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Pk360 vs Broil King Keg

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    Thanks again for all the answers. If I go with the PK360 and on the basis I only have one shot at ordering what I need - what are the must-have extras I need to add to the box? Was thinking a cover (one which I can put on with the shelves off or hanging perhaps to reduce wingspan?), a littlemore grate, 2 of the PK charcoal grates (kick ash basket not realistically shippable to me) - anything I'm missing? General accessories I can get from Amazon. Just thinking Pk-specific if possible. Thanks in advance.


      I can recommend the cover. I have one and use it at all times when the grill is put away. My grill sits outside but under roof and does not get wet.

      The Littlemore grate is in my kit. I don't use it that often because when I need the space I use another grill. For the owner that will use the PK often and needs the real estate, well worth the expense.

      Skip their charcoal basket. It is too small and doesn't have enough holes in it to support good combustion of the fuel. I have a machine shop so I enlarged half the holes in mine but it still not up to the task.

      I bought the Grill Grates but don't use them often. They are a real PITA to clean. While they are custom cut for the PK, they are loosey goosey when you put them on the grill. Some folks have wired them to the PK's factory grate to try to control the slide. I ended up fabricating a dedicated stainless steel support grate for them. The support grate I made works really well but I still don't use them. I am not a competition cook and don't care about the Big grill marks anyway. I am way more concerned about the quality of the cook and you can get grill marks without them. In addition, the Grill Grates I got had misdrilled holes and the quality was not what I expected for the premium they cost. I should have sent them back. In my opinion, the Grill Grates also tend to turn the PK into an oven vs. a grill with encumbered gas flow and heat transfer.

      Hope this helps.
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        Thanks. Any Amazon based recommendations for a charcoal basket?


        • Alphonse
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          I took a quick look on Amazon and didn't see anything other than the PK brand. Many folks like the Kick Ash Basket (KAB) but unfortunately it is not sold on Amazon. I assume you are looking on Amazon for the shipping convenience.

          Here's a thread I started on the KAB. I haven't bought one yet and will likely just build one.

        • TripleB
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          Polarbear's basket is the "creme de la creme" , but I dont possess his designing or mechanical skills. I just use a charcoal divider that leans against a foiled brick and acts as a fence. You can move the brick to reduce or expand the charcoal volume. Not all that pretty, but works.

        The KAB is the best I’ve seen and used that you can buy for the 360. The one from burn shop looks good as well.

        the KAB has a movable divider so I think I like that better.

        However these are all still too short.

        I made mine out of 4 stainless bolts and washers and a 4” strip of stainless from McMaster. Exactly the width and shape of the pk360, and 4” is the distance between the coal and cooking grate. I like mine the best, so much that I have sent pictures of it to both KAB and Pk explaining that they should make something with its specifications. No responses. I guess it’s really not too hard to make your own.

        Alas the old thread describing my basket and fan controller mods has disappeared, so here’s a still shot of the basket anyway.


          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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          • Collateralcall
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            Looks great. If there's only 4" between the cooking grate and the charcoal grate then my old Weber charcoal holders will be too tall at 4.8"....looks like I may have to go without.


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