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Build a vertical rotisserie out of a beer keg

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    Build a vertical rotisserie out of a beer keg

    I was looking for Tacos al Pastor videos and I stumbled upon this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzF3WrpkCWg

    It is a nine-minute video showing (in decent detail) how someone made a vertical rotisserie for tacos al pastor out of a beer keg. I thought the use of the Weber charcoal baskets were a nice touch.

    (Here's the rotisserie in action during his Tacos al Pastor video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWdiT64_UM0 Skip ahead to exactly 12:06. Or watch the whole thing. His production values are immense; even has his own cooking studio!)

    Click image for larger version

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    I like it,,,,
    time to switch gears back to drinking’ beer !,,


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      You are talking about PBR, correct?

    Make sure you use a keg that is truly junked or surplus. Most are not. The keg is owned by the brewery and they cost a lot to replace.


      I've got a couple of ancient, surplus beat up kegs that have been turned into "keggles" that I use for brewing beer in (as 15 gallon pots basically). That 304SS is tough to cut and drill!

      I think I will use my horizontal rotisserie! It's "close enough" in my mind.... although, all those little lose bits won't work if its spinning horizontally...

      Good video though, and inspires me to try making a recipe like this!

      EDIT: Ok - I am convinced I could build this! I just need to get my friend with the plasma cutter to cut the "doors" on the side of a keg, haha. Also, I wonder how hard it was getting the coals into those charcoal baskets.
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