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Ironman BBQ

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    Ironman BBQ

    I generally drive to a contest and haul my cooker behind the van. There's a number of reasons I'm heading to Pennsylvania on Friday to cook the Ironman BBQ! It's put on by a customer and it's a really cool concept for a contest.

    Limited meat -- 7 pieces of chicken, 1 rack of ribs (loin or spare), one pork butt and one brisket. The cook does pick the meat. Next challenge -- no electric assist! No Maverick type thermometers that get left in the pit. No pellet fire, no rotisseries, no electric fire controllers (i.e., Guru or Stoker).

    Mason-Dixon BBQ Supply is loaning me a 22" WSM, a table and a canopy. I will fly in to Baltimore on Friday and drive to the contest.

    Packed my tools, pared down seasonings and sauces in a rolling cooler. Need to pack my 18" WSM fire ring and expanded metal circle (for holding lump charcoal). I think I'm going to bring a 10# bag of Ozark Oak in a suitcase (which can fold up when empty), mainly because I'm used to it and I know how it will perform. I believe I will carry my meat (and maybe my small bag of seasonings) with me on the plane and check the cooler and the bag with charcoal (and my clothes!).

    It's been fun planning this. Chicken, ribs and pork are all trimmed up and vacuum sealed. I bought a prime brisket flat, which I will need to trim a bit on site.

    I'm starting the list of what I'll need to buy once I get there. Foil, paper towels, 2 new towels for wrapping done meat to hold in the cooler, lettuce for turn in boxes.

    Am I missing something???

    Wow...good luck!!!!!!!


      Did you pack a camera so we can see your pictures?


        My iphone. Biggest problem is remembering to take photos! But I'm going to try to do better.

        Do you think I'm being silly about the charcoal?


        • CurlingDog
          CurlingDog commented
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          not at all... go with what you know. I would pack it in a separate bag than with your clothes tho... ;0)

        • CandySueQ
          CandySueQ commented
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          Going to need 3-4 garbage bags. I'll bag the charcoal up in garbage bags. Then I can cross garbage bags off the buy list! Whole idea is to limit everything to 4 bags (counting purse), meat and purse go on the plane, check the charcoal and cooler

        • scorched_porch
          scorched_porch commented
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          Nope - Every chef brings his own knives to work.

        I think you ought to take it on as carry-on, plenty of conversation there! The Ozark Oak guys are near here, but I don't see a site for them, wonder if I could go check the place out and pick up some fresh stuff.


          Call first to see if they have stock! My local restaurant supply carries 10# bag for $8. Got it packed (clothes too)!


            Good luck CandySueQ ! I have heard of the Iron Man. It's something I would like to try because I don't go with anything electronic (okay other than thermomoters)LOL. I really like the old style way of doing things. And before anyone piles on, I think pellet smokers and Guru's and Stokers are great for those that like them. I am just hard headed and like tending my fire. Please keep us posted and hopeuflly take lost of photos. Again, best of luck!


              Where in PA is this CandySueQ and when this weekend? Depending on the answers, I might take a drive (I'm 30 miles west of Philly).


                Candy Sue, I think you are spot on taking what you are familiar with. That goes for everything you will need.

                Good Luck, and have a great time. I look forward to your post and pics after it is over.


                  Candy Sue, good luck and hope you do well. I am glad to hear I am not the only one that forgets to take pictures.


                    This was BRUTAL!!! The wind blowing, cold temperatures, rain, lost the canopy, the WSM was a bit out of kilter, demanding pretty constant attention. It was a success -- got a call in ribs 10th place and came in (barely) in the top half. I was dangerous driving back to Baltimore to the hotel. Collapsed after a long, hot shower sleeping for a solid 9 hours. Glad to be home!


                      I guess with a name like "Ironman" a few bumps along the road are expected. Congrats on the rib call!


                        Congratulations on the call Ms. C.


                          Congratulations on your results, Candy Sue!!

                          But I am so sorry i didn't see this thread sooner. I am not that far away and could have gotten supplies for you.

                          FWIW, you were exactly right to stick with what you are familiar with.

                          Hope you are happy with the result!
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