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Amazing Broil King Find!

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    Amazing Broil King Find!

    Barbara just found this on Facebook Marketplace as a "free" listing:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20210928-211020.png
Views:	317
Size:	626.9 KB
ID:	1102244 It appears to be a Regal S490. Per the listing there is rust inside the hood/lid and the grates are in bad shape but all the burners supposedly work. We wrote to him and it's still available. We are picking it up tomorrow morning with my trailer. It has a rotisserie burner and I'm really psyched.

    I'm always lamenting that I never seem to find any of these great deals people are always posting about. Now I have. It's a $1,500 grill brand new and it's hard to beat free!

    Yes, Free is a very good prce


      Good luck with it!


        I find it hard to believe the inside of the hood is rusty, but could be wrong. I'm betting its just gunk/grease build up or something.

        A buddy has a Broil King and always complained about the grates - from what I could tell they were uncoated cast iron (not porcelein like Weber), and he didn't know how to care for them properly. You could probably clean those up or replace with stainless or even Grillgrates.

        All in all a great find. I've looked at these in person back when Lowe's used to carry them.


        • Murdy
          Murdy commented
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          I am on my second Broil King Signet. I replaced the grates with stainless on the first one after a few years. I think I got them direct from Broil King. Well worth it. I am a big Broil King fan, enough so that after exposing my first one to 10+ years of abuse, I went out and bought the same thing. Congrats on the awesome find.

        Hey for free you can afford to pour a coupla bucks under the hood.
        Good power washing, bit of re n re and it should be good to go.
        Nice score.


          Wow. Price sounds better than good. May you enjoy many great cooks on it.




              Really nice score! Can't wait to see it cleaned up


                Based on what I remember this has both a rotisserie burner at the back (IR) and a side burner on one of the side tables (that's what the smaller 2 knobs are for). Hopefully he gives you the rotisserie motor and spit!


                • Dewesq55
                  Dewesq55 commented
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                  Yeah, rotisserie burner is not IR. It's a regular tube burner. He did not give me the rotisserie motor, but I can get one from Broil King for not too much money.

                Wow! That is a great find. Make sure to update us when you have something cooking up on that beast!


                  Congrats!! Always fun to find free things that you can use. I always drive by slowly when people put out things in front of their house to discard. Couple months ago I found a nice little brown ceramic bean pot. No cracks or chips, still had the lid. Have I used it....no, but I was happy bringing it home.


                    Hopefully it's juts a case of "it's dirty so it's junk" and with a little elbow grease and you'll have a mighty fine free grill!


                    • Dewesq55
                      Dewesq55 commented
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                      I think that's basically what it is.

                    So I picked it up today and brought it home. There is quite a bit of rust sheet metal inside, including the inner lid panel. I will get to get in there with a wire wheel on my grinder and knock it off. Right now it's a bit flaky and could fall on the food being cooked. The burners are bit rusty, but look to be sound. The flavorizer plates, again, have some rust but are serviceable. Since this one was built, Broil King has gone to stainless flavorizer. If necessary, I will spring for a set of those. The biggest issue, at the moment, is that he had it set up as an installed unit connected to his main home propane tank, so the removed the regulator to attach it to a 20 lb tank. So right now I can't fire it up and see how it burns. They also revived the side out tank base. Also, the grates are in bad shape in the sense that they were porcelain coated steel and the porcelain coating is all degraded and they are quite rusty. This is another part that Broil King has done away with in favor of stainless steel. The replacements are around $75 each (you need 2) which I might eventually do if I can't make the old ones serviceable.

                    The model number is 9565-44 which translates to a Regal 490 Pro (without the "S" in front.)
                    Here's a couple of photos. I'll post some more when I get a chance.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210929_161620560.jpg
Views:	191
Size:	138.5 KB
ID:	1102592 Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210929_162131196.jpg
Views:	175
Size:	212.6 KB
ID:	1102593 Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210929_162139819.jpg
Views:	179
Size:	231.0 KB
ID:	1102594 Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210929_162146918.jpg
Views:	176
Size:	249.2 KB
ID:	1102595


                    • Huskee
                      Huskee commented
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                      For someone with a little time and a wire wheel, a great free find for sure.

                    Even with springing for replacement parts that's still a heck of a deal!


                    • Dewesq55
                      Dewesq55 commented
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                      Yeah, I agree.

                    It looks like a steal!

                    Some people are weird. Drop $1500 on a grill and leave it the rain with no cover and then give it away for free when it gets rusty.

                    Bargains for the patient and folks who take care of stuff.



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