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Napoleon or Saber

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    Napoleon or Saber

    Hi everyone. I'm going to be purchasing a built in gas grill soon to compliment my pit boss and my kamado joe. Because I already have both of those, there are certain things I plan to use the gasser for... cooking side dishes, griddle conversion and a decent rotisserie. After researching some, I've mostly narrowed my choices down to a napoleon or a saber. The cost and durability of the napoleon intrigues me but I don't think they manufacture a stainless griddle attachment. The saber has that, as well as infrared cooking but the cost is higher and I'm not really sure infrared cooking would be an advantage for what I need it for.

    Any suggestions or observations? If there's a grill I missed that hits the marks, please let me know. Thanks!

    I bought their Triumph series last Fall and I really like it. I think they have stopped making those, as I got it at a pretty good discount. However, it is a solid grill. It can get up to temp pretty fast and is pretty even with heat distribution too. I have no complaints with it and use it all the time. I got grill grates for it a couple months back and they really work well on it. I did have an endcap on one of the side shelfs crack. I contacted their customer service about it and got a replacement for it within a week. For what thats worth. The Sabers are nice,just a little pricey for me.


      I cannot comment on the Saber. Napoleon only has cast iron griddle accessories - some porcelain enameled, some straight cast iron. However, since their offerings are not a grate replacement, but lay on top of the grates, you could source any stainless after-market griddle. Or, like Rocinante has done, replace the delivered grates with a set from GrillGrate and use the flat side for griddle-like performance. The built-in Napoleon line only offers the rear IR burner for rotisserie, but since you do not think you want a regular, main IR burner for searing, their configs should work.


        Can’t comment specifically on those 2 gassers, but I can comment about a rear infrared burner. About 10 years ago I had a cheap ($400) gas grill with a rotisserie and a rear infrared burner. I made the best whole chicken I’ve ever done in my life on that thing. Something about that rotating chicken being blasted with heat from the side. Can’t explain why. I’ve done many whole chickens on the grill with charcoal, but none turned out better than using that rear infrared burner and rotisserie. It had the perfect combination of crispy skin and tender juicy meat, even the breasts. My aunt at the time, said it was the best chicken she’d ever had. She was about 80 back then and a darn good cook herself. Personally, if I ever get another gasser it’ll have to have that infrared burner. Pork loins on that rotisserie and IR burner turned out great as well.


          Griddles on any grill are actually pretty easy. There are numerous aftermarket solutions. You can probably even get a griddle hack for the Pit Boss too. I haven't had the pleasure or displeasure of cooking on a infrared style main cooking area to offer anything there to know if it's great or not.

          For just about any gasser, these are available in various sizes:


            Never thought of accessories as far as a griddle goes on my Napoleon. I just use my Lodge griddle, no problem, easy to clean.


              Updating an old thread... I decided to go with a grilla primate. It's been awesome so far. I was worried about the hood but if I cook anything bigger it will probably go in the pellet or kamado. I also bought a grilla OG but that has sadly not lived up to expectations so far. That said, I really recommend the primate to anyone who is thinking about getting one, especially if you have it alongside a smoker.


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                I have the Primate and the Silverbac and could not be happier.

              Now you just need a griddle.



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