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Mastbuilt ThermoTemp propane smoker MB20051316

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    Mastbuilt ThermoTemp propane smoker MB20051316

    I am looking to buy a Masterbuilt gas smoker like the 340G XL (confused buy models and names sportsman elite, adventure etc). Everyone seems to be out stock.

    Are they retooling for a new version? Just out of stock? Discontinuing?

    If you can enlighten me on the model names it would also be appreciated.

    Many Thanks!
    Last edited by Mike99; June 12, 2020, 08:48 AM.

    Haven't heard of any major retooling of this model. But many companies are currently out of stock due to shipping disruption caused by the pandemic.


      I bought a 340 G ThermoTemp a year ago.

      The thermostat didn't work right out of the box. It couldn't be set to run lower than around 250 F.

      Never got it the issue resolved.

      Assembly is a bi#ch.

      I won't buy from them again.
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      • Mike99
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        wasn't the problem covered under warranty?

      • Dewesq55
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        If just like to say that, while Bkhuna 's problems are certainly significant and unfortunate, and I don't doubt or discount his account, I didn't have any such problems. Assembly was tedious, but not too difficult, especially after watching the YouTube video. My temperature control works quite well and maintains temp well once you get it dialed in. I like it very much. I'm cooking on it right now, in fact.


      No. No warranty repair. I received several emails telling me what the probable cause was. The solution they offered was for me to try to fix it myself. Anyone that has assembled one of these knows the difficulty of this idea. I'm not going to crawl around on my knees trying to fix something that didn't work out of the box. It's too large and heavy to put up on a work bench in my physical condition.

      I came up with a work around but the temperature control is useless. My last email was replied to with a canned response about how they're only helping warranty issues.

      The irony is thick enough to cut with a knife.


        Mike99 Amazon is currently showing 14 available. On sale 24% off! Sale price is $303.99 for Prime members. With free shipping. Says delivery by July 3rd. I used the link from the Amazing Ribs website review of the MPS 340/G XL.


        ​​​​​​​Enjoy it! I enjoy mine.


        • Cibla
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          I ordered from Amazon and got a dented one with a door that would not latch. I could tell someone had returned it from the packaging. It was in the MB box with lots of tape. It was a bear to get back in the box. Ordered another and waited to take the first one to UPS, so they wouldn't send me the same one. Haha. They sent another in worse shape sealed with scotch tape. So I gave in and ordered thru Target online for around $30 more. It could be returned to any Target store, but turned out okay.


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