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Questions on PK accessories

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    Questions on PK accessories

    After spending about a year trying to decide whether to replace my sad, very old, Weber 22" with a Weber 26" or a PK360, I finally ordered the latter a couple days ago. Sticking point was the price, but now that it's spent, what am I doing? Spending even more on accessories.

    I ordered it with their charcoal basket, but have now read about its limitations, so planning on using the Burn Shop basket instead, as described in another thread here.

    I'm wondering about the two accessory grids from PK, the Littlemore and the Cookmore. The "little" looks pretty small, but I guess has the advantage that you can still lift the food grill hinge to add more coals. The Cookmore would make that harder, but would do better for cooking more ribs, for example. I've heard that both can potentially catch on the thermometer stem, though, and it sounds like both might have been designed for the original PK. Anyone got an opinion on the pros/cons of each for the PK360?

    Also, looks like I need some sort of bucket and brush for cleaning out the ash. Lots of things will work, and I've seen some specific buckets mentioned. But wondering if anyone has found what they think are the perfect bucket/brush options.

    Finally, I know about the Grillgrate, but for a flat surface, I'm a cast iron fan. I've got a 14" Lodge pizza pan that I use for all sorts of things. I cut the handles off so it could work as heat diffuser in my Akorn Kamado, and it'll fit fine, I think, in the PK. But I'm wondering if anyone has a rectangular cast iron griddle they like for this grill.

    Ok, last question: Any concern with adding a lot of weight to the grill? The Burn Shop basket weighs 22 pounds, and I expect it to live in my PK360. I also may want to use a large (10 quart) dutch oven at times, which when full might add another 30 pounds or so. I like using the oven inside a grill as a safety measure, since I'm usually cooking on my deck. Will 50+ extra pounds put undue strain on the pedestal or mounts?

    Thanks for any PK tips. Can't wait to get started on it.

    I use a Behrens Pail for ash collection It's galvanised metal with a metal bail that hangs off the back. For sweeping I use an old paint brush. I don't worry on getting the thing spanking clean, just off the plates, from around the intakes. and the bulk of the ash on the bottom.

    Just remembered (it occasionally happens!) that pail developed some holes when I was using it for chicken waste. I have an old five gallon metal paint bucked that was left by the previous owner for collecting ash out of the firebox that I now use. Same thing, metal bail hooks on the back.
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      LittleMore grate is a must, in the image shown I'm cooking angus tri-tips to 203 degrees like a brisket (wrapped @ around 150 then braise to finish). Four of them fit nicely with the LM. The CookMore is used less, and has to sit towards the back or it will hit the temp probe. LM can bump into the probe too, but with bigger cooks in general I just remove the probe & stuff the hole with foil (I use Fireboard to monitor temps.) Killer Hogs posted a video using the CookMore grate with extra-thick pork steaks, that will give you an idea of how it can be used.

      Will have to get back to you on the bucket. When I bought my PK I just pulled out a pro paint brush from my toolbox and am still using it to sweep ash. I've made due without a custom charcoal basket, but that Burn Shop one looks nice. I think the 50 extra pounds will be fine as long as your on a solid level surface.

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      • kenrobin
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        +1 vote for the LittleMore.

      I have the cook more and wish I had gotten the little more.


        I've got the Burn Shop basket and it's fine. weights not a problem. I swept out the ash once and found it to be a pain, so now I just use my small shop vac. Saves time and no mess.


        • mrteddyprincess
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          I swept mine out with my shop vac once, and the ash pulling up through the plastic created tremendous amounts of static electricity and "shocked" me. Do you ever notice this? It was like a little brother sneaking up behind me in the wintertime after having charged himself with sock feet on the carpet and touching my ear a hundred times over...

        • wrgilb
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          I've never noticed this.

        Thanks for the feedback! PK kindly is allowing me to swap the charcoal basket for the Littlemore grid. I'm seeing several stainless pails on Amazon, like this one that I believe someone here may have recommended. I want to try sweeping out the ashes since getting a shop vac out to my grill isn't all that convenient.

        Looking at griddle options, I'm contemplating either the Lodge carbon steel or one of their cast iron models: a low profile one, or something that you can serve from more easily, which would be nice for veggies and fajitas, going straight to a table trivet. Probably the latter, as I've got more issues with carbon steel developing rust spots, especially when used outdoors with my less-than-meticulous clean up habits.
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          I might have to get that Burn Shop charcoal basket. Have not seen that before. Right now I just use a charcoal divider and a foiled brick. Works fine, but I love buying new toys.

          I rarely use the "little more", but glad I have it.

          I bought a cheap, galvanized utility pail made by Beherns at my local hardware store. Works great. Personally, I like sweeping out the ash. For me, It is very therapeutic.

          When someone makes a cast iron griddle that fits the PK360, I'll be all over it. Right now I use an old weber Silver A cast iron griddle. I remove the grill grates and it fits inside the grill width (see pic.) perfectly.

          One thing I would recommend buying is a couple extra ash covers (see pic). My PK is staged on a concrete pad and I know that some day I'm going to drop one of those covers and it's gonna crack or break. So I'm prepared.
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            Bucket...10 quart galvanized, any smaller and the handle wont fit right. Got it at Home Depot.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	20200625_090739.jpg Views:	13 Size:	2.02 MB ID:	869355Click image for larger version  Name:	20200625_090801.jpg Views:	12 Size:	2.50 MB ID:	869356
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            • TripleB
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              That's the same one I got, but it's a 10 quart, not 10 gallon.

            • Larry Grover
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              Good eye thanks! Edited

            Can't give any 360 advice but here is the LittleMore in action on my Original - a must-have accessory. 15 chicken thighs, big thighs up front near the heat and small thighs in back. Hickory log divides the direct from indirect side. Wish the pic was better but the smoke was thick - I was using applewood chips.

            EDIT: Just looked at the Burn Shop basket - very tempting.

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