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Pork chops/steak with on the Weber kettle and SnS

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    Pork chops/steak with on the Weber kettle and SnS

    I am going to break in my new SnS. I have 2 nice pork chops and a pork steak, both bone in. What internal temp should I shoot for before putting some color on them over direct heat? I have never cooked chops outside and would like to keep them as juicy as possible.

    Read Meathead's chart for the desired internal temperature of that cut of meat. I shift my meat from the indirect side to the direct side when my meat is 20° under my desired finished temperature.

    Hope that helps.


      You can about use the same internal temperature as medium rare beef steak. This was according to a BBQ Boot Camp I attended 2 years ago, presented annually by the Meat and Animal Science Deptartments at NDSU (North Dakota State University's) web [email protected]
      According to my BBQ Book the recommended Grilling Temp of pork steak and chops should be 145*f - 150*f with a 5 min rest before serving. They always toot the temperature from the edge of the steak or chop probing to the center, claim it gave more correct readings.
      I hope this helps a little, if you don't have one get a magnetic temperature guide for your grill from Amazing Ribs! I will quit with this friendly suggestion, if they look done they probably are! Dan 701-200-2319


        Thanks to you both for the helpful and concise tips. I have the temps magnet...however getting experienced opinions never hurts.


        • Danjohnston949
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          I use Apple wood chunks wrapped in aluminum foil for a bit of smoke flavor, indirect heat, and a water pan ,you can' t miss! Enjoy, Dan

        I think you are shooting for a finished temp of 140-145 for medium -- so need to adjust cooking times-temps-resting-times to account.


          Agree with smarkley . Just SnS'ed some pork chops night before last. I used roughly half a chimney of used coals leftover from previous cook. Placed starter cube in there and piled coals around it. This time I cooked at 225ish, usually I like to do pork chops higher at 325, using the hot & fast lighting technique in the lighting instructions on the website.

          Sometimes I sear sometimes I don't with pork chops. I you want to sear, start at 10-15 deg before target temp. Take them off at 140-145, I don't rest any more than what naturally happens carrying them to the table and rounding the family up. In my house w/ 3 little kids this is a t least a 5 min ordeal.

          For the record, here's Meathead's USDA Food Safety Inspection Service chart for beef,/lamb/pork from this page, showing minutes needed to pasteurize meat at a given temp: (This is a 7D kill rate, 10 to the 7th power, or one cell in 10,000,000)

          Temp F (C) ..........................................Time
          130 (54.4) 121 minutes
          135 (57.2) 37 minutes
          140 (60.0) 12 minutes
          145 (62.8) 4 minutes
          150 (65.6) 72 seconds
          155 (68.3) 23 seconds
          158 (70.0) 0 seconds
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          • smarkley
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            Love that Chart! -- I had to show my wife, because she thought I was full of... umm.... umm... well you know.

          Checked the chart and went to 130 internal before moving over the coals. I lit the small Weber chimney and waited 15 minutes or so before dumping into the SnS along with 2 cups of water. Meat was placed (w/o foil underneath, I'm a dope) and temp after lid placement was 227 with the both vents at 1/4. I nudged it up to 240 and left it there. Chops were removed at 145 and were very moist as was the pork steak. All were dusted with Pork Stank from Spicesinc.com and then sauced with Bone Suckin Sauce. A big thanks to all for the help.

          Last edited by Munch; August 20, 2015, 06:23 PM.


            Pork Stank rub, Munch ? Sounds unappetizing to me. I think I'll stick with MMR.

            However, your photos make that pork look mighty tasty! Looks like a perfect cook. Congrats!



            • Munch
              Munch commented
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              I agree... Not the name I would have gone with. It is a great rub with lots of depth flavor wise. I like grains of paradise, which it contains. Read about it here http://www.spicesinc.com/p-1131-pork-stank.aspx
              Last edited by Munch; August 20, 2015, 07:22 PM.

            Looks great Munch... I like that spices inc... I get a lot of stuff from them


              Munch, I think you were Sand Bagging us the chops and steaks look as if you spent the last 15 year So! Have Fun and Enjoy. Dan



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