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This week's cook -

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    This week's cook -

    May have gotten a little carried away on the meats order this week.
    A couple buddies have been asking for ribs, so got 3 racks of SLCs. 2 to give away and 1 for me.
    Also got a 8 lb pork butt.
    Plan on cutting that into 3 or chunks - 1 for pulled pork, one for "burnt ends" and the rest to brine, season, and freeze.

    Also got some Dino ribs.
    Never done Dinos before.
    Can ya hang em? Are they better on the grate?

    I'm figuring 6ish hrs at 250.

    Not sure i can fit all that in the PBC. May let the Dinos "wet age" in the cryovac for most of this week and smoke all the pork in one go.

    Appreciate tips / suggestions for Dinos....
    And any other parts of my plan you think I'm over looking.

    I’ve never hung short ribs. I put them on the grate cause it’s easier. You can hang them though, Noah has a video on the PBC site on how to hang them. They probably need to move to the grate before they fall apart but at that point you could always wrap and finish in the oven if you don’t have room on the grate.


      Fill 'er up!!!!!

      Only advice I got


        Since you're givin stuff away, I'll take the dino wibs. Please.


        • BFlynn
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          Dinos are for me. But they're pretty giant. Swing by Houston and you're welcome to share.

        I've got all the pork dry brining. Don't think I'll have room for the dinos. Just have to smoke again Sunday or Monday, and I'd like to give the Dinos my full attention.

        Cut the pork butt into thirds. Just going to cook them all, and do "burnt ends" with one of chunks.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	20200806_111801.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.99 MB ID:	892000

        I figure these will probably still take 8ish hours.(Piece on the right was cut in half after this pic) Each chunk is 2-3 lbs.Gonna use a skewer to hang each butt chunk.

        SLCs have been taking me about 4 hrs at 250. So I think the plan is
        Fire up smoker at 7am
        Pork Butt on at 8 am.
        Turn the smaller chunk into BEs when it hits 170 IT.
        All pork butt SHOULD be finished between 3-4 pm. Put in cooler to relax.
        Put ribs on at 1pm. They should finish about 5 pm.

        Those times seam reasonable?

        Best I can figure on the BEs is smoke that chunk til it hits 170.
        Cube it. Add more MMD. Put in foil pain. Smoke until 190-200 / tender. (Covered? Uncovered? don't know)
        Douse in sauces and either brown sugar or honey. Cook until sauce is set.

        Am I missing a step on these? Something I should plan to do different?
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          This was actually the first pork butt I've done on the PBC, and it was by far my best. Bark was awesome. Double layer of POG and MMD is definitely giving me the bark I want.

          Looked like a meteorite. Didn't take pics before I put it in the stand mixer to pull.
          Super good.

          Didn't think about the fact that using a half grate for the burnt ends, would cut my capacity in half and delay putting the ribs on.

          Next time I'll either do less number of things, OR do the burnt ends in the oven while rest of the butt and ribs cook

          Even though ribs took til 11 to finish they came out tasty. Click image for larger version

Name:	20200807_230704.jpg
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ID:	893436Click image for larger version

Name:	20200807_230656.jpg
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