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Brand name for new Smoker

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    Brand name for new Smoker

    Ok, Due to complications with my business partner here in Argentina it is looking like I am going to have to change my business name "Smoke King Ahumadoras".

    We are splitting the comany as I do not want to contunue trying to work with him.

    I have offered to buy him out of the brand name but he is adamant on keeping his 50% share of the brand that is registered in both our names.

    I started the company from scratch nearly 9 years ago and he came in as a partner 3 years ago.

    So I am looking to start a totally new brand name and concentrate on my Mexico operations.

    Any thoughts on a catchy brand name?

    Here's a few I thought of.

    Smokemas + , Smoke plus Smokemaster (this company used to make pits 10 years ago, but shut down so not sure how I could register the name).

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Southern Smokemas Ahumadora or Southern Smoke Masters
    Southern because practically no one is as far south as you area
    Smokemas/Smoke, well they are smokers....
    Third name optional
    I'd personally keep away from the Plus/+ gives people the idea it does more than it should


      Ahumadora so sorry to hear of your business troubles. Sounds like a sucky situation for sure.

      I like Smokemas + - I guess that means it smokes MORE and then some more (PLUS). I am thinking of the Spanish "mas". In English, maybe it means every day you are smoking is like ChristMAS....
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        That sucks... I would suggest all potential buisiness creators to watch Candyman (not the horror movie, but the documentary on David Klein) and watch how you can lose everything. However unlike David Klein, I would bet a hefty sum that you will do just fine.

        As to a name, consider now how much international business you intend to do in the long run or if your focus will be in Spanish speaking countries. McDonalds is the same everywhere, Lays is not (Walkers in the UK and Sabritas in Mexico) etc... The right name now doesn't have to rebrand as you expand.

        I wish you the best of luck and as little drama as possible during your transition


          Well, that is just rotten. As for names? Will have to think about it. Here are a few off the top of my head:

          - Smoke Master Pits
          - Southern Que Pits
          - Brasero Pits
          - infiernillo Pits


          • smokin fool
            smokin fool commented
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            #2 is cool

          So you both retain ownership 50/50 of the name, but you don't want your Smoke King products to be confused with his Smoke King products. Ok, looking at a thesaurus for synonyms of king...

          Click image for larger version

Name:	king.png
Views:	220
Size:	57.1 KB
ID:	891481

          Sultan of Smoke
          Emperor of Smoke
          Smoke Czar
          Smoke Caesar
          Smoke Baron
          Kaiser Smoke
          Smoke Overlord
          Sovereign Smoke
          Shah Smoke
          Smoke Tycoon
          Smoke Mogul
          Smoke Rex



          • BFlynn
            BFlynn commented
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            +1 for Smoke Mogul

          • EdF
            EdF commented
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            (El) Smoker Real.

          • smokin fool
            smokin fool commented
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            #5 and #8 are neat
            #10 should be....Smokeasuarus Rex

          El Rey de Fuego


          • barelfly
            barelfly commented
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            I was coming with El Fuego!

          El Rey de humo




              Sorry about the falling out with the partner. That can be a real hassle! I'm sure that good things will come down the road.

              I will brain storm on names this evening. I have better ideas after an adult beverage or "two".

              Your primary market is going to be Mexico? Argentina? South America? The US? ALL of the above?
              Does the name need to work in English and Spanish?


              • Ahumadora
                Ahumadora commented
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                Yes all of the above markets in both English and Spanish

              Fumo Imperatore
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                Fuego y Humo. And sorry for the problems...
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                  Maestro De Humo Ahumadoras


                    That really sucks.
                    The bright side is there was obviously unhappiness latley and that is never good for any businesses success.
                    You are free again to be and do what you choose and your reputation remains intact.


                      King of Smoke.................................. ...
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                      • Ahumadora
                        Ahumadora commented
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                        I really really like that considering that's my domain name.

                      • jfmorris
                        jfmorris commented
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                        This gets my vote!

                      • Ahumadora
                        Ahumadora commented
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                        Found a problem with registering the name "ahumadora" (Smoker) . It is like trying to register the name "Oven" so no one can use the name "oven" in their products.
                        Last edited by Ahumadora; August 5, 2020, 04:53 PM.


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