good idea. I'm now on my third or fourth cook with B&B and the pieces don't seem to get much smaller than what two grates would prevent falling through.

                          And yes, I do like the multiple cooks off of lump. Did that today.....just tossed two lighter cubes in the existing pile and let it mostly lit (was shooting for 350 F grate temp) and then got to cookin' as it were.



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