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Comparing New Charcoal Grate Versus Old For Gravity

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    Comparing New Charcoal Grate Versus Old For Gravity

    The improvements seem pretty obvious so I am looking forward to being more efficient with the lump usage.
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    Looking at maybe getting another or something different. On my old one the electronics were very poor so I’m hesitating on a repeat.

    i don’t suppose we know how robust the new design changes really are?
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    • SmokingPat
      SmokingPat commented
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      Wow. I'm glad the teal-colored Weber survived. Was there something else about the picture?

    • Mojo0209
      Mojo0209 commented
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      Sorry to see!

    • bbqLuv
      bbqLuv commented
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      Time for a replacement. Hopefully, no one hurt.

    So..........which is the new one?

    The gray, the black or the yellow one?


      Polarbear777 The grate is an improvement, and I’m inclined to believe the new switches are better. The new firebox mods probably will help. The grate is the only thing available for now.

      Honestly, you have over 100 cooks on this thing. Can you go and check out a new one in store? You will be able to see the new grate and firebox easily and maybe they will let you look at a new switch?

      Other then the switches the electronics are the same.

      If I were in your shoes, with this many cooks, I guess I’d have a pretty good view on the reliability of the cooker and the value. I think the improvements are good but given your level of use, I am not sure how much time they’d buy you.

      From my perspective, I would probably buy a OG Grilla but a lot of that is because I’d like to try pellets and the quality of the parts is much higher. I am also easily bored with the smokers and it’s fun to try new toys but I only have space for one at a time.

      I liked that Grilla rolled out the WiFi and made it available immediately or nearly immediately to upgraders instead of the 3+ plus months and waiting for new parts here. I like seven day a week customer service with phone too instead of emails only and the ability to get stuff shipped in under 2 weeks.

      On the flip side, if pellets disappoint the wife, then I’d probably buy the MB800 in a second. I think it is the best thing going for charcoal at its price point. If I could find the room for two, I’d do both for sure. If I was 100% committed to charcoal then I’d buy the MB again for sure.
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        i have looked at the new pits ,i have installed many mods from Luke and Nathan both on my 560...one thing i do keep forgeting to do is to shake the charcoal grate before i light it for the next cook as they work so well that some ash is still in place and it takes a bit longer to light,and i may be 100% wrong but i believe it cooks at a higher temp,so i have been dialing it back,
        i have been very lucky i guess,to date have not had a switch failure,{i do have spares in case}and never a grease fire/i also clean my pit after every use,
        this weekend i plan on cooking brisket on 3 different pits,the 560 being one,albertsions has brisket at 1.49 a pound.
        i really like the gravity pit,just a great cooker


          Cooked pastrami at 270 for probably about 5 hours or so until it reached temp. The point and flat were split so that is why it was quick.

          Ash production under the old grate would have nearly filed the bucket but this time I had a fairly thin layer maybe a inch or two.

          I feel pretty confident the new grate reduces wasted charcoal by about 80% or so.


          • Michael_in_TX
            Michael_in_TX commented
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            That is a signifiant reduction!

          One of the downsides of the new grate is that wood chunks thrown in the ash bucket no longer burn during the cook. We need to mix them into the charcoal hopper itself. Not a huge deal, but this is the trade off for generating much much less ash.


          • grillinglousiana
            grillinglousiana commented
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            I have the charcoal grate with fire fan protection from [email protected] also have the LSS ash bin grate plus fire fan slide from LSS Mods..put the wood on top of the expanded grate and they will burn as in the past.....the new masterbuilt grate will make a big change as Nathan s has ....you must look the pits over in store, bass pro here had both at same price..
            V2 models
            have improved switches
            improve charcoal chamber
            improve charcoal grate

          For a true test ya may have ta drop it from a 900 ft. building, yessir.


          • Panhead John
            Panhead John commented
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            David Letterman style.


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