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Weber kettle 22 original

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    Weber kettle 22 original

    I have a slow n sear and love the versatility of it. I have viewed and read the different processes for different cooks. What I want to do is on between, higher than low and slow, but longer than quick high heat cook.

    I want to cook at about 275 for 4 hours, would you suggest following the 325 long cook instructions but use about 1/4 lit instead of 1/2 lit charcoal?

    I thank you in advance.

    So, here is what I do. This ends up around 250F but starts higher and drifts down:

    1) Open the bottom vents about 1/4. Top vents about 1/2.
    2) Start 6-12 briquettes in the corner of the SNS. Err on the low side. DO NOT add the other coals yet. You can also start these in a chimney if you want.
    3) When the initial briquettes are ashed over, add the rest of the coals spread out in the SNS. For a 4 hour cook, fill the SNS about 1/3, spread out across the width of it.
    4) Plop on two chunks of wood, one on the lit coals, one the coals next to those (that will light next).
    5) put on the grill, the lid and... walk away for 20-30 minutes.

    Step 4 is important. Let the smoke settle in. Add food.

    Every brand of briquettes is different, etc so this won't work perfectly but it gets me close.


      When doing ribs which is about a 4 hour cook. I go low & slow method. Start with 10-15 coals, light with starter cube. When fully ashed over, dump the rest of the full chimney of unlit coals in and add boiling water from the unlit side. When fully ashed over manage temp with vent adjustment. I try to use top for that. One other item. Don't stress over the temp. Not knowing what you're cooking but for ribs if it's 225 - 275, I'm OK with that. And they turned out just fine.
      You most likely will have coals which haven't burned with a 4 hour cook. Me being pretty cheap I shut all vents after pulling the food. Coals for the next cook. Good luck on the cook and please post some pictures.


        I roll Target Temp ~275°~, mainly, when Kettle smokin... (Have me a scant few kettles...)

        Natch, I use my SnS, but I tend to start with 20 lit, wood chunks, vents half open, an dial in from there...as seen above, more ways than one to skin a cat...mine's jus so easy, I probly perpetuate th same mistake(s) over an over again, but...with predictable results...

        Works fer me...


        • Dr J
          Dr J commented
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          Mr. Bones. Are you placing those 20
          in one corner or over the top unlit coals?

        • Mr. Bones
          Mr. Bones commented
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          Dr J I do th corner thing, on th top, like ya done said...

          lookin into summat Revolutionary:

          Doin th corner thing, on th bottom...makes more sense to me, thermodynamically....


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